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“Meet me at midnight

In the forest of

My dreams.

We'll make a fire

And count the stars

That shimmer

Above the trees.”

This book contains: 14+

☆Mild Mature Theme☆

☞ Swearing

☞ Light Sexual scenes (Makeout sess)

☞ Drug Use

☞ Abusive Content

☞ Suicide Attempts

☞ Grammatical Errors

If you or someone you know is harming themselves please contact a help line or tell an adult. Suicidal thoughts should not be ignored!

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Started: April 13, 2018 on Wattpad.

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"And In Her Smile, I See Something More Beautiful Than All The Stars."

Paisley Teller loses her mom to cancer. She ends up moving to a new state, leaving all her friends behind. She has to make a new life with her abusive Aunt and Uncle along with selfish, spoiled, and annoying kids. She ends up falling for a boy every girl wishes they could have.

Join Paisley on her long journey with annoying cousins, new friends, cute boys, laughter, and sleepless nights.


If ya don't mind tell me how you came across/found my story, I'm always curious. Thank you so much!

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