The Psycho's Queen

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β™› {E L E V E N} β™›

I can do this.

I can do this.

I take a deep breath before I slowly turn the nob and open the door, the slight creek makes me wince before I keep going a little faster, the door opens and I look to see if he was still in the shower. Seeing his shadow I take another deep quiet breath before grabbing his pants and looking for his phone. Finally looking at the last pocket I grab the phone and speed walk out the bathroom.

I look at the security passcode and close my eyes in frustration, what the fuck were you expecting though? Easy access? My eyes snap open and I pray to anyone that’ll listen to me for this to be right. I type it in and almost scream in happiness when it unlocks. Of course, it’s my fucking name. Thank you!!! I press the button to unlock all the locks around the house and quickly drop the phone that was by the bathroom and run to the window, smiling widely from the quiet opening.

β€œGoing somewhere?” I hear behind me and I freeze from my spot.

I close my eyes once again, of course, the one who listens to my prayer was the devil, β€œn-no.”

β€œBack away from the window,” he says while pressing a knife against my back.

My heart beats faster and I slowly take my leg off the window seal and back away, he puts the knife to my neck and walks us to the window so that he can then closes it. He grabs the phone that was in his other hand that closed the window and pressed the red button to lock everything back up. He quickly dropped the phone and slammed me against the wall, it happened so fast I didn’t even get to blink before I was against the wall with a knife against my stomach.

β€œTrying to run away from me? Huh?!!” He yells in my face.

β€œN-no,” I shakily say while the knife presses up against me more.

In all honesty, I was pretty turned on. I’m fucking crazy, I know, I just can’t help it. My body is betraying me.

β€œYou sure about that?” He whispers while his face is centimeters from mine.

My hand grabs his, with the knife, and puts more pressure to my abdomen and cuts down, I flinch a little from the slight sting but it quickly vanished as fast as it came. His eyes show amusement while they stare at mine, when I let go of his hand, I move my finger to the blood sliding down and wipe some up before bringing it to his mouth and wiping it against his lips and down his neck. I look at his neck before leaning in and biting where the blood ended. I slide my tongue, following the blood trail to his lips, I lick his lips before grabbing his bottom one with my teeth. His hands go directly to my waist and his grip tightens, I let go of his lip and kiss him, slowly, when he tries to make it faster and harder, I grab his neck and put a little pressure on it.

β€œI was trying to run away because I don’t know how I feel about the person I’m becoming when I’m with you,” I say against his lips.

β€œI love the way you REALLY are, you were hidden beneath the nice girl you try and show everyone. I know who you really are.”

β€œWho do you think I am?” I whisper.

β€œStay and find out,” he picks me up from my thighs and wraps them around his waist.

I look down at him debating my choices, but I couldn’t, all I could think about was.....

I grab his face and kiss him hard and fast, his hands go from my thighs to my ass and lift me up a little more while kissing back. He walks me to the bed and throws me on it, his lips go straight to my neck and kisses, licks, and bites while his hands find their way to my pants and undo them. I moan while grabbing his hair and tugging hard with every hard bite he gives. He stops to take off my pants really quick before going back to the other side of my neck and doing the same, his hands rub my thighs, close enough to reach where I want him but he never does. I lift my hips up a little and his hand rubs my soaked panties, he gets up with me and sits down while me on top. He rips my shirt and throws it somewhere before grabbing my hair and tugging it roughly to bring my head back, his lips go to my breast, above my bra and kisses both sides.

Before anything got any further, his phone starts ringing, ignoring it, he continues kissing from my breast to my neck until his phone goes off again. He groans and sets me back down on the bed, gently this time. He snatches the phone and forcefully presses the button to answer it.

β€œWhat?” He grumbles out, you can practically hear the anger in his voice even though he didn’t yell.

β€œYeah....yeah...alright whatever, Bye,” he hangs up and turns towards me, β€œI gotta go, I’ll be back soon. I promise,” he kisses my lips before grabbing some clothes and leaving.


What is wrong with me?

Maybe I’m the crazy one and NOT him?

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