The Psycho's Queen

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♛ {F I V E} ♛


“Stop being so dramatic Luna, everyone is just worried about you. I mean come on, who wouldn’t be a little curious on what happened when you randomly just show up out of nowhere and wanna live back here? You’d be suspicious too.”

“You’re right but I wouldn’t make such a big deal about it,” I roll my eyes and see my Bestfriend tiara giving me a look, “What?! I wouldn’t!”

“That is a lie! If it was someone you cared about you would be all eyes on them and waiting till they tell you.”

“That’s not true,” she gives me another look, “ok but not that dramatically true. I’d give them space.”

“And they are, after you almost had an explosion twice, I’d say that was pretty dramatic.”

“You know about why I’m like that, I can’t always control it and when I can it’s not that well.”

She pauses for a second before asking, “have you, uhm, been taking your pills?” I look up from my drink and see her looking at me with worry and nervousness.

“Not really,” I say while mixing the drink with the straw.

“You know you should be.”

“I know, I’ll start again.”

After saying that, the bell to the Cafe jingled making me and Kiara look.

“Oh, hey! Star over here!” She calls out.

“Hey guys.”

“You’re late.”

“I’d be more worried if she was early,” I joke and we all laugh.

“Whatever, mom just wanted to talk to me.”

“About me?”

“Oh come on Luna, she’s just worried about you. We all are,” Star looks at me with sadness.

“I promise to tell you guys when I’m ready, until then I’m perfectly fine. And I really did miss you guys,” I smile at them.

“We missed you too Lu.”

♛ ♛ ♛ ♛

“Well, I got kids to attend to.”

“It’s still so crazy to think that you have kids and not just one. Felt like just yesterday you were partying with your LA friends,” Kiara comments and Star nods in agreement.

“Yeah I mean you didn’t have one kid you had twins! Who is the father by the way? You don’t talk about him.”

“That is in the list of things I’m not ready to talk about,” I shrug and grab my bag.

We all get out the booths and stand up, before we even take a step Anatoly and his wife walked up to us with two cups and a plate.

“For the kids,” Tanya smiles and shows me the plate with 2 pieces of chocolate cake.

“Great, my children will be sweet tooth because of you.”

“This is hot chocolate for them, we’ll walk this out with you.”

I say bye to the girls before me and the sweet old couple walk to my car. I open the driver side door and slide in before Anatoly hands me the drinks that I turn and set in the cup holders that the car seats have. Tanya then hands me the plate of chocolate cakes and I set on the passenger seat.

“Thank you so much I appreciate all you’ve done for me and the kids since we got here,” I smile at them.

“Anytime,” Anatoly hugs me before moving to the side for Tanya’s turn.

“Увидимся позже,” Tanya says before hugging me, (See you later), “дать детям поцелуй для меня.” (Give the kids a kiss for me)

I chuckle before nodding, “Хорошо.” (Okay)

After a 10 minute drive I finally make it to the daycare and park. A little over a minute the kids start running out looking or waiting for their parents. One of the daycare teachers walks Cassandra and Xander towards my car and I unlock it.

I smile when I see the door open, “hello my babies!”

“Hey mommy!” They say at the same time.

“They were wonderful as always Luna, not to pick favorites cause every kid is amazing in their own way but, they are definitely my favorite. You raised really good ones.” Mimi tells me well buckling in Cassandra and I buckle in Xander.

“Aw, we’ll thank you Mimi I’ll make sure we don’t tell anyone,” I laugh.

“Thanks. Well, I’ll see you guys Thursday.”

“Bye Mimi!” The both say.

“It is really strange you guys say almost everything together,” I smile at them through the rearview.

“Well we ARE twins mommy,” Cassandra states.

“Of course you are, what was I thinking,” I shake my head and start the car, “oh! by the way, those hot chocolates are for you from uncle Anatoly and aunty Tanya.”

“Yay!” Xander cheers and starts blowing inside the cup.

“Alright, lets go home. Tomorrow we’ll do something fun.”

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