The Psycho's Queen

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bad boys like good girls, but is she really completely "Good"? opposites don't always attract. I guess good girls really are bad girls in disguise. 3 and a half years ago Luna was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Out with her friends for girls night. She ended the night meeting a normal looking stranger, at least, that's what she thought. A good one night stand to a hangover and a pregnancy test in the morning. After seeing in the news of the "normal" one night stand was actually a psycho on the loose. She ran. Hasn't seen him since. Until 3 years later. But this time, she isn't the only one he'll be seeing.

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Chapter 1


“Luna hurry up and let’s go!” Zenna shouts from downstairs of my apartment.

“Almost done I swear!” I shout back while finishing up my hair.

I finish curling my hair and look at myself one more time, making sure everything looks good even though it’ll be messed up in a bit, and start making my way downstairs.

“I’m done I’m done, ” I roll my eyes when making it to the last step.

“This is why we call you early but of course you wanted to sing and dance around, ” Kelsey complains.

“We all sing and dance around.”

“Yeah but we do it early, ” she rolls her eyes, “let’s just go, we’re gonna be late.”

“Its a club, there is no such thing as ‘late’, ” I tell her and we walk out the door to her white Toyota Camry.

“Ew, Chrissy and Frank are dating,” Caitlin fake gags.

“So dramatic Caitlin,” I say and we chuckle.

“Well, she can do so much better.”

“Maybe, but she doesn’t want to, it’s not always about the looks.”

“Uhm yes. It really is,” She says looking at like I’m some killer.

Me and Kelsey look at each other before we laugh. I shake my head and turn up the radio. “Nonstop” by Drake plays and I turn it up more.

“Look, I just flipped a switch (Flipped, flipped)
I don’t know nobody else that’s doin’ this
Bodies start to drop, ayy (Hit the floor)
Now they wanna know me since I hit the top, ayy
This a Rollie, not a stopwatch, shit don’t ever stop
This the flow that got the block hot, shit got super hot, ayy
Give me my respect (Give me my respect),” we all sing loudly.

2 hours later

While Electricity by Dua Lipa I start to get a little tired and wanna sit for a while.

“Hey, I’m gonna get a drink, anyone gonna come with?” I ask my friends.

“I’ll go with you,” Caitlin said while walking towards me.

“I need a good rest before going back there.”

“You’re telling me,” Caitlin chuckles.

“What would you gorgeous ladies like to drink?” The bartender asks when we reach the bar.

“Tequila sunrise please,” I order.

“Dirty martini.”

“Sure,” the bartender winks and smiles at me before walking away.

“Ooo Girl, he’s H.O.T hot, you should definitely do him, long. And. Hard,” Caitlin winks at me and bumps me with her shoulder.

“Yeah, Yeah, whatever,” I roll my eyes at her but look back at the bartender and see him smiling at me while making the drinks.

After he makes our drinks, we sit there and talk for a bit before Caitlin leaves to the bathroom.

“Was waiting for you to be alone already,” I turn and see the very attractive bartender giving me his brightening smile.

“Oh really, and why’s that?”

Now here’s something you should know about me, I’m a little more on the shy and quiet type (except if someone really pisses me off), but now that I had my fair share of alcohol my hidden bold side is out and ready to play. I’m no good girl but only close people know about my crazy side. Anyway back to the present.

“Get You alone and maybe kill you,” he shrugs and I chuckle.

“Right,” I roll my eyes, “I’m Luna by the way.”

“How could I forget to ask for your name?” He shakes his head and chuckles, “I’m Jordan.”

He puts out his hand and I slide mine in, feeling a spark and thinking it was a handshake, he pulls my hand to his lips and kisses the back of it making my whole body hot again. His eyes never leave mine when he pulls away but doesn’t let my hand go. I give a small smile and take my hand out of his.

“I’ll take another drink.”

“Sure thing,” He says still not looking away until he leaves to make me another drink.

My phone vibrates and I look down to see who it is.

QueenCaitlin: Left with someone, don’t forget to have a hot night with Mr. Sexy bartender ;)

Me: Have fun!

“Here’s your drink,” I look up to a smiling bartender.

“Thanks,” I smile back.

“My shift ends in a few minutes, wanna get out of here?”


15 minutes later

His plumped lips suck on my lower lip, making me moan. One arm is wrapped around his neck while my other hand slowly drags his hand up my thigh and at the end my dress. His fast kisses make their way to my neck spending time sucking and biting, both my hands go to his hair and run my fingers through them. He pulls me closer to the edge and I slowly start grinding against him, creating more friction.

I moan while he kisses to the top of my cleavage, loving the warm feeling that’s going through my body.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” he mumbles against my skin creating goosebumps from his warm breath.

And that is how most of my night went. Little did I know what was gonna happen the next morning that made my whole world change. Question is, for the better. Or worse?

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