Rejected the Fallen Angel

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Them Damn Rogues!!

The Fire Inside You. There's enough fire inside you to put all of hell to shame, but you are pretending to be water for someone who is afraid to handle the dragons in your belly. Stop crushing the thing that makes you. Embrace the flames. Be whole again for yourself and no one else-Nikita Gil

2 months before the discharge

Sometimes I think about what happened three years ago. The pain. The suffering. Ending my education, distancing myself from family and friends, giving up my dream, all by one man I despise.

I shouldn't have let him take over my life like that, but the past is the past. can't change it. I just have to move forward with my life. But my wolf and I are done with him.

In the time we trained to be a soldier, we not only trained physically, but mentally, becoming one with another. Why the moon goddess had to make me suffer for, I'll never understand.

But I do actually want to thank her even though I went through hell to learn this: he showed me he wasn't worth being with and actually got me introduced to my family. My battle brothers and sisters.

Our squad. I do miss my real blood, don't get me wrong, but it's hard contacting family when your a marine in Afghanistan fighting for your country's freedom (America), and fighting for all the innocent people stuck over here with no way to freedom. I don't even know what has transpired in these three years and it scares the shit out of me!

This has showed me that you don't always get what you want in life because life is supposed to kick you in the nuts over and over again. Life is about getting what you need and being yourself since life is too short. Sadly, we all learned this the hard way. But it was just the beginning.

The Desert: 1730 hours in the afternoon (5:30 pm)

I stared in between fighting at the desert sand west of us where our helo should've landed an hour ago, firing my M4A1s bullets towards the Afghan rebels hiding in the buildings while we hide in the dilapidated homes opposite end of them, south from our point of view.

Our backs were facing our military camp to far away to walk without dying by the heat. Well, I could. Most out of the two squads here don't know that I'm a werewolf. The few do which is six of us. Whiteoak, Wells, buttercup, Linx, Jackson, and Pickle. But they don't care. We're all rouges with reasons for joining. All with either horrid pasts that made them leave or kind hearts for our country.

The air was thick with the smell of death, blood, piss, fear, sweat, anger, pain, and charred flesh by the grenades. I banged my helmet against the concrete pillar I hid behind to avoid a sniper nesting on the roof to the north.

He didn't even try to hide it Zeus! I thought dismayed. Zeus snarled in rage at the fighting. This is pointless! He roared when I peeked out, aimed, and killed the sniper within 3 seconds. I know. I thought. Why fight? We're here with permission!! They should just get over it instead of fighting like weak little shits that can't handle the fact that there not in charge!! He barked, irritated. I laughed. True. I agreed. Honestly, him and a few other people can make me laugh anymore. Ever since... a small pinch of pain reminded me why I don't smile. And I hate it.

Where's the damn chopper? Corporal Wilson snarled, his frantic yet agonized eyes for his fallen comrade stared at me for a moment before moving back to the dead man right next to him.

Private Willy Yurns of Sgt. Varsts squad was shot in the head, his blood and brain matter all over the wall, Wilson, and the ground.

He joined 8 months ago and 6 was in boot camp. He was only 18 yrs old. I sighed and shook my head pitifully at the poor kid even though I'm only a year older than him, I feel like I'm fifty years old. Must be liking men and being this amazing. I thought dirtily as Zeus laughed.

He was a human, but he died too young before he got to live because of these monsters that believe they have the right to choice who comes and goes, not their government!! Just thinking this darkened my mood sadly.

The chopper can't land here! I finally snarled at Wilson after clearing my thoughts, so he can hear me since he's a human. He glared at me. No dip Sherlock!! He snapped. I only answered your question dumbass! I roared at him like a human, the alpha in me hating the disrespect. Yes I am an alpha.

But I don't want a pack. I don't need countless lives depending on me as their alpha when I can't even protect the soldiers over here.

The guns thankfully, after thirty minutes of fighting, receded until they faded to silence. I coughed and bit my lip to hide the urge to growl when I realized I had a piece of shrapnel in my right thigh. Shit!!

I looked around at the thirty men and women who were resupplying their stock and trying to figure out what was going on. Why did they stop firing? Is it over? Private Peter Wells, one of my good friends, asked our squad leader, Captain Whiteoak. Something wasn't right. I thought. Zeus snorted at my slow brain, as he puts it. I sighed.

What should we do Sarge? Private Amelia "buttercup" Francis asked me, her hazel eyes and caked up face from the war filled with dread and fear. I didn't realize she was next to me this whole time. I thought.

I felt guilty. Thank God i left that piece of shrapnel alone. Saying God over here became a force of habit for me. Your hurt! She gasped.


It's only a small piece. I'll get it out when were not being shot at or in close proximity of being shot at. I lied smoothly to her, her awed eyes taking my body in full detail while I felt awkward.

Wish I can tell her I'm gay but can't. Fuck! But I do have to admit, I look good. Now I'm 9 inches taller, alot more muscular with an 6 pack I'm proud of, and my hair is black along with getting more tattoos.

Okay. She whispered as Whiteoak looks at me. He's a werewolf to. He crawled to me. I don't like this. He muttered with his gravelly voice, his face had a massive scar from left forehead to right jawline.

His cold brown eyes were worried.

We need to find shelter. I told him, worried the enemy might try to flank us.

Four soldiers each were watching all angles of our little camp. Whiteoak nodded. That's what I was thinking. He admitted. I grinned. Good. I said. Alright, when do we leave? Asked Buttercup. We need to know where the enemy is if we want to get out of this hot zone. Whiteoak said. I nodded.

We need to look for movement in the sand. They probably camouflaged themselves to sneak around us. I said.

We need to get to the shelter five miles west of our perimeter. Wilson huffed loudly from where he sat. West? That's probably where the enemy is!! I growled.

Not all of us can make it that far without backup!! We have to send a few at a time and have some look out for baddies and after they make it, make them look out before we send more over. Whiteoak said. I nodded at the plan.

Best I heard besides shifting. I thought. Great plan. we need Wilson over here to get his team situated. I said. Whiteoak nodded. Alright, you and Buttercup... Whiteoak's voice faded as I thought of the first time I shifted and grimaced.

3 years ago: one week after rejection

I glanced over from the ground weakly at my uncle from the training area as I waited to be trained after Jackson was finished with whatever slut he was with. Uncle, alpha of the #4th most strongest pack in the world named MoonShine pack, yeah I know, great name.😂.

He kept glancing at me from time to time, worried about me. They started the 2nd day I left and the day I came here. I was confused after I finally blacked out, but my uncle through his rage, told me the truth.

So I basically told my uncle, I need to fight this, to be stronger. I still remember what he said to me. Every last word. He said, boy. Just because people say fight your battles and pain alone makes you stronger, doesn't make it so.

Being stronger is finding something that matters with someone, and sticking to it. Let people who love you be with you for the good, the bad, the fucking Armageddon if it happens!! Do something for me.

Don't let him take away that, and who you are from you. Your better than that. Than him.

I still honor that to this day, although I'm still alone. Not interested in dating unless it's Channing Tatum, Jenson Ackles, Dustin Lynch, Jared Padelecki, or Misha Collins. yes, I have a list of men I want.

Anyway, I felt the burning in my chest fade away finally as Zeus growled out angrily and painfully, hour. Wow, an hour? New record. I growled sarcastically.

We need to shift. Zeus said. You sure bud? I asked him. I heard his growl in my head. Yes. He growled.

You see, in our werewolf community, the werewolf picks when to shift. That's usually on the person's birthday unless they are rejected or haven't met your wolf yet. If rejected, they take time to heal before shifting unless they never recover.

But we're different. Zeus is different. He comes from a long line of alphas. Yes, I'm not his first. But I will be his last😉. Flirt. He chuckled. I laughed and got up, the burning gone finally.

Ready? He asked. I stripped naked and flexed my noodle arms before saying yes. And that's when my bones began to break.

I would love to find the person that said your first shift is fun, and punch them in the face!! We can do it!! I sang pitifully in my head. Good job son. Uncle whispered after what felt like years just for the pain to go away. A voice coughed awkwardly.

His penis is bigger than yours Billy!! A guys voice gasped dramatically. I have a big weenie bro!! Look!! Screaming was heard becoming fainter with, take my penis! And, no!! I'm straight!!

Billy and Jonas, my cousins. Uncles boys. I thought cheekily as I opened my eyes and stood up weakly. Curious though, who's dick is bigger? I thought. Zeus thought smugly, ours. I laughed again. I love him. Awww. He purred at me.

Uncle was in awe at me. I just now noticed that he was staring at me along with all of the werewolves in training with their mouths open. Your rare. He breathed.

I tilted my head since I couldn't move my feet yet. What you mean? I asked in the mind link I had with him and the family.

Uncle inclined his head. Take a look at the lake. Was all he said as he chased his boys with his arms outstretched and a big grin on his face who just appeared saying, my dicks bigger!! They screamed and ran. I yelped in laughter before hopping east towards the lake, dying to see myself.

What I saw stunned me. I was looking at the water at a creme and white furred wolf with grey eyes. My right ear was white and left front paw was creme. My tail was super fluffy. I felt like posing sexily.

You go!! Zeus whined dirtily and I laughed. Light red, gold, and creme are a few of the most rare colors to have. Dark red is more common.

We're strong Dante. We survived being without him, him cheating 8 times in 2 weeks and our first shift alone. Zeus said, his mind saddening at the thought of not being with his wolf Orion. But he knew he had to move on, which is hard for a wolf to get over his mate. I nodded my wolfy head in sympathy. We had a lot of work to do.

I was even as big as an alpha to. I guess our ex-mate made us bigger or his failure for not having us and making us stronger did. We can. I thought. Will survive, and if we do see him again, regretfully, he'll regret rejecting us Zeus. Will become an alpha. Karmas a bitch, huh?

End of flashback

Go!! Hissed Whiteoak as Buttercup and Wells dashed away, low and quick towards our new lz. I watched out for them, worried about the neverending silence until the first bullet rang out.

By the time it was Pickle, Jackson, and my turn, we lost five people. Turned out the idiots thought they killed us. we must be losing our touch if they still live.

Two was from Wilson and three was ours. Dash, Kip, and Skip was ours and been with us for two years now.

They were always quiet and kept to each other unless following orders. They never saw it coming and we didn't.

Another sniper was at the house and I moved to another area so I didn't see him until they dropped.

Him and three other men shot them down. We killed them, don't worry. I still have survivors guilt though. Go now Alpha! Shouted Whiteoak. I jumped up and signaled the boys to follow.

They call me Alpha because of how dominant I am. Even generals have in the past! Simperfy!! I shouted and the boys screamed it loudly. I smiled a creepy grin at all of the soldiers and our bond. our battle bond.

That's when I heard an explosion and screams. I spun around and to my horror, it was a grenade with the smell of silver and wolfsbane.

And it killed Jackson and Pickle.

I ran as fast as I could in human form away from their charred corpses sadly, my gun banging against my back as a reminder of why I was running.

From the nut jobs of course.

I rushed to the door of this tiny yellow home with two floors, boarded up windows and peak holes to shoot from.

I slammed the door shut and locked it, breathing heavily from shock.

They got Pickle and Jackson? Asked Wilson stunned.

I nodded mutely. It was silent again from both parties. I wanted to rip them apart, but those grenades and the military forbade that option.

How? Asked Whiteoak. I turned to them. Werewolves on there side decided to be smart and filled grenades with silver and wolfsbane. I thought. He was shocked. He turned away and a blast of glass jolted all of us more alert.

A grenade that smelled of rouges hit the floor by my feet.

Zeus and I didn't even hesitate. I rushed forward and grabbed the grenade with no pin in it, slinging the door open and throwing it out as it exploded, taking me with it.

I felt immense agony as I howled and hit the ground. Losing consciousness.

Stay with me!! No Marine left behind!! Whiteoak snarled. I looked at him weakly.

Them Damn Rouges. I growled softly before blacking out from the pain.

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