Rejected the Fallen Angel

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The Funeral and The Choice

Song is Fallen Soldier by Nathan Fair. He made this song and sang it while on his tour. He is retired now and living with his family so salute to him.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending-unknown.

3 months after the discharge 021:32 (9:32)pm

Dante's POV

I never thought I could feel useless. The burns. The pain. The nightmares. I felt my whole world collapse when I couldn't fight for my country. I was awarded the Medal of Honor. I wish I had earned it.

They died because werewolf admirals in the military refused to let us use our abilities! What good are they if I can't use to them to save lives? There dying over there and no I can't do a damn thing!

I gritted my teeth to block out the pain. why? I saved their lives to be cursed! I shifted in my bed back home in Tennessee, trying to rid myself of the plagued thoughts.

I looked at a photo of our crew by our army Jeep after a mission where I landed face first in the sand.

Zeus chuckled and i swore in my head, all smiling with teeth flashing. I smiled, remembering when i first joined up in the army like it was yesterday.


I looked around nervously, my more well fit frame making me look intimidating, despite only being 5 ft. 11 inches tall. I noticed a bunch of guys walking up to me, grinning and laughing about something.

Two girls walked up as well, arms wrapped around each other's necks, grinning and laughing. The leader, a tall and well built human with cold brown eyes and a scar stops and looks at me. I felt my heart ache with sadness.

I wanted happiness like that. Most werewolves but more importantly, Humans have it made. They don't have to worry about being caught, getting your mate unless mated to one, or being rejected, and even having to run away and be alone. They do have it made besides being weaker.

But one thing I know for sure, that doesn't stop them. that motivates them to do more and work more harder than they had ever done. And I love them for it.

For trying when life wants to knock you down, friends turn traitors, family turns into liars, mates turn into rejectors.

Yes I made up a new word. I know. I'm awesome. Zeus growled at the dimwit who's name isn't worth mentioning. he doesn't know what he missing out on. i told Zeus gently. you bet your sweet ass he doesn't! Zeus snarled playfully at me.

I laughed. so true. I'm so better at laying than all the hoes even though I'm a virgin. Zeus rolled his eyes at me. Okay rookie, go act like a professional seducer that you are to that guy. He pointed with his snout and I looked at him.

He was watching me, his eyes flickering with recognition at the werewolf as and curiosity at how I'll turn out.

I tensed but relaxed. Even if was a pack member, which is rare to be in the army and still have a pack, he can't attack me. I have every right to be here with him as he does with me. Regretfully. Zeus grumbled. I grinned in my head. can't argue with that. i agreed.

Are you the new recruit boy? He growls. I nodded. Yes sir. I told him flatly. He chuckled as did everyone else.

You got some spunk boy! I like that! He told me. I smiled tightly, the smile as fake as my breasts lol. I said to them, I'm called Alpha.

Alpha? Cool! One of the girl's said to me with a big smile on her face. I'm Buttercup, and this is...

End of Flashback

I shook my head to clear the dream. Can't relieve it. I thought agonized, my body still aching and my skin healing except leaving scars.

I shrugged. Who cares! Scars make you look so sexy. I thought as Zeus laughed. Don't we look good! He growled playfully to me and I chuckled.

I turned and snuggled into the sheets, the small double-wide in lived in was mine on my property I bought with the money Uncle left in a account for me.

I told him no that I would save up money on my own, but that man is stubborn. He threatened to spank me if i didn't take it.

I shuddered. I would've loved it if he wasn't family! I told Zeus sternly. ohhhhh! i'd still like it! purred Zeus. i groaned in horror.

Shut up Zeus! I complained in my head. He sighed with a smirk on his face. Dang it. he grumbled. I smiled and fell asleep, unaware what would happen in ten hours.

ten hours later

I woke up to something ringing in my ear. I grumbled as Zeus purred at me annoyingly and flipped over, sleeping peacefully.

Dickhead. He chuckled at me. I peeled an eye open like peeling a band aid and groaned when the light from the alarm clock on my stand made me hiss.

I got up, hating how I sounded like a vampire. It was some time but I was too tired to notice. My phone was ringing.

i reached for it after plopping down, to lazy to get out of my nice and soft fluffy bed. Yes I said fluffy. I may be alpha but i'm still a child at heart. And of body. Virgin here. Wink wonk.

I gave up reluctantly after refusing to get up for five minutes, the phone's annoying ringing made me want to smite myself so i got up butt naked by the way, forgot to mention sexy was nude, lol.

I grabbed that phone and answered. I growled. What. I answered. A cry was on the other end. I froze, wide awake now.

are you Lt. Dante Jones? Alpha? it was a woman, and she sounded awfully familiar. i stiffened up and growled, yes? who is this?

It's me, Private Buttercup Amelia. from the army. I smiled. Oh yeah? What's wrong? I demanded. And how are you on the phone? I asked confused. She sobbed on the other end loudly.

Wells is dead! And I felt my heart, my poor broken heart shatter. I just lost my best friend.

Jackson's (POV: now)

I looked out the window of the pack house, seeing my chosen mate Candy wearing slutty clothes as usual and walking into the woods with Jonah, one of my pack warriors. I sighed. Slut. Orion sneered hatefully in my head.

I bristled despite the pain in my heart and soul, my eyes red from crying. She's all we have Orion! He's not coming back! He's probably dead!

3 months ago, I felt this horrible pain on my body and knew it was him. My mate. My love. I shook my head in denial. no! the one i rejected three years ago for Candy.

When he left, I died. I couldn't breathe. I found it hard to think rationally. His family shunned me and my Beta Damien hated me more than ever. He wants to kill me but my mate told him otherwise. I know it. I smiled sadly. He always was a softy.

It's your fault bastard! Orion roared at me. I flinched. He is out there experiencing everything we should have with him!

All because you couldn't except the fact that you were wrong and our mate was a dude. A little adorable one at that! He snarled then whined at the memory. I sighed.

To late now. I told him bitterly. And besides, Candy, a girl, will make a better Luna. I told him, hoping the lie will make him better and myself. But it didn't.

Selfish prick never thought it out. I'm selfish! you are the motherfucker that destroyed him and rejected him in front of everybody! Made him leave and no one knows where he is!

He is probably dead or dying somewhere, and all you can think of is your big ego! He growled at me. Candy the skank will ruin this pack because of you!

And he buried himself in the back of my head behind his wall he made to separate himself from me. I gripped the railing tightly.

Maybe I should find him. I thought to myself, then shook my head. nah. he'll want me back. i smirked despite the heavy feeling of pain in my heart. they always come back to me.

Dante's POV: The Funeral

I stared at his coffin while the California sun blared on my skin, my suit and gloves keeping the heat off my poor skin as the guns went off after giving the flag to his parents, their weeping faces keeping my eyes from being dry. I wore glasses to hide the pain in my eyes, Whiteoak and the squad doing the same.

He was shot by a rogue with silver bullets when we were sent on a mission! Buttercup sobbed, my tears hitting the floor as my fists hit the wall, making holes.

My memories of my arms around Wells as we took a photo, his eyes holding mine as i cried about everything to him, and he to I.

He had everything made, but when his mate, a warrior named Sara was killed by rogue hunters, he killed them and joined the military to get away and be alone, hoping he would die over here.

She was my life. He told me sadly, rubbing my back as I coughed with sobs. We live, we die. But I didn't want her to go out like that first. She was my world. I was nothing until she rescued me.

he said, his misty eyes making me quiver my lips with guilt. i should comfort him. I reached over and hugged him. You'll see her someday bestie. I told him softly, wishing that he'd live a long and happy life. too bad prayers don't get answered.

Whiteoak and the gang placed their medals to go on the coffin into it, making a sharp ping sound before saluting her and walking away. After the funeral, I just walked towards my old 69' Chevy Camaro with a black paint job in silence. I heard a voice behind me.

Alpha? remember me? I turned and noticed one of Wilson's squad members, one of the females, and she was dressed in all black. Not military.

What's your name? Why the getup? I asked, my voice cold and she smiled at me. My fake name was Private Delilah Summers.

But as for my name, you can call me Pharaoh. She said and took a breath before she continued. I was never a soldier although I loved it. She smiled at some unknown memories.

I was placed in Wilson's squad that did missions with yours since I couldn't join yours. You had no openings. She explained. I was confused. I looked around. Nobody was around. My squad already left. I felt sad but understood. We needed space to deal with...

I gritted my teeth to escape the pain. Why? I growled. She smiled. To get to you. I want to make you an offer. Offer? I shook my head. She took a step towards me.

You hate the fact you couldn't save Wells, nor can you join the army, become a officer, or anything like that, correct?

You hate feeling weak like when your mate or other kids at school walked all over you when Damien wasn't around. She added, her words hitting home with each painful stab.

My family probably already forgotten about me. I thought. I flinched. I need to make sure there fine. I thought, Zeus whining at ignoring our family for so long. I then growled at her for knowing this.

I want to ask you a question. She looked me dead in the eyes, or sunglasses, and whispered, would you like a chance for revenge? A chance to not go back home, or see your ex-mate again? And yes, our organization knows everything. I frowned.

What you want me to do? I asked. She smiled. Simple. She whispered. I tilted my head at her. I want you to become an assassin like me.

And I refuse? I asked. She smiled. You can go back home to that lonely double-wide, back to your family and ex-mate, or... She paused dramatically, making me curse in my head. Zeus's ears was now perked up with interest, not down with crying from the pain.

You can make money and kill things so no-one has to lose someone like how you lost Wells. She stuck out her gloved hand. Deal? I flinched but was very interested. do it. Zeus said.

we need to get more stronger, blow off our steam, and show the world what happens when you piss of an alpha! He growled at me determined. for Peter. I nodded and smiled.

For Peter. I thought softly. I say we do it. I told her and shook hands, eager to get away from my ex-mate even more than necessary. She beamed at me. you won't regret it. She told me. And i never did regret it.

I hope you enjoyed this. What you think of Jackson and Orion? Thought I should finally add him in. Don't worry, it's gonna get better.😂😉 Like and comment please and thank you!

Listen to the song! So amazing!!

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