The roller coaster named life

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visitor from hell

A barely clothed 18 year old girl with wrists bound by chains that are attached to the ceiling, fastened so tight that the skin of her wrists was tattered and blood barely being able to flow... skinny to the point where her ribs could be counted without the need of an x-ray, for they fed her only what was necessary to keep her barely alive.
The 6 by 8 ft room where she was kept for past almost a year for she lost the count after first 8 months, smelt of urine and decay. she was more than sure that if death had a smell, it would smell like this room.
Left side wall filled with a display of all kinds of torture devices imaginable, the various kinds of knives, hammers, branding irons and what not. All of these in perfectly usable condition for the proof exists in the form of scars littering her pale skin...
And then... comes the usual signs, of THEM, coming... the footsteps raising her heartbeats, her fear growing...
And the door slams.!!
With a jerk, I come back from the prison of my thoughts and will myself to calm down when I find myself to be standing at the top of the staircase on my floor safe and sound.
Calming down my raging heart the best I could, I turn and will my legs to walk towards the man standing at my doorstep waiting for me. His dark-purple outer cassock bringing back the memories that still haunt me every night, He may have been the only one who helped me in past for whatever reasons, but his presence still brought back the time of hell I had to endure even without dying.
"Mr. Jones, what are you doing here?" I greet him, willing my voice to not break, keeping a blank mask.
"Ah! Amy, I only came to check up on you, and to tell you that the court hearing of remaining bench will be in the next 2 months. Take care" His voice same as it used to be 7 years ago, but sympathy still lurking in the shadows of his brown eyes...
With a nod, He turned to leave stopping only when he reached the staircase to give me a last look but leaving without a single word further.
As soon as he disappears from my sight I bolt inside my house and lock the door as soon as possible. Still not able to come to out of my thought completely, I decided that it would be better to take a shower and does exactly that, avoiding the only tiny bathroom mirror as usual, for I got rid of them for a reason.
After cups after cups of hot tea, several chapters of the book I am currently reading and even cleaning the whole 1 bedroom apartment, I still could not get my mind to calm down. Even though I am aware that there exists no chance of THEM being released from by the court, my mind still won't stop giving me what ifs and replaying all the events from past like a movie in front of my eyes. Defeated from this condition and my extremely tired body, I take refuge in the sleep-inducing pills that doctor prescribed all those years ago, the same ones I try not to use as much as possible.
Finally, slipping into the pill-induced dreamless sleep, I hoped that somehow the coming days would take a turn for better...

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