The Psycho's Queen

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✖︎ {S E V E N} ✖︎

✖︎ K A N E✖︎

3 1/2 Years Ago

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

I groan while taking my arm off my eyes, I sigh before trying to get up and get my phone, until I realize someone was was wrapped around me. I look down and see a blonde on me.

What the fu-

Buzz. Buzz.

I look at my phone and see Jeremiah’s name pop up on it. I sigh and look back at the girl, I scrunch my eyebrows and move her soft shiny hair.


A smile makes its way to my face while looking at her cute peaceful face. I brush her hair out of her face and behind her ear, finally looking at her I notice our clothes gone.

Shit. I wish I could remember last night, probably the best I’ve ever had.

Buzz. Buzz.

I groan again and grab my phone.

“What do you want?”

“You still have a job to do. Do it.”

“I know we’re friends and all but I will still put a bullet in you,” I roll my eyes and rub my temple.

“Yeah yeah, just get it done Kane.”

I slowly unwrap Luna off me before getting off the bed. I grab a piece of paper and a pen and write something for her before turning on the tv and putting on my clothes and leaving.

“Hey Kane, long time no see, ” someone says next to me in the elevator.

“there’s probably a good reason for that, ” I tell her back not even looking at her.

The elevator dings and the doors open, I quickly get out and almost run to the car so that I don’t have to talk to the girl anymore.

Once I get in the car I get a text from Jeremiah with who I’m looking for and where I can find him. I start the car and drive to the first place he could be. While driving, images of Luna pop in my head. I finally make it to the destination and start to clear my head so I can keep my head in the right spot. I take a deep breath before getting out of the car and making my way in the warehouse.

“Hey! Who are you?”

While walking, I put the silencer on my gun and before he can say another word and take out his gun, I shoot him in the head and continue looking for the person. A couple turns and I finally find him. I quickly shoot the two guys next to him and walk faster so I can grab his throat and push him down on the chair. I stick two knives in his legs, making him yell in pain, then punch him in the face a couple times.

“You owe Jeremiah something, isn’t that right?” I say close to his face so he hears me clear.

“I-I don’t have it, me and my men were working on getting it,” he stutters out.

“Well, it’s an even bigger problem now huh?” I cock the gun and shoot his leg next to the knife, “we should probably get the bullet out, right? I mean that could get infected.”

I take out the knife and stick it in where the bullet was and start trying to take it out while he screams.

“I think I almost got it.”

“Please! S-top-p!”

“Don’t worry I think I got it, just let me concentrate. I try and help you and I don’t get a thank you I just get screaming in my ear,” I scuff and roll my eyes.

I finally get the bullet out and set it on the table before putting a smile on my face.

“See, wasn’t so bad now was it? Hold this for me will ya?” I shove the knife back into his leg and he screams, “Now, Brian, can I call you Brian?”

“It’s West.”

“Brian it is, now, my boss really needed those drugs but I come to find out that you. Don’t. Have them, and that’s a big situation. Do you know what’s also a situation? There’s a beautiful girl I had great sex with last night that I sadly don’t remember because, before that, we had a great time drinking. Let me just tell you, she’s absolutely stunning, but the problem is she doesn’t know who I really am. I can’t see her ever again because well, because of what I do and I’m just so messed up in the head.”

“She’s better off away from you.”

I punch him in the stomach before speaking, “that was rude, I think she’d be perfect for me. She’s a wild one, trust me, I have the marks to prove it,” I wink at him before chuckling.

“I hope you rot in hell.”

“That’s some mouth you got there, let’s fix that shall we, by the way, thanks for listening. Talking to strangers really helps.”

I punch him in the face once again before twisting the knife on his left leg and he starts screaming in agony again.

“Oh shit, I forgot the gas in the car, I’ll be back. Stay here would ya?”

I quickly walk to the car and grab the gallon of gas and my lighter from the front seat. I walk back and start putting the gas all around him.

“Now don’t worry, you won’t burn fast, I want it to be a slow time.”


I light the lighter and put it on the gas before stepping back and watch his legs light on fire. He starts screaming again and before I light him all on fire, I ask him a question.

“Who do you think stole the drugs?”

“I don’t know, that’s what we were trying to figure out,” he says quickly before screaming again.

“Thanks for the help,” I say and throw the gas in.

One Week Later

“Have you found her yet?”

“Yes, she lives at the apartment in Birds view street, room 20.”

“Thank Rico, I owe you one.” I pay him on the back before leaving.

Finally, after a week of Luna’s face and body popping up in my head, I finally get to see her. I drive all the way to her apartment when I make it I jump out the car and start making my way towards it. Before I get to the elevator, my phone starts buzzing with a text.


I quickly look at my phone and see its Jeremiah telling me about another job. I huff before going to the receptionist.

“Hello, gorgeous,” I wink at her and her face goes all red.

“He-llo,” She smiles at me.

“Would you happen to have a piece of paper.”

She stumbles over her stuff before handing me a paper and pen, “here you go.”

“Thanks,” I smile back at her.

I write a note for my love and rip it out and walk towards the elevator. Once I reach her room I set the note on the floor and knock, I quickly walk away and go to the corner to watch her. She opens the door and looks around with a confused look on her face before she looks down and gets the paper and walks back inside her room.


“Damnit!” I yell and punch the wall to the room.

I see an empty apartment. She’s gone.

I punch the wall once more before getting my phone and calling Rico, he finally answers at the 2nd ring and answers with a ‘What?’

“Watch the tone, I need you to search for her again,” I say with anger laced in my voice.

It goes quiet for a few seconds before I hear laughing at the other end of the call, I scrunch my eyebrows and make a fist with my hand.

“What’s so funny Rico?” I say with my anger rising.

“She ran away from you,” he laughs harder.

I roll my eyes before talking again, “just find her before we have to find another hacking captain,” I hang up and stomp out the now empty apartment.

Don’t worry beautiful, I’ll find you once again.

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