Rejected the Fallen Angel

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I sniffed and growled mate. I opened the door and stared at the person in horror. Mate was Jackson Stone, who was kissing another slut name Samantha. Also on Wattpad if u want to check it out on profile EmberHeart Dante Jones, now 16 year old lanky and nerdy betas son, the youngest. gay and is proud of it. loved by many and kids are jealous of him being unique because of his strange tattoos he was born with and his looks. Secretly likes the 2nd oldest son named Jackson Stone. Jackson Stone. 18 year old alphas son without a care in the world. Is loved by all girls, men want to be him, and is as straight as they come. Hopes his mate is a girl else he'll reject them since they aren't of age yet to be discovered by his wolf. How will they feel when Dante turns out to be Jackson's mate? Alone and angry at being rejected when he is 16, he joins in the military early, dropping out of school. Sadly, tragedy strikes when he's 19 and he is medically discharged. But what if the person he saved is an assassin and gives him a job with his group? What he doesn't know is that the assassin had more reasons than being saved for recruiting him. He was way more than he or anyone believed. And he'll soon learn why his parents say he's there little angel. And so it's time for him to become an alpha since he wasn't enough for his mate.

Romance / Fantasy
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He Doesn't Loves Me, But I'm Ok

If u want the introduction page, photo, and song, it's on Wattpad.


But don't allow yourself to be used.


But don't allow your heart to be abused.


But don't be naive.


But don't lose your own voice.-unknown

Dante's POV

You get used to the fact that your hated by people who think there better than everyone who's "below" them. School sucks as usual, but one good thing does comes out of it despite getting your diploma, which is pranking the teachers and popular kids. Oh, and finding out what you want in life while meeting new people and forging close bff bonds.

I'm not a prankster myself, but my buddy Harper is who takes me and Percy down with him if he gets caught. He won't do that to Anna because Anna unknowingly has my brothers protection stamp on her. He thinks it's hilarious to get us in trouble with him. I don't. I prefer not to die by my parents or the alpha. Percy just hates being dragged into someone's mess. But we love our idiot Harper.

Harper is the opposite of me on certain things. I prefer to stay quiet unless I'm angry or excited. I like playing video games when i have time. I love reading my action, adventure, mystery: i love watching my horror, paranormal, Supernatural shows. Oh, and Magic Mike😉. moon goddess bless the parents of all them fine men. *sigh*.

Harper is loud, a huge prankster, in love with sports and weight lifting. Is a lady's man but he never sleeps around. Loves playing games.

Percy is both of us put together. She loves being loud when she wants to, crazy, and hates pranks unless she doesn't get caught or dragged in. Loves the books and shows and plays video games.

Anna is like me. she's shy, sweet and hates pranks. loves her romance books and dreams of finding true love. she also Hayes shopping like Percy does. forgot about that.

Anyway, they are the most amazing people to meet, and I'm lucky to be there best friend.

Sad part about this school is the anti-gay people. Yeah, I know. Could be a little nicer by saying against lgbt but no!!!! They had to choose that hurtful comment. Anyway, I'm literally distracting myself.

Bro!! I spun around and Harper ran at me with his huge shit eating grin, his eyes twinkling with mischief. I gulped. Uh-oh. What is it? I asked quietly. Well, ever since yesterday I've been on edge. You see, Harper got it into his head that he could prank the principal and get away with it.

He did. But the principal didn't get the prank. I couldn't believe it myself. His assistant who couldn't close her legs even if she tried gluing them together did. It was hilarious. Out teacher had the camera in his office to "show us" something. I guess not to get in trouble.

Anyway, she walked in and there was a paint bucket on the seal above the door, which had a string connected to the door knob so whoever opened the door got a face full of pink paint. Yeah, pink paint. It was priceless to see it on camera. We died with laughter. Best part was, freshman and sophomore students share 1st period at our school, Lakewood High school.

That meant I was sitting at a table for three with Percy and Harper!! Too bad Anna missed this. What makes it even better? A kid in freshman name Billy is a tech genius, downloaded the video and sent it to Harper who anonymously posted it on social media. And let me tell you, he has a massive social media status and it went viral. It was sick!! Anyway, I'm talking to much again. Lol.

I found out that Melissa, the slut, got into a cat fight with Candy because Jackson banged her yesterday at lunch! He rushed, his eyes wide with excitement from the drama. And she is still with Jackson!!

I snorted. Of course she is. He's the #1 player so even if he had a girlfriend, he'd still cheat on them. And their sluts. Candys not going to ruin her chance at getting dick by getting angry for that when she does that herself.

I retorted,y heart saddening at Jackson being everything I despised, although I liked him. Yes, I like him. Can't help it. Heart wants what it wants. Great song btw.

When did you become a drama queen Harp? I turned at Percy who grinned at us as she skipped on over by the tree we stood under, located by the school entrance doors. Harper snorted. I'm not a drama queen!! He growled. We laughed. Awwwwww!!! I gasped. He's adorable!! Squealed Percy.

He growled again. Say I'm adorable again Perce and I'll show you adorable I am. He threatened.

Percy gulped and I involuntarily took a step back. Last time something like this happened, he pranked the mean teacher for seniors and got caught on purpose, taking us down with him. That wasn't a pleasant experience. I still have nightmares by that witch looking lady, my parents, and especially by the alpha.

We were just picking On you Harper. Jeez, relax. Percy said, rolling her eyes while heading into the school building with us hot on her heels. Harper snorted, there banter making them forget my birthday. its okay though. They'll remember in a minute. I just turned 16. But I'm not adorable!! He pouted. She giggled.

Anna was waiting inside the school for us and walked by me, half listening to us and half looking for her crush, my brother. It's fine she likes him. Better than mine, and who doesn't love my bro? He's everything any guy wants to be and every girls dream.

Best part is, he's bi and doesn't like Jackson at all unless it's business for hating gays and not being mature and respectful. My brother is a virgin still, hoping to give that up for his mate! I'm a virgin to, but back to my wonderful topic, that's dedication and rare since he's high ranking in our pack, the BlueWinged pack, the #3 most strongest pack in the world. And he can't bully me unless we're alone which is three times a day. It's was better than last year when it was 25 times a day. Trust me, I counted.

Happy birthday Dante. Whispered Anna who tried to hide her hair over her face, her Zak Bagan looking glasses making her precious. Let me tell you, my brother loves how cute, tiny and fragile she is!

Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!! Happy birthday!! Screamed Percy and Harper at the same time while glaring at each other and giving me the guilty face. students also told me happy birthday at the same time confusing and irritating me.

I thanked everyone and said to Percy and Harper, it's okay. Your bickering made me forget. I lied, not wanting them to feel guilty. What can I say? I'm a gentle soul. That's it!! Growled Percy. We're not going to bicker for the rest of the day!! Right Harper? Harper looked crestfallen. Not even once? He whined.

We all laughed while Anna and Damien who just appeared with his friends eye raped each other. Awkward. Excited to meet your mate? Harper asked, his eyes lighting up with excitement and jealousy. He still hasn't met his mate and his birthday was three months ago in August.

Either there not here in our pack, and this school only has humans and our pack, so he can't really meet new members here, or there not of age yet. I'm hoping it's Percy honestly. You know how hilarious that would be?

I am. I honestly said, noticing that Jackson and his girlfriend hasn't appeared with his group.

Weird. Well, no horrid insults today finally. A whine was in my head but I ignored him. Bye. Anna said and walked toward her classes. She always walked with us to kill time since we're always early.

See ya. I said after her, her red hair flying like the wind through the crowd before fading away.

My wolf, Zeus, is always quiet and peaceful unless provoked. He loves listening but he'll talk if I need some to talk to. He whined in my head, sad at that for some reason but refused to tell me why.

But for some reason he keeps pacing and growling in my head. I just got him a month ago, which is earlier than most but alphas and betas. Even though I'm the betas son, I don't really have the genes I think. He's an amazing friend. Someone to help me when I need it the most.

We stopped at math, yes, I have math first period. The worst class is for first when your brain can barely be able to tie your shoe laces, let alone do a simple math problem. Finally! Percy sighed, sitting down in the middle seat by the window in back on the right side.

Harper nodded to and sat down on the edge. I sat down by the window. Can't wait for the day to end. He said while throwing his arm around Percy who stabbed him with her pencil bit not enough to draw blood.

what can I say? Perfect couple goals right there. I agreed with Harper, wishing I was somewhere else. Ms. Grove was sitting at her desk, her 40 year old age not showing on her face as she waited for the time to start class.

She was a werewolf who never found her mate, got married or been in a relationship. I felt bad for her. We all did. We all fear will end up like her.

Can't wait to find my mate. I thought to Zeus. I can't wait to shove my mouth down his.... sandwiches!! I yelled, not realizing out loud until the whole class laughed at me. My face reddened. Zeus laughed loudly at my outburst. I hate you Zeus. I thought as Ms. Grove smiled at me and continued class after saying, I love sandwiches to! But not until lunch. The students laughed at her comment.

You love me. He retorted. I had to agree with him. I did love him. Such a sweetheart. Ask me to the dance when it comes up. Zeus said cheekily. Shut up. I said with a grin, oblivious to the teachers lesson she just started and Percy and Harper's conversation about the surprise party.

At the end of the day

I stood up at the bell for biology, snatching up my things, eager to leave. I just wanted to go home. I headed over to history for Percy since she's down the hall while Harper was nextdoor in Spanish. Yeah, he had an awful class.

We all have the same classes, lunch, and 6th period. The rest we didn't. I still haven't seen Jackson. I've seen Candy, shoved up against another jock named Hugh. Percy was smacking Harper's arm, Anna was laughing at them as the most mouthwatering scent hit my nostrils. It smelled like axe, peppermint, and vanilla. What the hell?

Mate!!! Zeus screamed, nearly busting out my eardrums.

I winced, but was beaming with happiness. Harper and Percy noticed. Something up? Percy asked. I sniffed and growled mate before walking quickly towards the scent.

It led me to the entrance and I opened the door to get a smack on the face of the scent. I stared at the person in horror. Mate was Jackson Stone, who was kissing another slut name Samantha as Candy appeared to.

Play song

Love. An emotion that can leave you weak at the knees, staring dreamily, make you do whatever they want. It can be a good thing unless they abuse it.

And that is an horrible burning white-hot pain that is nothing you've ever felt or want to feel. He looked into my eyes now, the anger, disgust and pain at the sight of me, disfiguring his once beautiful features. This can't happen! I thought desperately.

You? The fag!! He shouted enraged. I flinched. Your a weak piece of shit! Candy is worthy of being my mate and Luna! Of speaking to me!! Not you! The filthy scumbag!! Your brother to!!

That's when Zeus and I snapped. Not at the feeling of horrific pain, the insults, the hate, the agony of my wolf who was drowning in our sorrow. It was the insult to his own beta. His wing man, who would stand by his side, and be his best man. That is why I lashed out.

Rage and the color of red clouded my vision. I took a step toward him with my canines out. Candy was silent the whole time with her eyes as big as sockets and her mouth wide open. Samantha already took off if you can run or crawl in 10' heels.

They took a step back in shock at my outburst. Everyone was dead silent. Percy, Anna, and Harper kept close to me from behind, there shaking bodies indicating anger.

You think I'm weak?! You think I'm pathetic?! The only reason your Alpha is because of Micheal! And he would've made a whole hell of a lot better alpha than you! You make your parents so proud huh?! That your a player that goes against the moon goddess herself?! To make fun of your own beta?! What a filthy scumbag you are!! Gasps were heard.

You pathetic faggot!! He roared at me. I blinked away the tears. I'll do anything in my power to never see his face again.

I braced myself for what was to come but I wasn't going back ever. He made his bed, he can lie down in it. I would never give in to him. I'd die first.

I, Jackson Stone, rejects Dante Jones as my mate and Luna of the BlueWinged pack. He declared loudly, not realizing the mistake he made on so many levels.

The pain was awful. Intense. I burned like I had never felt before and I snarled as I clutched my chest, nearly dropping on one knee. Harper and Percy grabbed my shoulders as if I needed support, which I didn't for some reason.

Anna wouldn't stop crying. The song Black Sky by Nightcore started playing in my head and I wanted to laugh at the irony but that was stuck in my throat lol. Get it? No? Okay. *sigh.*

I, Dante Jones, accepts your rejection Jackson Stone. My voice went from puberty to deep and raspy, my voice and self dead, lifeless. I pulled away from my friends and just ran, not ever wanting to stop.

I stopped at my house to see the cars gone, remembering that Damien and dad had a meeting while mom needed to go shopping. I went inside and saw decorations half up. I smiled, my heart a dull ache that started numbing itself slowly.

I ran to my room, unsure of what to do with my life. But one thing for sure, I wasn't staying here in this pack. I grabbed my wooden dragon that was attached to an thick and sturdy rope-like string to wear I made a couple years ago while I packed all my necessitys and 1,000 dollars cash I raked up since I was 14. After that I wrote a letter for my family and friends. Jackson wasn't worthy of a hand written letter by yours truly.

Mom & Dad

I've always wished I had a mate that treated me like how you treat each other. I wanted a mate to love me since I was little and now I met him, I wish I hadn't. Please be safe and I love you very much. Do not leave this pack unless your not welcome please because as much as I hate to admit it, it's home. And home is where the heart is. How ironic. Take care. What I'm doing and where I'm going will be impossible to talk to anyone so please know that I'm trying to be stronger. Have better than him. Thank you guys for everything. Do me one last thing. Drop me out of school. I would but don't have the time to. I'm sorry I'm a failure.

With love, Dante


I love you and I'm grateful for everything you did for me. You protected me when you didn't have to. Gave up being popular with the group for us and for your beliefs. When you realize who my ex-mate is, please don't kill him. That will still affect me, and you need to work with him. You may want to give up your position after this but I need you to do me a solid and be the protector of our pack. For mom and dad. For all the innocent people that is stuck with Jackson as alpha. They'll need you to help them. I'm sorry I ran away. I'm sorry I'm a coward. Please forgive me. Lv you. And please tell Jackson that I don't need to leave him a letter. I meant every word I said. And don't try to find me. You won't.


Anna Watson

Anna, just so you know, my bro loves you. Don't ever let anyone walk all over you. Don't freak out when you want to ask someone out. be strong and do it because you'll never get anywhere in life if you get shy and back off. not trying to hurt you but your amazing. Be yourself and show the world that your coming and never going to quit. Thanks Anna, for everything. Love you my fiery shy redhead bestie.


Percy & Harper

Don't kill me whenever you see me again but I hope you two are mates lol. Best relationship abusing goals ever!!😂 I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye but I can't stay a second longer. Be good, be safe, and when you get a mate, treat them like they should be treated. Thank you for everything. I lv you guys. Thanks for my birthday and being by my side.


I wiped my tears away, sighed and called someone who can help me. So I won't see him again. He wasn't even worthy of being called ex-mate. I jumped out the window stealthily and walked calmly towards the bus station at the border, as if I wasn't leaving forever.

Hello? The man's deep gravelling voice made me smile. Zeus was still silent and that nearly killed me. He was too hurt to start the shifting which was fine. I'll wait for him however long it takes.

And I know now what to do with my life. well, what little there is of it.

Hey Uncle Jericho, it's Dante. I responded. Bud!! How ya been? His voice was weary. I sighed.

Not good. I need help. I've been rejected. I said. What do you need? He asked with worry and rage in his voice. I smiled. Is that option on joining the military still available?

Sorry bout not starting out with him a couple days before rejection. Later in the chapters unless I re-edit this will be him having flashbacks and everyone's povs from that day or just other memories. See you I'm the next chapter!! Working on it right now!!

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