The Psycho's Queen

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“We can do anything if we put our minds to it
Take your whole life then you put a line through it
My love is yours if you’re willing to take it
Give me your heart ’cause I ain’t gonna break it
So come away, starting today
Start a new life, together in a different place
We know that love is how these ideas came to be
So baby, run away, away with me,”

“Wow, you all have lovely voices,” I hear behind me.

“Auntie Star!” The kids behind me shout and run to her.

“How are my babies doing?” She picks them both up and hugs them.

“Mommy’s making us breakfast before daycare. You know the routine auntie,” Cassandra tells her making us all chuckle.

“You guys go change and I’ll call when food’s ready.”

“Ok mommy,” they say in At the same time.

“How are you?” Star (my sister) asks me.


“You still never told me why you wanted to move here, so suddenly,” she sits on the table staring at me.

I sigh and finish up the last pancake I was making before answering, “there’s nothing to tell, I wanted to come back home.”

“It took months to convince dad that you were ready to move to LA and now you’re back in Russia because you wanted to come back?”


“It’s been three years Luna-” I cut her off

“I know how long it’s been.”

“Yeah and even your friends from LA don’t know why you up and left saying that ‘you have a family emergency’. Was it because you were pregnant because you know we have the money-”

“No Star just drop it!” I yell at her and slam the pan in the sink.

“Mommy?” I hear Xander.

I sigh once again and put my hands to my face. I count to five in my head before looking at them again. Fun Fact, I have always been the most violent between my 4 siblings. I suppose I get it from father since he used to work for bad people before being married to mother.

“We’ll talk about this later,” I look at Star before looking back at my kids, “I’m sorry babies, breakfast is ready.”

15 minutes later

“Ok, my loves! I’ll see you in a few hours,” I say while unbuckling them from their car seats.

“Mommy?” Cassandra says.

“Yes, baby?”

“Are you ok?”

My eyes snap to hers, then looking at Xander, seeing they’re both looking at me with slight worry, “I’m fine baby. Me and auntie just talk about touchy subjects,” I tell her knowing how smart they really are.


I sigh and look at both of them, “yes.”

“I know we aren’t supposed to talk about him, mommy. We love you and only you,” Cassandra says, smiling, and Xander nods.

“I love you both too, now go ahead.” I smile at them.

They both get out their seats and out of the car. I watch them walk towards the sitter and to the daycare center. I groan and put my head back, feeling the tears coming up. Where did this go so wrong? Oh, wait. I sigh and start driving towards the Diner.

♛ ♛ ♛ ♛

I walk into the nice, old school, diner and hear the bell ring when I walk in.

“Luna! как ты дорогая?” I smile looking at the most wonderful man that I’ve known almost my whole life. (How are you darling?)

“Все нормально, и как ты?” I ask while setting my laptop on the counter and sitting on the high stool. (I’m fine, and how are you?)

“Wonderful darling, we both are.” Anatoly’s wife, Tanya, says walking out from the back.

“What can we get you?”

“Just a coffee and some fruit,” I say while opening up my laptop.

“You put the children in Daycare, why not go to a real College and make more friends,” Tanya says while serving my coffee.

“I have friends, and I don’t need a ‘real college’ when I can just go online,” I shrug and log into my class.

“We just worry, you came back so sudden and no one knows why just that you wanted to.”

“Is that a problem?” I look up at the old couple.

“Of course not, but again, it was sudden and we’re worried,” Anatoly states while giving me worried eyes matching Tanya’s.

My uncontrolled anger starts rising from the same look and same talk everyone, even my kids, is wanting to discuss. Which I completely understand but they should know that I will talk when I’m ready.

I take a deep breath and count to five before talking again, “nothing is wrong, I was just getting homesick ok?”

They look at each other and sigh before looking back at me and nodding. I swear if one more person tries to discuss this one more time, I might explode.

But what will everyone say or think when they find out the real reason I’m here? When they find out who the father of my children is?

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