The roller coaster named life

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a little rain, a little sunshine

Juggling trays of food, putting on the best smile I could muster greeting the toddlers to oldies alike. Waiting the tables, serving people all day long.
Whipping up the various alcoholic and non- alcoholic concoctions alike, filling up the glasses and wiping them and bar counter clean in the meantime, all night long.

Were how my days going now for the past 4 days...My body tired beyond the level in not only physical exhaustion but mentally too, for when the time for some sleep comes, nightmares come along...memories and fears creeping up aiding in the ever-developing insomnia. The only silver lining I could see right now was Sally coming back tomorrow and relieving me from the double shifts at the bar. Hopefully, then I would be able to rest a bit and bounce back.

Waiting for my break I was counting down to the seconds to escape these customers even for a bit...just as my phone started ringing. Flushed with the loud noise and heads turning to me due to my phone being always on “General” for the calls and texts I ever get are promotions.
Snatching my seemingly ancient NOKIA 3310 and picking the call as soon as possible just to shut its voice all the while rushing out or the dining area of the diner and into the small back room...

“Hello” - I greeted after shutting the door, my voice breathless due to all the rushing around just a moment ago, trying desperately to calm my heart.

“Hello, This is Phillip Wilson from the HR department of the Knight corps. May I please speak to Ms. Amyra Williams?” - Came a professional young voice, piping up my interest by ten folds and rendering all my efforts of calming my heart waste.

“This is she.” - I replied after a few seconds, trying endlessly to keep my voice even, barely succeeding in doing so.

“Yes, Ma’am. I am calling to update you about the status of your job application and interview. I want to inform that you’re selected for the job. I need to talk a bit more about the same, is now a good time for that or would you rather I call some time else today.?” - he spoke still maintaining that proper professionalism in his tone but daring me to refuse to finish this talk now and here only with his slight undertone...

“Yes, of course, Sir, this timing is perfect actually...please go on” - I answer on the verge of exploding with happiness for I FINALLY GOT THE JOB!!!!!

“Yeah so, firstly I would like to inform you that we expect you to join the office by next Monday i.e 4th day from today. On Monday you must report by 9 am and come straight to the 6th floor because that is where the HR department is situated and ask for me at the front desk there. You need to be there to fill the paperwork and sign your employment contract so that we can generate your ID tag and you may begin your journey with us. Also, you must not be late for by 9:30 you’ll need to report to the CEO and assume your position as his personal assistant. Please ask if you any doubts regarding this Ms. Williams. ” - he explained calmly and slowly as if talking to a kid, though helpfully that made my mind finally register that I had actually landed the job.

“Just that whether I am required to carry along something with me or not. ” - I asked

“No, nothing as of now is needed that we don’t have. If that is all I shall be expecting you at 9 am on Monday sharp.” - he said patiently, maybe already fed up and waiting for me to just end this conversation.

“Yes, of course, I’ll be on time. Thank you” - I inform, now barely being able to suppress my squeals.

“Very well then, Congratulations on your job miss.” - he said dismissively, ending the phone call.

Hearing the distinct tone of call being dropped, I finally let out a squeal, laughing uncontrollably with tears running down my cheeks. For this was a moment of such happiness and satisfaction that I have waited for so long... unable to control my emotions I drop down to my knees and start sobbing. I must have been so much absorbed in my emotions that I didn’t even hear the door opening and someone approaching. Soon I am gathered into two arms and engulfed in a warm comforting embrace. Without even turning to see the face of those arms’ owner I hug them back as tight as I could, for her distinct rose and green apple scent was introduction enough.

After sobbing for a few more moments when I heard Katty whisper comforting words into my ears, I realized how this must seem for her and what idea, me on my knees sobbing, would give to anyone. Willing my tears to stop at once I turn to Katty and face her with the biggest Cheshire cat grin. I must have looked utterly ridiculous with tears on my face, red puffy eyes and a Cheshire cat grin that she jerked away and screamed- “My best friend is POSSESSED !!! CALL THE EXORCIST”

This, in turn, sent me into a fit of laughter, but seeing her expressions that were a mix between being shell shocked and extremely curious, trying to figure out what in the hell is wrong with me... I decided to put her out of her misery and trying to suppress my laughter, told her...


For a moment there I thought she turned into a statue for she was frozen maybe even forgetting to breathe, but then she burst out squealing too, hugging, laughing and simply rejoicing this accomplishment. We were so wound up in our own moment that we even forgot we were still in the small back room, at the Rose’s. So, over short celebration was over as soon as the manager entered and we were returned to our stations soon, but not getting an earful.

Even though I was still waiting tables but I knew this would be my last day here for I’ll have to inform the manager that I won’t be able to continue this job or rather needing it now though I won’t say this ever to his face. Although I think I’ll have to continue with the kafila for at least a month more until I get my first paycheck from the knight’s corps. for I obviously have bills to pay and so little to spare. With this and much more going on through my mind I went about my job with a pep in my step, happy for this little victory and milestone. As today is for celebrations, I’ll worry it all tomorrow.

As my shift came to an end I left the diner to go home but not before making plans with Katty for meeting later, Thankful that today happens to be my day off from the kafila.

Leaving the diner and walking to the bus stop for the first time in such happy food in so long, I find the bus already waiting... But as soon as I settle down comfortably on the seat I find my happiness slipping and anxiety and dread filling me in...

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