The roller coaster named life

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The dilemma

Clothes make the man. Naked man have little to no influence on society.

-Mark Twain.

Clothes and accessories are something that helps in the development of our character, for they are what forms the first expression you’ll leave on someone. In the society we today live in, one can’t wear rags and expect most people to respect him. In our wishful thinking, we may believe that people have not gone so shallow yet, but we all know that is not the case to be true.
We need to dress up for the part we want to play but what happens when you can’t. You lose not only people’s respect but even your best work that is probably better than all others is not regarded duly too.

These were all the thoughts running wildly across my mind and causing havoc in me. Pacing in the small living area, my mind running in all directions at fastest speed possible, for I literally had NOTHING TO WEAR,many girls may say so and have clothes enough to dress a whole town, but all I have are 9 t-shirts, 4 sweatpants, 2 set of Rose’s uniform and 2 sets of Kafila’s uniform apart from only 2 jeans and 5 somewhat fancy or decent shirts, but in this pile there existed no single piece of clothing that was appropriate for the Zachary Knight’s personal assistant. My mind was brimming with the possible scenarios and situations and everything that could go wrong and not to mention my own dwindling self-confidence just because of the rags I’ll have to wear for the lack of wardrobe I have. I was already on the verge of insanity and was about to pull my hairs out due to all the frustration, but just as I was going to scream my doorbell rang and took me out of my miniature mental breakdown.

As always Katty was here to save my day and my sanity too... for if she not had intrrupted I would have surely pulled my hairs out. As soon as I opened the door I launched myself at her and started crying muttering “I can’t join the job ” and being the always supportive and understanding Katty she always is, she let me cry on her shoulders. After a while when she finally pulled me away and held me an arm’s length she asked, “Why Amy? what’s wrong?”

“I have nothing to wear.” - I told her still hiccuping, with the most serious face and voice possible, for this was truly a serious matter!

For a few moments She stared at me in deafening silence with amusement on her face, and then she burst out laughing to the point where she had to sit down on the living room floor to prevent herself from falling and hurting. Her laughter and amusement sent my mind into overdrive with confusion. Why was she laughing?... has she finally figured out that I am a lost cause and couldn’t be helped.? or Is she poking fun at my helplessness? but then disregarded all these thoughts for she is my best friend and has always been so supportive. BUT WHY IS SHE LAUGHING!!

Maybe my face clearly portrayed the confusion and feelings I had that she decided to sober up and enlighten me.

“You saying that is really amusing, for you are the only person I know who was totally okay with going to the club in sweatpants until now. Finally, you had some normal girl problem” - she said trying desperately to control her laughter.

This managed to get a small smile and laugh from me too, this must have truly been amusing for her as she had seen me crying over things that could easily break most people to the point of no repair and still have seen me being motivated and trying to get up and rebuild myself from all the pieces left.

“If you are really worried about what you’ll wear then don’t you worry we will go shopping tomorrow and get something for you, I heard about a sale too you know!! and you have that extra pay from kafila with all the extra shifts you did. ” - she said getting all excited, her lips curving upwards and her grin growing.

“Now I’ll go and get this food out and put on the movie, we’ll celebrate your job in the good old fashioned “girl’s night in” way.” - she said moving to the small kitchen area attached to the living room...

As soon as her words registered, I started to calm down too, my mind and heartbeats finally slowing. I now felt again as if everything will be fine, again. Thinking some more about it I finally grew more and more resolute on going to shopping tomorrow, but I decide on something else too for in reality no matter if I have the extra pay, I still don’t have much to spare after all the bills and installments for debts I need to pay. By now Katty had taken the food out and was going through the cabinets for silverware probably.

“I think it is time to go through Mom’s trunk too, she had the appropriate clothes you know...and we were the same size too. Moreover I think I would feel a bit better in her clothes I guess... it’ll feel as if she is there with me on my first day...” - I said moving to where she was standing to lean by my small fridge, fidgeting if this is a good idea or not... for what if I miss her too much and end up breaking down then and there.

Katty’s face turning serious as she turned to face me. After a moment though the small soft smile of hers slipping back in, she said - “Yes, it would definitely be a good thing to do. We’ll go through her trunk in the morning tomorrow. Let’s go and relax now though, I am tired from serving all those ungrateful jerks at the Rose’s, I swear for every single good person 10 jerks walk in there...”

Her affirmation brought me peace and her whining a smile on my face, As the mood became light and happy again we ate and binge-watched the comedy movies Katty brought over on my tiny second-hand television. We were so tired and didn’t even realize that we passed out even before the third movie finished... the only thought in my mind of being the walk I am going to take down the memory lane tomorrow morning, going through my mother’s trunk...

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