The Psycho's Queen

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♛ {S I X} ♛

“Alright! Ready to go to Happylon?”

“Yeah!” They shout together.

“Ok, we’re gonna go change and then go.”

I drive home and see my sister’s car already there.

“Ok let’s go inside.”

I start taking off the seatbelts and they take the rest off and hop out the car, I take their hands and we go inside I unlock the door and let them go in first.

“I’m gonna get the cake and trash really quick, auntie is here so tell her to find your outfits.”

“Ok mommy,” Xander answer and grabs his sister’s hand, walking with her to their aunt.

I walk back to my door and go inside to grab the cake and empty cups before I get out my phone dings.

Bruno: we still on for tonight?

Me: wouldn't miss it >3

I shake my head and smile while walking inside, after locking my car, I put the cake in the fridge and the cups in the trash. I go up the stairs to get dressed while my sister gets the twins ready. I grab my black and white striped shirt with light blue jeans that have a rip on the knees. I then put on my white socks and white vans before running back downstairs to see my sister and kids ready.

“Ready!” Xander says excitedly.

“Me too mommy,” Cassandra jumps up and down the couch.

“Alright let get out of here, and don’t forget your coats.”

We throw on our coats and get into my car, Star buckles the kids in while I get the car heated.

“They’re gonna have the time of their lives,” my sister chuckles.

“They always do.”

♛ ♛ ♛ ♛

“So, you’re going on that date tonight right?” My sister asks while we eat our cotton candy and wait for kids to be done with their rides.

“Yeah, I’ve been seeing him for a few weeks.”

“What about the other guys?” My sister smiles and raises her eyebrow.

“Oh c’mon,” I laugh and shake my head, “you know they were just other guys to have a good time with. I didn’t even do anything with them anyways, just dates. I just didn’t wanna settle down and Bruno knew that” I shrug and eat another piece of cotton candy.

The kids get off the ride and we take them to sit and eat a funnel cake.

“It’s already 6:25.”

“Shit, we gotta go.”

“Language,” Star scolds me.

“Whatever, we gotta go home and I need to change, you make the kids dinner and I go on my date,” I rush out and dump the trash in the trash can near us.

“We’re leaving already mommy?” Xander asks and Cassandra looks at me.

“Yeah, time for real dinner and I have somewhere to be.”

Everyone throws the rest of the trash away and we start walking out and to the car. I unlock the car while Cassandra and Star go to the passenger side of the car and me and Xander go to the driver side. We buckle them in and drive off.

“Alright, I’m gonna get dinner ready and you guys get in the baths and put on your PJ’s,” I tell them while putting the car in park.

“I’ll be babysitting tonight,” Star adds and gets out the car.

We all get inside and I go to the kitchen to start making spaghetti and bread, while the kids are taking baths. After a few minutes, I finish the food and put everything in bowls and put them on the table.

“Food is ready!” I shout out while untying my shoes.

I take off my shoes and walk to my room. I start the bath in the bathroom and walk out to find my outfit for tonight before going back in and stopping the water, I go In and shave EVERYTHING and clean everything before getting out. I put the wrapped towel on my head and put on lotion. I then grab my outfit and put it on before taking off my towel. I blow dry and straighten my hair, add some makeup, grab my shoes and walk downstairs. Before I speak, the doorbell goes off and I rush to put on my shoes.

“Coming!” I shout and almost trip from putting in the shoe, “ok, I will be back later tonight but not early enough to say goodnight so I will now.”

“Where are you going, mommy?” Xander asks with food all over his face.

“I’m just going out sweetheart,” I smile at him before kissing the top of his head, “I’ll be here to take you to Daycare. Do NOT forget to brush your teeth tonight,” I say before kissing Cassandra’s head.

“Bye mommy, have fun.”


The doorbell rings before I answer it and smile at him.

“Wow, I know you looking beautiful shouldn’t surprise me but, every time I see you I can’t believe it’s me who’s taking you out.”

“You’re such a kiss ass, Bruno,” I chuckle and roll my eyes.

“Yeah whatever,” He chuckles and takes out his hand, “shall we?”

“We shall,” I giggle.

♛ ♛ ♛ ♛

“No! I can NOT believe you did that,” I laugh.

“I was a kid, what do you expect?!”

“Not that,” I say between laughs.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” he chuckles and just looks at me.

“What?” I raise a brow.

“Nothing, just can’t stop staring-”

“If you say ‘I can’t stop staring at your beauty’ I will probably punch you on this date,” I roll my eyes and laugh.

“Violent,” He chuckles, “but it is very true.”

I chuckle and look to the side when I look back at Bruno my eyes snap back to the person I thought I saw. My nerves go crazy but I just smile.

“Hey, I’m gonna use the restroom.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Ok, be right back.”

I take a deep breath while walking away and try and clear my head while walking to the bathroom. He’s not here. He’s not here.

I open the bathroom door and go to the mirror, I take another deep breath while looking at my reflection.

“You’re just being paranoid again Luna, everything is fine.”

I look back down at the sink and take another breath, I hear the door open and start the water to wet my hands. When I look up again I was about to scream but he beat me to it and covered my mouth so the scream isn’t heard.

“Hello, my love.”


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