Rejected the Fallen Angel

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It's Never Too Late

Song is Savin Me by Nickelback.

The ones who love you will never leave you.

Even if there are hundred reasons to give up, they will find one reason to hold on-Unknown.

Dante's POV

I stared at my Mate who was breathing heavily, his silver gaze on me, Zeus's cries for him filtering my mind as the sexual and painful tension swirled between us.

I inhaled deeply, his musky scent overriding the damming smells of the dungeons, thankfully filling my nose more with his beautiful aroma, making my cock and heart ache with an intense need.

My baby was hurting. He was torturing himself. Because of me.

Why do alphas have to do this?! shouted Zeus painfully, his tear-stained eyes making my heart gallop with a desire to destroy what hurt him.

But that was Thor which was because of me. I thought. Us. Zeus whispered. Because of us. He repeated like a broken soundtrack. I shook my head.

No Zeus. I told him firmly. He growled gently as I thought, not us. Me. I should've known better than to walk up on an Alpha Raged alpha.

Zeus shook his head in denial. I huffed annoyed. We didn't know and I am the reason the matebond is stronger! Zeus pointed out. Plus I didn't say no. He added. I sighed.

Who says that's true? It's 50/50 on that buddy. I told him. He sighed in my head and sat down, his feet much bigger than I remembered.

Zeus was bigger than I remembered. I ignored that and thought as I realized something Zeus had said, all Alphas do that? What about us? Aren't we Alphas?

Zeus growled gently. We are but were not like the others! Were unique! Zeus snapped. I grinned.

I know. I told him. Zeus smiled a toothy smile and growled, go to mate. Yes sir. I said back playfully.

I looked at my crestfallen mate who was curiously looking at me, his head tilted which his ebony hair fell around his eyes.

It was the most adorable yet sexy thing I had ever seen. I smiled at him. he frowned with a ghost of a smile trailing on his lips.

It was time to set things right. Because it'll never be too late for Thor.

But it was for Jackson.

Jackson's POV

I stared up at the ceiling in my room again, my Alpha duties all taken cared of as I remembered the good days. With my baby.

I sighed, Orion's voice and presence gone as he slept away his troubles, making me strain myself to even shift or use my werewolf abilities.

I need him to have Orion back to be at my best. And for pups.

I was thinking of a way to win him back. But I knew it was too late.

Could start a war. But that would mean permission from the council and they would side with Thor and Dante since I Rejected him and he accepted.

I thought, my mind clouded heavily with despair and revenge as Emma's sweet voice filtered at the doorway, bub?

I turned and smiled at her, the heavy feeling in the air suffocating me yet her little presence giving me some oxygen to revive myself on for only a few moments of complete bliss.

What is it sweetheart? I asked her and she smiled at said, why you sad? I stood up then, staring at her sadly and whispering, just busy taking care of the pack.

She frowned at me. My heart soared with joy. Her little pink lips parted as her blue marble eyes stared back at me, while her face showed pity.

Then take a break bubby. she said, her maturity high for a seven year old girl. I smiled. I will. I said.

And don't forget your kids. She said and vanished as the color drained from my face.

I forgot about my own children. Candy and my children. I gritted my teeth.

No matter what I'm going through which I don't and do deserve, i should never abandon my pups!

I rushed around looking for clothes to wear after I'm out of the shower. I clenched my jaw and thought, I'm going to take a day off for my pups while thinking of a way to get our Luna back.

But first. Time to get rid of Candy. I'm coming for you Dante. Your True mate is coming.

Dante's POV

I walked closer to my mate, his eyes showing panic. I smiled more gently and now leaned down in front of him to get on my knees, his eyes showing pain and lust at my position.

At our positions.

I looked up at him and whispered, It's not your fault. Thor, it wasn't you. It was me. I should've known better than to walk up on you...

No. Thor stated firmly. I stared up at him in surprise. It was my fault. He growled. I sighed.

Zeus was sobbing in my head. Emotional much? I asked him. He growled at me and laughed as I did. Thor's eyes looked so tired. I was to.

How is it your fault? I growled at him. He frowned at me. I wanted to smack his ass.

Please do. Zeus said, trying to lighten the mood for the both of us and I resisted the urge to blush but somehow managed to hold in my laughter.

Your my mate! He hissed at me. I should've known not to hurt you! Were bonded...!

Thor! I snapped at him. He showed his heavenly and massive canines at me. I wanted to cry with pleasure at them.

This man is killing me and he doesn't even know it. I thought. Zeus agreed. What about Diablo? I asked. Thor looked confused because I know he knows I'm talking to Zeus.

Zeus sighed. He is blaming himself. He won't let me in our circle. Zeus said.

A circle, is the bonding part of the spirits within the supernaturals bodies that can come together as long as the human part of the mate bond is within an 20 mile distance.

Makes it easier for us to communicate using our spirits, or in this case, wolves, to talk to. That way if we've been kidnapped or lost, we can reach for help.

Aqua made this after one of her precious worshipers, Spirit Oasis, was kidnapped, tortured, raped repeatedly, and murdered.

Her mate was a poor human farmer that fell in love with her beauty and kindness. He killed himself after learning this.

She wept and pitied them dearly and they are now sharing their own personal heaven above, blissful that there reunited.

So Aqua made the circle. I know, boatloads of information. Trust me, it's like math class in high school.

Horrified cries of horror! Zeus screamed in my head. I winced from that. Ow.

Zeus? I said and laughed with annoyance clearly on my face and mind. Yes? he asked innocently.

Shut up. I said playfully. He laughed. Yes sir. He said and mock saluted. I rolled my eyes at my drama queen. He huffed at me. I smiled.

I turned to Thor who was looking at me worriedly and confused.

And then, the funniest thing.

Thor farted really loud.

I stared at him. He stared at me. He blushed.

I lost it.

I was dying with laughter, Zeus's loud roars of tear laughing making me cry with tears.

I was now currently curled up in a ball on the ground, laughing and shaking as Diablo was laughing as well.

Thor was laughing embarrassed.

My big bad Alpha.


I died again.

It was a good five minutes of tears and laughing before I could look at Thor again.

He was crying with laughter, his loud deep rattling laugh was music to my ears. I never wanted to hear him not laugh again.

I stood up shakily, grimacing because of my laughing face and stomach pain, and hobbled back to him. I got back down on my knees and gripped his face.

He stopped laughing and stared back at me, his silver eyes swirling in my soul, merging us and combining us, making us one.

His slight beard that was suiting his face made my fingers itch to run my fingers through it, to feel the tiny bristles and the softness from the texture of his rich beautiful hair.

Wish he do that. Zeus wheezed out and I laughed. Thor smiled. You know. I said and he frowned. I wanted to slap myself for making him lose his smile, but I have to say this.

Alphas can't help it when it comes to Alpha Rage. I told him. He pouted. You know the stories Thor. I whispered. He hung his head in shame.

Zeus whined and Diablo just stared with misty eyes, the heaviness in their hearts like bricks in your chest.

The moon goddess told us all the stories by writing it down. Alpha Rage can't be helped, especially when it's for whoever they love.

Even mates can't fight that. You know this so stop blaming yourself. I refuse to see you hurt.

I'm your mate. The Luna of this pack. Your the Alpha. So I want you to get up and show me your love instead of wallowing in your misery.

It was just one hit Thor. I can take it. trust me, I've been through worse. I said and he was frozen in shock, the pride, pain, and anger radiated in his eyes.

My mind went back to my burns and other traumas and I grimaced, my skin forever showing the pain and suffering I endured that day and the months to come.

Actually, to this day. The pain never truly fades away. The physical isn't as bad as the mental.

The thought of being marred, of people scared of you because of something you couldn't control.

Not accepting you for your flaws when they want you to accept them for theirs.

It's disgusting. Nobody should judge the other. That's God and the Moon Goddesses's job.

Not ours.

We should accept people for who they are and want to be. Everyone when they were younger dreamed of being something great.

A super hero, a doctor, a vet, a firefighter, a soldier, a dentist, a princess or prince!

Nobody should stop you from chasing your dreams. You have one little life to make it count.

To do something before its too late. Nobody can predict your death. No one can escape their fate.

But in the small amount of time that you have living on this earth, you should do what You want to do.

Not what others want you to do. It's your life. Not theirs. Make it count. Because it took black people back in slave times so long to be accepted when they are beautiful and unique like us, when they shouldn't have to fight for a right when everyone deserves one.

Everyone is beautiful unless your a killer, pedophile, or animal abuser.

Everyone is close to perfect as you can get. We make mistakes. We rise. We fall.

Were human. Were not gods. We all have flaws. You just need to learn to love yourself and others to understand the concept of your beauty.

Thor stared at me and sighed, his eyes going from misty to cold and prideful.

warmth filled his gaze like a warm fire in the fireplace, casting his light and warmth to my body and soul, making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He nodded.

Okay. He whispered. Okay. He repeated. I smiled and stood up.

Come on baby. I whispered. He smiled up at me. My heart ached with such love and warmth.


I was in love again.

And this time.

I'll never be hurt again.

He rose up and immediately started breaking the chains as if they were nothing.

I was stunned and flustered. These chains could hold down two rhinos and he was breaking them off as if they were twigs.

He turned to me after breaking the chains and they fell to his feet with a loud bang.

His eyes glazed over a moment and I know someone heard the commotion. Who couldn't?

I smiled even bigger. I couldn't resist the urge to smile so I did. He reached his hand out for me.

I took it and grimaced at his burns. Come sexy. I told him and he smirked which made me blush.

Let's go up to the doc to give you a look at. I said. He nodded. Lead the way Luna. He said.

I blushed even harder and continued up out of the cell and away from the other empty cells after five minutes and the stairs, not noticing I was only wearing sweatpants and he nothing. and that I didn't know exactly where to go.

He smacked my butt. I squeaked and tried to compose myself by growling. Thor laughed.

I turned and noticed his attire and shrieked. Zeus moaned and Diablo was growling at us lustfully.

Thor's eyes dilated and turned purple. I was shaking at his large and powerfully built cock with veins, all erect and pulsing.

He was fucking horny.

He was horny and we needed to go upstairs.

Everyone will see this.

And he made me horny to.

I growled at his dark scent of arousal as he did the same for me. Not on my watch.

I looked around and spotted my pants down the steps on the table and I went and grabbed them. I looked at Thor and back at them.

No. He was too big.

That's what we said. Zeus said and I laughed. Thor grinned and I know Diablo told him.

I looked at the sweatpants I was in that were tied. I didn't even notice. I inhaled. It smelled of Thor.

He gave me his own pants to wear. probably to show us off that were his. Zeus pointed out.

I blushed with pride along with Zeus. Diablo smirked and Thor copied Diablo.

This is too cute. I thought. Zeus agreed. Diablo and Thor frowned at being called cute. It was hilarious.

I took my pants off, now us both completely bare to each other, and Thor growled loudly and took a step in my direction while staring at my erect and dripping cock.

I let out a small squeak again to Zeus's laughter and held them out for him. He shook his head.

You wear. Your Mine! he hissed. I smiled in awe. Zeus was panting with happiness and lust.

I know I'm yours. I said. And that is why I'm saying your mine! I growled back. He growled gently but stared at me with awe.

And I refuse to let anyone see your cock up there, not that they'll be seeing it soon anyway because I'll be too busy riding it.

I said accidentally and I regret it. His eyes flashed and he snarled and lunged at me, pinning me against the wall, our cocks rubbing.

I lost it. I moaned loudly.

Were fucked. I thought. Zeus nodded.

Yes. We will be.

Hope you enjoyed! Sorry it isn't long as you probably want it. I just wanted to end it with a cliffhanger lol. I appreciate all the support and love you've shown my book and the positive influence towards it.

Writer's block really sucks to so thank you for your patience.

I love writing same sex books because the LGBT community are amazing like everyone else. Were all as close as to perfect as we can be.

I get so annoyed when people are judged because were not "them." Nobody is like each other. That makes us unique.

I'm tired of people hating each other. You get no where with hate except pain and misery.

Showing kindness is what we need in the world today. I've seen so much pain and hurt without watching the News and that's depressing to.

Why show so much negativity on there when it should be something good, like, a police officer saved a baby's life that stopped breathing? Or a man rescuing a puppy from a water canal?

I'm sorry about the rant. It's getting old I guess when everyone is mentally abusing each other because of their opinions.

Never let anyone bring you down because of what "they think." Your unique as you and that'll never change.

I want to see more positive information on the News or out in the real world.

Love and kindness gets you so far. One word or action changes someone's outlook that day.

Saying one nice word to someone, especially someone like me who has low self-esteem and issues would make my day.

I try to make anyone feel better. To make them smile and see things differently.

There may be stormy days for all of us. The road were carving out is broken with loose cobblestones or there's a big bump in it.

There are many ways to get by. just ramming through it with your car with all your might, drive around it, or take a detour around it.

But there are sunny days out there for people that are depressed and hopeless.

Things in life happen. It's called life for a reason. But you take the good with the bad and move on. It makes you who You are.

We all carry scars. burdens. Untold stories. You may have dark voices in your head.

But know that I'm here for anyone who needs it.

I'm here to help people. To make them see life differently.

If I can make a difference and change someone's life.

Maybe keep them from suicide so they can enjoy life before they end it too short because the ride is too bumpy, makes me happy.

I'm happy knowing I can make a difference. Maybe in writing. In music. In acting. In poetry. In speeches.

I just want people to experience life with the brightest and most positive outlook on life before it's too late because not everyone gets a chance to do this like us.

They never got a choice. People who abortions, people with cancer, and others.

I hoped that helped you out there. Sorry again about the rant to lol.

If you want the next chapter soon. Let me know. Until then, see you all later! I love all my gummy bears (lol) so much!!!!!!!

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