The Psycho's Queen

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♛ {T W O} ♛

Bright ass sunlight. Throbbing head. Cold body.

That’s all that’s happening to me. I groan and get up slowly, I rub my eyes but quickly stop and look at them. No makeup? I scrunch my brows in confusion. I slowly start getting off the bed and see a note, water and a couple of pills. I look down and see my very bare naked body. My eyes grow big before I quickly grab the note.

’Had an amazing time, took care of your makeup and left something to help with the pain for your head and thighs ;) hope to see you again My Love

I put down the note and take the pills. I look around and see I’m in a really nice apartment. I get up and decide I might as well take a quick body shower using the guy products that are in here. I get out and throw on my dress not wanting to put on the panties.

I walk out and hear the tv that has been on in the background.

“Another dead body found in the Alley near Vixen Night Club. Jordan Caesar a 24-year-old beaten to death. Killer is Kane Michaelson age 25 if you see or know where he is please call police Immediately. Now for the weather with Stacy Grace. Stacy.”

No. No no no. NO.

“This can’t be happening,” I mumble and walk backward to the door.

Bile starts coming up and I run to the bathroom and throw up in the sink.

“This. Can’t. Be happening.”

One week later

*Knock knock!*

“Luna! Open up I know you’re there!” I hear Caitlin shout from the other side of the front door.

I groan and get up. My whole body feels a little sore and I’ve been puking almost every day. Most likely from knowing that the bartender is a murder and I had amazing hot sex with him.

“What?” I grumble when I open the door.

“Ew, what’s with your attitude and why do you look like that?” She looks at me in horror.

“Sorry, I didn’t know I was pleasing anyone with my looks,” I roll my eyes and walk towards the couch and flopping down on it.

“Not what I meant you just look like shit. Even your lazy days look better than this.”

“Thanks, that’s exactly what I wanna hear,” I roll my eyes.

“You know I mean that with love. But seriously, what’s wrong? You haven’t been at school and we’ve all been trying to reach you but you give us short answers,” she says in a concerned voice.

“I just haven’t been feeling good lately,” I shrug and close my eyes.

“Luna honey, did you and the bartender have sex?” My eyes snap open and go directly to her.


“Just wanna know, you haven’t told anybody what happened after you left.”

“No, we haven’t,” I look towards the tv and away from her.

“’re lying.”

“No, I’m not,” I quickly defend.

“You blink more and look away when you’re lying,” she simply says while practically looking into my soul.

“No, I don’t,” I blink and look away.

“HA! You just did it now!”

“Ugh, ok fine we did. Why does it matter anyway?”

“First, because he was hot. Second, because you rarely get sick and I think maybe, you might bepregnant.”

“What?” I raise a brow at her.

“You might be pregnant.” She bites her lip in nervousness.

“I’m not pregnant,” I roll my eyes.

“Then you won’t have a problem taken a test,” she smiles and stands up.

“I’m not peeing on a stick just to make you feel better and let you say ‘you’re right’”

“Are you implying that I AM right?” She smirks.

“No! Ugh, fine go get a test and I’ll wait here.”

“Ok, don’t run off. I’ll be back quick.” She runs out of the apartment, slamming the door.

A few minutes later

*knock knock*

“At least you didn’t bang on the door,” I mumble before opening the door.


I look around the hallway for someone. I furrow my brows. I take a step out and here a little crunch of paper. I look down and pick up the paper and flower taped to it, closing the door with my foot I open the paper and read it.

See you soon Darling >3

*Knock Knock!”

I jump and almost scream before remembering that it’s now Caitlin. I open the door to see all the girls.

“Bathroom,” Caitlin start, “now,” Kelsey finishes.

They push me to the bathroom and shove me and the rest in, slamming the door.

Rude much?

I sigh before looking at the test.

Here goes. Nothing? Everything?

After taking the test, I wait for the slowest and most nerve-racking 2 minutes of my life.

That’s when I knew. I couldn’t stay here. Not with that psycho on the loose.

So I ran. Not just for me, but now for baby, or in my case, babies.

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