Rejected the Fallen Angel

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Reunions & Regrets

Song is Fight Song by Rachel Platten. Amazing song. All of my choices to me are awesome lol.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.

People change so that you can learn to let go.

Things go wrong so you can appreciate them when there right.

You believe lies also you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together-Marilyn Monroe.

Three years later

Dante's POV

I sat in my private plane in a black suit, staring out the window in frustration since I'm heading back home. Well, not back home exactly but in America.

Ever since Phoenix saved me and helped me join the British Assassins Agency, I've been happier than I've ever been. I rose in the ranks, although i was a huffing puffer, lol. And I now am one of their top agents. Not the first.

The mysterious assassin female named Ghost is. Nobody pisses her off and even knows who she is or what she looks like. All you know is she's a beautiful voiced and built woman who proved woman can be just as good, or better, than men.

Yes, I had to kill people, rob them, blackmail them, or torture them, but in the end, I save lives. Almost 99% of the people's names that cross my desk are bad, and I pity the lives of the 1% we've fucked up because of bad information by the stupid spy's, but we've compensated them enough to live happily or will fuck up their life even more. I know, sounds bad, but at least I'll help people. I hope.

Anyway, like I didn't for Wells. I flinched at his name, Zeus's whine filtering in my head after his nap at the name of our beloved best friend who died three years ago on the day two days ago. I just sat there that day, playing his favorite game Pokemon after watching his favorite anime show, Belle and Sebastian.

He should be here with me, complaining about how if he was into men he'd be in love with Sebastian, or how I need a love life. I laughed darkly.

I miss him. Me to. Zeus thought, as I recalled how much of an idiot we were when together, like throwing live grenades, shit patties in our Commanders office chair and bed back at camp, which is the old and cruel human named Commander Silus. (Sigh-la-us).

Pretty good show honestly, and our pranks😂, although I'm not a fan of anime anymore. I used to love the show as well, but loving Sebastian too much was not the way to go. I had to quit the show, *soft sobs*. Plus, know, I couldn't watch it without crying.

The reason why I'm heading back to America is the American packs are all fighting over stupid stuff after their 300 year old Widowed Queen Elizabeth, mate of the 500 year old Lycan King Oliver who died in 1999 past away four weeks ago.

This left the heir, there oldest daughter who is 150 and mateless, Annabelle, the throne. yeah, what's with the names? like no offense, but they sound old.

Anyway, they asked for help in the British agency and the packs over here are too irritated at the Americans to send someone over so they asked us and we accepted.

If we are to go over there and resolve their issues then we can get more clients over there since they don't trust us. I mean, come on, they, the British agency, have sexy accents and beautiful places, not to mention the beautiful people and food!

And no, I'm not making fun of America! I love Americans also and my beautiful home country that I'll admit I missed!

I looked at my satellite phone I picked up a few months ago with a new number and noticed my brother Damien sending a I love you text.

I smiled and remembered the day I called them three years ago, a few weeks after Well's death and after settling in at my new place in the lovely town of Canterbury in England.

wonderous city with so many beautiful architecture, homes, people, food, and sights. I couldn't take ignoring my family for so long so I called, and wow did I get a reply.

Damien almost killed me with his screaming like a fan girl, and I couldn't beleive my parents were actually threatening to kill me for not talking to them for over two years. I was happy hearing there voices. I legit cried so don't judge me.

I tried calling my best friends but there numbers were changed and some older couples owned them now. I missed them. wonder if Percy and Harper are mates lol. I smiled at the old memory before I was rejected.

Don't get me wrong. I hate Jackson for what he did to me. Made me hate myself, leave everything and everyone I've ever known. I mean, yeah I could've stayed.

But, I just couldn't back then bear the thought of watching Candy take what was rightfully mine.

But now he can cram the Luna title up his ass. I don't want it. Being what I am is way better. If I ever go back, It's for my family. That's it.

Plus, I had to graduate online sadly. They let me graduate even after dropping out since I told them I was rejected by my mate and I left since I couldn't take the pain.

Most of the school is for supernaturals and all the teachers are except for Mrs. Welch, the third grade teacher in the elementary. She's human but mated to the Nice principal. Steamy, I know.

But I want to thank him for what he did for me. He made me who I am. An cold hearted asshole who saves lives and met amazing people that also helped shape who I am today.

I still talk to my friends, Buttercup, Whiteoak...but not as much know. We at least make sure were still alive and well.

When we see Jackson again, will beat dat ass up and then thank him. Zeus retorted, smiling evilly at the thought of seeing him again. I gulped and laughed inwardly, my face stoic of any emotion.

Your not ghetto! I scolded him and he laughed. I know, but i love how they talk and act. he responded. I smiled. That's true. There just as unique as anybody else. And no, I'm not making fun of them. I honestly am not.

Anyway, I'm off topic again. Zeus grinned at my one-minded train of thought and i inwardly growled at him. he winked.

I smiled at my reply for Damien that said, I knew you were gay😉😂. Damien replied back with an lol and no.

I put away my phone and checked my cuffs and looked in the mirror, noticing my violet eyes were lightened up with happiness. I'm heading to Washington D.C. for the meeting.

Every Alpha will be there, like my ex-mate and his wife Candy. I sighed, not even feeling sad or remorseful. Just pity. He missed out on us. Zeus whipped out, his grin in my head making me relax more. And his two kids. I thought to him.

He whined at the thought of us having kids. Not Jackson's kids. Gross, but someones. Despite being an alpha now, were still compatible to have kids.

I love it and hate it. I have to suffer what women suffer. also heats. I literally take pills for them and it sucks. There like horse pills! I sighed again, wanting Zeus to take my mind off what I'm thinking.

Maybe the Dark Alpha will be there. Zeus suggested. I smiled. The Beast. I thought. He drooled in my head. Mmmmmmmm. You know it! He growled in my head and I felt this dark attraction to the man whom no one knew besides his title as Beast, Dark Alpha, Reaper, or even Death himself. His pack is the only one who knew him. Not by name unless your his family or the Beta.

He doesn't even have a mate, and he's over 500 years old but looks thirty! I doubt that's true but wouldn't put it past me. Hardly anyone has seen him in decades.

He hides in his pack and probably since he never found his mate. Zeus whined in my head with pity and jealousy. Jealousy? I shook my head and thought, he's lucky in a way.

Zeus nodded in my head. Understandable. he thought. He's lucky he doesn't have a mate for fear of being rejected but sad since he never found his mate and didn't have the option of this or accepting.

I don't believe he'll reject him/her. He's been waiting for them all this time, why reject his one and only?

I looked away and noticed my attendant now standing next to me on my right, since I'm on the left side of the plane, who is a mermaid that loved planes.

I hired her from England since her family is cousins with the Merman King and Mermaid Queen.

She smiled at me with her glowing minty green eyes and her long golden hair tumbled around her oval shaped face. I smiled back at her, her eyes telling me she's used to my cold stare.

Were almost about to land. She told me. I smiled. Good. I answered back, my eight bag suitcases still in the compartment behind the seats in the closet.

I handed her my glass that had apple juice in it and she giggled, smiling her delicious smile before taking it away. What can I say, I love apple juice.

I smiled and leaned back in my seat with Zeus mentally running himself, excited to show everyone the new me. I couldn't wait.

After Landing

I took my items from my 67' Chevy Impala and carried them upstairs into the five star hotel named Morgian Star Hotel, not liking the thought of someone touching what's mine.

Took me forever to leave the airport since everyone decided, hey! Let's cannot the big scary guy by blocking the exit!! Almost decorated the place in their blood.

I huffed and then smiled at the scent of my brother and Anna Wilson filtered through the hallway after I got my room from the receptionist who was too flirty and way to hoeish. Her outfit screamed at me to help them since it barely covered her body.

I tried not to puke but managed to get away safely from her. Her name was Jezebel. How ironic. I grinned happily, curious to why little Anna was here as I stepped up to his room, which is across the hall from me on the left side. We were at the end thankfully, happy to be away from people.

I ran to my room, threw my stuff in, and raced back out, just in time to see Anna Wilson, who was taller, slimmer, and still with glasses but more of a rounded and adult beautiful like face, came out, and she was pregnant.

I stared. She stared. She blushed but sniffed me, her face in denial at my scent. It was still a little the same. Just more amazing. No way! She gasped, her eyes widened as she took in my large frame.

I grinned at her happily. Hey again. I told her, my eyes shimmering with delight at her scent. She had Damien's scent on her. I rushed forward as she lets out a squeal, her more shy self leaving her at the presence of me.

I hugged her, her rounded belly and scent indicating she's five months in. Beta females have pups at six months, and Alpha's at seven. Gamma's are 8 as are Delta's are 8, but most Delta's being closer to the end of the year, which is odd. The rest are nine.

Weird how the Moon Goddess did that but oh well. I grinned at her happily as her scent of apples and cinnamon along with Damien's scent hit my nose, and I relished it, the scent of my home pack's also on her. Home. She was home.

Damien rushed out not a second later, snarling at me but froze at my scent, his face confused at why this large monster hugging his mate had his baby brother's scent. Realization dawned on him as I stared at him and released Anna, and I was immieately in his arms. He was home.

How you been?! Why didn't you talk to us?! Why you looking like an alpha and sasquatch? Why can't I smell your Beta scent? He demanded without a breath, his eyes as big as saucers and his mouth open as I pulled away, the purring happiness of Zeus and me showing on my face.

Anna was in tears at the sight of me. She missed me so much. It was hard in high school without him and Percy and Harper's happiness. She clung to my brother temporarily until she didn't need help. they realized they were mates not long after, and then it was permanent.

That memory hit me in the face and I was confused. I can't read their minds. I'm not apart of the pack anymore. I'm a rouge. Zeus was confused yet curious. I couldn't deny my curiosity either.

I'm sorry. I was rejected. I was so focused on moving on and keeping myself from suiciding or just letting him manipulate me I forgot to, not to mention being in the military is a way to not be able to communicate. I reminded him, looking down at his face, which was alittle older but good, with his beard the same and his eyes the same beautiful blue I remembered.

I looked in their room, identical to mine but with a King's size bed and mine being a Queen, their walls the color of creme and blue and mine being dark grey, black, and red. They have white carpet while mine is black and red checkered. Super weird, but my room is better.

I hid my scent from you. I'm an alpha now. And I'm hiding my scent from Jackson so he doesn't know its me until they announce me. I said proudly. They nodded there heads in approval.

Where's Mom and Dad? I asked, wondering if they were allowed to come, though I doubt it. He smiled. There at home, happy to know you were alive.

He looked at my right side of face and right hand since my body was almost covered in the black suit. He whistled and grinned more fully, but his eyes were worried.

How you been? What's with the scars? He asked. I smiled gently. Remember I said I joined the military? I asked him, the first time I told him on the first time I finally called a couple years ago reminding me to never lie to him or withhold information.

He almost blew a blood vessel in his head when I told him I joined the military. Uncle never told them.

I haven't seen them in a couple years either. I did call them two weeks ago and found out the twins were mated to a cute little omega boy.

There all three happy living in their own house they had made for themselves and there Luna. They were given the title four months after I left. I was sad I missed it.

I... I scratched my head nervously. I might have got blown back from a grenade that a rouge filled with silver and wolfsbane.

It took him three painsfully long three seconds to register this. Anna gasped as Damien's eyes filled with rage.

A few minutes later and he watched me sadly now after Anna's hand laid on his left arm and on my right side since he faced me, her eyes telling me how sorry she was. He sighed sadly.

That why your skin looks different? He asked, noticing the scars on my right side of face that showed I was burned but still looked amazing. nothing was going to get me down.

He smirked when he looked at my head and realized just now I dyed my hair. Like, seriously?! We've been talking for how long now? An hour? Half hour? 45 minutes and 32 seconds. Zeus said smugly and I chuckled in my head as Damien said,

Really? White hair? You trying to be old or a saint? He asked teasingly. I laughed. Actually, I dyed it from our honey blonde hair to black and with red highlights.

I admitted. Then, a couple weeks ago, I had this weird dream and horrible headaches, and then bam! My hair went white. I ran my fingers through my soft hair.

At least it kept the red highlights. Damien said, his face and eyes weirded out at how my hair changed color. You a chameleon? Asked Anna. We laughed.

No, I'm not. Be cool though. I admitted, looking at my watch and cursing at the time. it was 10:30 am. meeting is at 11 in the dining hall near the back of the hotel. the hotel is asituated weird.

It has the main lobby and kitchen and sitting area in the front, although the kitchen is closer to the dining area, sides and top is the rooms and the back is the dining hall that leads to different sorts of entertainment; pool area, pool table in the arcade room, library, computer room that has a guard to make sure you don't steal, security rooms, etc. I didn't pay attention in the tour.

But the tour guide was hot. Zeus complained. I chuckled in my head. I agree. I told him, that beautiful nerdy red-head made me all too happy. Ruined the mood for me when it hurt.

Can't believe its time. Is Jackson and slut here? What room are they in? I asked, Zeus growling at the names and our urge to have them as far away as possible in our minds and hearts. Be sad to decorate this hotel in blood.

I guess I have a thing for decorating places with the blood of irritating people.

Damien and Anna looked worried. There next door to our left sadly. Thank the goddess its sound proof. Damien said.

I clenched my teeth in anger at them near. Aren't you afraid? She asked. I smiled and unclenched my teeth. No. I told her honestly, their faces mirroring their surprise.

We hate him now. I said and grinned. We have to go. I have to settle you American's disputes. I said with my pretty nice sounding British accent if I do say so myself.

Damien was open mouthed. Your the top assassin they sent over? He growled in awe. I chuckled. Yep. I said. I grabbed my suit jacket I just had slipped off and draped over my left arm to expose my tattoos that are still there even with the scars and muscles after rolling up the sleeves. Also because it's hot here besides me😉.

I grabbed my mask and showed them. it was a gorgeous mask identical to the Dishonored game one. Mine was black with a red eye. It had the name on the back that was branded into it but never marks me is, DemonHunter. Can't tell them my job at killing demons from the Gates of Hell. I told Zeus.

he nodded in agreement. they don't need to freak out, know classified missions, or go into early labor. Zeus said and laughed, the image of Damien pregnant by Anna making me smile and cringe at the same time.

They oogled at me and the mask. I winked and they laughed as Anna blushed and Damien glared at her lovingly and playfully. They had no wedding ring on.

The mask is kind of like a robot yet like a demon. Sounds lovely for killing people. You are so bipolar. Zeus reminded me. I laughed. true. I admitted and put it back.

My weapon is a beautiful black and red swirling Elven designed crossbow named Judge.

It is small until I pulll out its handle, arrow holder, and the sides to shoot the arrow from. The only one in existence made just for me. I was tested for a specific weapon and I got this. and I loved him.

Not married? I asked surprised. Damien and Anna nodded. We were going to ask by phone, but... Anna looked at Damien. He smiled. It's actually in a month. He looked proud. I was envious.

Care to come bro? I would've made you my best man but you didn't talk to us sooner when everything was arranged.

Damien admitted and looked guilty. I smiled happily. Zeus puffed out his chest with pride in his eyes.

Of course I don't mind going. Your family.

I shouldn't have let him take that from me. I thought. And it's fine Damien, and I bet you it's Harper, isn't it? He grinned. Yep.

Harper and Percy are mates and married by the way. Anna said. I laughed in delight. I knew it! I shouted. They laughed. They married a year ago.

We prepared longer, hoping you would talk to us before it was too late and attend. Anna admitted.

I smiled with tears in my eyes. Zeus whined in pain at the sacrifice they made for us. They waited years for us. he thought.

I nodded inwardly. I know. I answered. Never again leave family. He said. I smiled. Ohona means family. And family... Doesn't get left behind. Zeus finished, The Lilo And Stitch movie coming to mind.

How many kids? I asked. They smiled. Two. They called you Uncle and GodFather. Anna said. I smiled and fought the tears from spilling. I'm an assassin. I shouldn't be crying. I looked at the time. three minutes before 11.

Let's go. I told them to distract myself and followed them, my fist clenched from the pain of leaving family. No matter what had happened to me, I should've been there for them. For Wells. For my parents. But no more.

Jackson may have stolen my chances at a family of my own until I find the right guy or mate, which would be never, and happiness, but he will never take this away from me. My successes.

my failures. my life. My future. Is mine to choose. I'll never choose you Jackson Stone. I thought with a low growl I'm my head. Damn straight! Zeus growled, and I smiled.

Our future will be beautiful and bright. I said in my head, a slight burning on the left side of my neck appeared, but I ignored it, continuing after my family to Hell with Jackson.

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