The Psycho's Queen

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β€œWhere are we going?” I ask from the back seat.

β€œYou’ll see, darling, don’t worry.”

β€œAnd what about my kids?” I raise my eyebrow while looking at the rear view mirror, knowing he’ll look back.

β€œOur,” He says and my heart stops, my eyes enlarge a bit while I look at his,β€œof course if the father doesn’t mind. Who is this father?”

I mentally scream in relief before I keep my calm poster and say,” I don’t like talking about past mistakes.”

β€œIs it that pathetic excuse of a β€˜man’ that you were on a date with?” He says using air quotes for β€˜man’.

β€œHe IS a man and no it is not him,” I roll my eyes and look out my window.

β€œYou’ll tell me. Someday,” he pauses and looks at me before looking back at the road and continue talking, β€œas for our children, we will pick them up and bring them with us of course.”

β€œNo!” He looks at me with a raised eyebrow and I take a breath before starting again, β€œI mean, no, there’s no need to get them. My sister will h-”

β€œNo,” he cuts me off, β€œI will not have someone else take care of our children what is wrong with you, you fool.”

β€œExcuse me ,you self centered dick, I am the MOTHER of those children and I have been taking care of them for a few years. There was no asking when I was TELLING you not to get the children.”

My whole body flies to the seat in front of me from the rapid breaking before I fly back to my seat.

β€œYou should really watch the cute mouth of yours, accidents happen all the time, sweetheart,” He chuckles from my slight crazy hair from that, whatever it was.

β€œGo fuck your self,” I groan while rubbing my forehead.

He chuckles and shakes his head before talking, β€œI don’t remember you having such a mouth on you when I first met you.”

I roll my eyes and look out the window.

β€œSilent now?” He scuffs and we just continue the drive in silence.

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