Rejected the Fallen Angel

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Song is Let Me Be Your Superhero by Smash Into Pieces. Amazing all together.

It's not that I don't believe in love. I'm a strong believer actually, I'm just deathly terrified it doesn't believe in me-unknown.

Dante's POV


I followed Anna and Damien, there whispers talking about the baby's nursery. I smiled. What gender is the little tyke? I asked and Anna looked back at me with a dreamy face.

Two boys and one girl. She stated. My jaw dropped. Zeus whistled damn in my head with a proud look on his face. I felt pride in my chest to. Damien was grinning. A thought came to me. I laughed.

You know who's going to be stuck changing three sets of diapers or staying up late at night for a year or more? i looked at Damien. He pouted sadly.

Your lucky I love you. He told Anna's belly teasingly as we entered the elevator with the Queen Mary ship vibe and design, and I hit the lobby floor, hoping Casper will appear.

Anna giggled. What about the baby momma? She asked and I laughed loudly at her statement. Damien laughed, hugged her and they kissed. Especially the momma. Damien said. I was torn with jealousy and happiness for them.

they've wanted each other since my sophomore year. Damien isn't a pedophile folks, he just had a crush on her not just for her beautiful looks, but her personality. Age really isn't a thing with the Supernatural honestly.

He loved just her in general. And of course, my brother was the hottest thing in school besides Jackson, although people liked my brother more for being sweet, gentle, wise, fair, and his personality.

So most of the females, and even males, loved him. I smiled and Zeus whined at not seeing them sooner. I agreed with him. Been too damn long.

I'm not really the romanticist I once was...

Lies. Zeus interrupted. I continued and he laughed. But, I do want a happily ever after. One with someone who'll love me for who I am. Not a mate. I lost that chance sadly.

Remembering what's to come like an uppercut to the face suddenly made me growl and they looked at me. They noticed how tense and cold I was and put two together I was anxious.

Anna rubbed my arm and Damien made a silly face at me, which always made me laugh when we were kids. I did smile and they smiled back.

You got this. Anna said. Be professional. Damien said with a creepy face and I chuckled and made one back to say, you bet professor. They laughed.

The elevator dinged and I sighed, looking at the lobby with no one but the workers and some of the pack member's family, the scents almost overwhelming, but I caught each one perfectly. I smelled the twins, there mate, and Uncle Jericho. I smiled.

We headed out and I was a few steps behind so no suspicions were made, and went towards the dining hall, the scents more stronger and overpowering.

Anna grimaced and Damien was cold, watching his mate though with love and a soft gaze. I wanted to cry.

Jackson's hideous stench hit my nose suddenly and I actually gagged. Zeus whined in my head. He smells! He complained. I laughed.

How many days this will take? I asked. Damien looked back at me. We stopped for a moment. Depending on how fast you can solve the issues at hand, probably a week, maybe three days if quick. He responded. I nodded. we resumed walking.

Time to be quick. Zeus nodded and ran super fast in my head. I laughed. Not like that dingus! I told him. He chuckled. I know, made you laugh and get distracted. He said.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I spotted my Uncle, twins, and there cute little mate, and right next to them in this massive room filled with tables and chairs for eating, is where I spotted the asshole himself. Jackson. And he was looking right at me.

Things Have Changed, I'm Not Weak Anymore

Everyone quieted. I was the only one they didn't recognize. I smirked. I turned to the waiter who held a microphone to put on my ear and towards my mouth to speak, in case nobody could hear me.

Made me laugh internally, but my outside devilishly handsome looks was the complete opposite. Stone cold killer.

Everyone! This is High Ranking Member of the British Assassins Agency, Angel! the waiter declared. Everyone was seated but a few and Damien led himself and Anna reluctantly to Jackson, who looked the same but with short hair and a beard. His face void of any emotion, but his eyes telling the feelings he had.

Candy was next to him and looked as same and slutty as usual. Wearing all pink short dress to her butt and open chested that said, spank me daddy. I wanted to throw up. Your not the only one. Complained Zeus. I smiled inwardly.

That is me. I spoke and Jackson clenched his jaw, his eyes confused, denial, and lust making me laugh and want to puke all my fruit loops I ate before I showed up in the hotel. I'm here from the British packs to help resolve your problems because you people can't get your acts straight. Growls were heard. I ignored them.

i'm not here to insult you. i said and raised my hands. but arguing when your beloved Queen just passed over what probably will be for some of you ridiculous feuds is shameful.

whines were now heard. do you honestly believe the Queen will want to know of this if she wasn't dead?

Even as she is with the Moon Goddess and looks down upon you? Eyes looked down and then I noticed the Beast wasn't here. Odd. Dang.

I'm here to help you. Get your isses cleared so you can funtion and grieve, like you were meant to. Candy raised a hand. I reluctantly turned my attention to her. Oh, this will be good. Zeus laid down and focused his attention on her, ready to spew insults at any given moment.

Well, all I see here is some punk trying to say we powerful Alphas and Lunas can't do our jobs like we should. She said proudly. Jackson face palmed himself.

I rolled my eyes at her, and to my shock, the other packs and her own looked at her disgusted! I was cheering in my head with Zeus who screamed, touchdown! I smiled coldly.

Wow. Amazing. Took you long enough to piece that sentence together huh? I said and ooohhhhs were heard. Jackson clenched his jaw.

Making insults at the Luna is insulting the Alpha, although making her the Luna was insult enough to the pack and other packs. Burn! Zeus cheered.

I'm here because you all asked for help. If you honestly think that statement then why bother calling Luna? I sneered the Luna name out. silence was heard.

Candy scoffed. Jackson glared at her now but didn't stop her. His fault. She isn't his mate so he can make her. But doing that will prove they aren't mates. And I guess his reputation is far more important than humiliation.

Our pack is supposed to be number 1! She said. The second most strongest pack in the room, the DarkSpawn pack, growled loudly as their Luna named Sara glared at Candy along with her mate and husband, Zachery Smith, the 45 year old Alpha who was literatly six foot eight and over three hundred pounds of solid muscle.

Luna Sara Smith was almost like WWE Ronda Rowsey but with an angelic kirstin Stewart type of face which fit her perfectly, black chocolate skin, and long brown hair with olive green eyes.

She was curvy, but muscular, her beauty shocking.

Damn. If we were straight and she was available..? Zeus didn't have to finish that sentence. Makes two of us. I answered back.

I laughed a cold and loud laugh that echoed in the room. Wow. Way to represent your pack. Your, what now? Number six? Weren't you guys number 3 BlueWinged pack? They stared. Jackson glared. I smirked.

I looked around and spotted Uncle who grinned with a knowing glint in his eyes. He knew it was me. Jonas and Billy were next to there Luna who was the smallest, yet cutest boy I had ever seen.

I say boy because be looks like one, although I know he is an adult. He almost reminds me of Shawn Mendes.

Alpha Smith? I asked randomly. He stood and nodded at me. Yes? He asked. I smiled. I want to start with you. I'm going down the list of strongest to weakest.

Since the Beast isn't here, everyone flinched and gasped at the name dramatically, almost making me laugh.

I'm going to start with you. If your not them I suggest you move away and let us talk in peace. Everyone did. I walked next to Jackson as his nostrils flared and he looked puzzled. I wanted to kick him in his small balls and dick. But I didn't regretfully. Yet.

Day 4

Hell It Is

Let me tell you. I regret accepting this job. I mean, alot of packs actually had problems, but with Rouges and trespassers.

I helped some packs that actually needed help with rouges by establishing a better perimeter, security, pack functions and training for the pack to be better prepared.

Also, alliances helped out tremendously. That was #22 ChestBreak pack, MoonShine which is #3 now, so proud, and others.

Who names the packs? Zeus shrugged with an annoyed look on his face from three days ago. Jackson was the worst.

He literally followed me back to my room with that stupid look on his face. Made me want to throw him out the window.

But the day I helped his pack was, by far, the worst when dealing with him.


I sighed after my cousins and there mate Cody walked away, my irritation at doing this for three hours straight really getting to me. Jackson came up to me. He smirked.

Candy kept flaunting her small breasts at me. I wanted to die. Literally. Zeus couldn't stop screaming, my eyes! like off SpongeBob. Love that show. Anyway, back to business sadly. Sniffle.

Jackson sat down accross from me, his blue eyes that was once beautiful now ugly. Wow, I really hate him now. I was amazed. Candy pouted at my lack of attention towards her and sat next to him, her massive wedding ring on display.

His was gold and wolf carvings on it. Okay, I admit. Nice ring. But the gold? Nah. I'd rather choose platinum or something else. I thought.

That way it doesn't break under heavy circumstances. Like his and Candy's ego. Zeus grumbled. I chuckled inwardly.

My pack. Jackson looked away. Isn't doing so well. Not only do we have large amounts of money being used for personal gain, all attention on Candy now.

We have a Beta who won't listen to me, and his family and others. Jackson said and stared at me, like I would whisper, you are fine child. And poof! His freaking horrible problems will disappear! Moon Goddess kill me!

I laughed. this was your big problem? i asked incredulously. he nodded. I can't believe he doesn't recognize us by scent. We still smell almost the same. Zeus said. I laughed.

Idiots. I told him. He agreed. Jackson looked confused. This is a big issue. He stated flatly. I laughed again. Your poor ego. I teased. He clenched his jaw. Help us or not! He growled.

I chuckled. I'll help you. I said. I turned to Candy. Stop paying her money. I said. She stared. What?! She screeched. I cringed and Zeus rubbed his ears, whined, and glared at the bitch.

That is my wife, the Luna of this pack! He growled, his eyes big at me in shock like he couldn't believe I would suggest such a horrendous thing.

He didn't say mate. Zeus pointed out. I nodded. He wanted her as mate, why not say it now? For us? Zeus said bitterly and I planned to move to Pluto.

I wanted to rip there eyes out. I refused to do the mind thing on them. I refuse ot lose my sanity and my life. I value my sweet ass. Zeus laughed.

You know you give her alot of your money so don't lie! I snapped, his eyes turning black to show Orion was scratching at the surface, but he wouldn't hurt us.

Zeus told Orion we were his mates, and Orion agreed to keep it a secret, although he is hurt we don't care about them anymore. I just pity poor Orion. Stuck with someone pathetic. Zeus nodded sadly.

He glared but said nothing. You complain about money so here's my solution. Don't pay her that amount anymore. cut in half and cut that in half. give her only 15% of what you use to pay her. She glared. She couldn't do the math in her head even if she tried. And then...

End of Flashback

I'm so glad this is over. I said to myself at the empty table closest to the door, rubbing my temples to rid the memory and the headache.

NightFur pack was the last thankfully. There's was because the alpha of another pack, which is #43 most strongest pack named Alpha Marimo, rejected the alpha's daughter at NightFur since he found his mate at #33 most strongest pack CrystalLake pack. She was an omega and blind to. very sweet. He called it off and they almost declared war. Idiots. Don't worry. I fixed it.

Made them leave Alpha Marimo alone with his mate Selena, who is very beautiful and kind by the way, long red hair and big white eyes with pale skin and freckles.

Marimo is 6 ft. 4, muscular, long jet black hair and amber eyes. He's a proud and fair guy, and isn't ashamed of his rank. I liked him but NightFur made me want to scream. They were the weakest and most loud and obnoxious pack I had ever met!

Same. Zeus groaned and everyone looked at me from their tables. I stood up thankfully, and said, everybody satisfied? Most said yes, ones like NightFur said no. I nodded. I told you, were here to help.

I will tell you my story to help you understand us more. i took a breath and prepared myself.

Zeus was excited to show off in front of Jackson, then go find a man to love us and live happily ever after. Best wolf ever!

I was like you. I actually grew up here. my accent was gone now and was there since i came to America btw. I grew up in one of the strongest packs, and had a loving family.

But I was different from popular kids at school. I was gay. Jackson watched stunned, like he couldn't believe his ears. Candy being stupid was in disbelief.

I had a mate that was my crush in school. Everyone was silent. I, was rejected after being humiliated and insulted by him in front of the entire school.

But he was a cruel kid who hated anything like same gender mates or nerds. He made me hate myself. I smiled.

I joined the military right after, helping people after dropping out of school and leaving the pack to find msyelf. At age 19, I was medically discharged from serious injuries.

I was then hired by assassins after losing a best friend from the Marines to rouges. All growled at the rouge part. He lost his mate to hunters and joined to escape and to die, like me.

I joined them to help people. To have a purpose in life far beyond myself. Assassins are that, helping people. We do the killing for those who can't. Yes, we cost alot but we are worth it.

We are taking out the enemies to live in peace one by one. We want you to become clients in case you need help. And nd not to kill innocents. We help those in need. Those who are running from evil.

Ladies, I'm an Alpha now. and I'm proud of my life. I'm an Marine and assassin of the British Assassins Agency who helps those in need, nicknamed Angel.

I paused dramatically. Zeus sang dun, dun, dun! And I'm from the BlueWinged pack.

Should I Trust Again?

It was silent. Jackson stared at me in shock, awe, pain, regret, and disbelief. Candy was furious at his reaction. everyone was silent and the twins were looking at me with shock.

Then, the clapping. Everyone clapped and hooted for me. I was stunned. I smiled coldly but hey, I smiled.

They looked proud at me. All but the ones who hate me. They were just jealous and staring with even more hatred.

Thank you. If the Beast needs help and anybody can contact him, let him know will help him. I added. Goodbye ladies and gentlemen. I turned to go but a man's scream made me and everybody stiffen. He's here!

Who's here? Alpha Smith growled, his eyes of fear on me. I gulped but remained stone like and unmovable. The waiter was pale. Beast! He shouted.

Everybody stayed still but Jackson, after being relieved of his trance, actually grabbed Candy and hid outback, like a coward. I rolled my eyes. Pathetic.

The door that we closed every day for privacy opened with a loud bang, and the most delicious scent came with an overwhelming power of authority that made me want to moan. The Beast was here.

Let Me Be There For You

A tall man that was very built but not too muscular with long shaggy blonde hair, beard, and big green eyes walked in casually with a red plad shirt and blue jeans with red Nike shoes.

He grinned coldly, his eyes like ice and his smile like daggers. What about us!? He sang off key, his joke making me smirk and he looked at me. You the assassin? He asked automatically. I nodded.

Intelligent. I thought. He is Beasts Beta. I reminded myself. I like him. Zeus said, but then focused back on the scent and screamed at me. I was confused. Bipolar puppy. I thought. I heard that. He grumbled.

But then, a figure appeared and towered over the obvious Beta from behind since he wasn't the Beast but was very powerful in authority. Beast. I was in awe.

He was over seven feet tall, his muscles the size of tree trunks but perfect for him, tattoos decorating his dark and rich tan skin that showed through the jeans and black t-shirt that was desperate to show off his God blessed body.

Muscles went down and oh God... I'm losing myself to him. Zeus whined in need and I was just as horny. I looked up his powerful chest, feeling very small and at his face. Oh my God!

I need to check my blood pressure. I thought weakly to Zeus who laughed. His face. Zeus moaned.

He had long silver hair but around his eyes, large silver eyes to match his hair with grey swirling in them, a perfectly sculpted nose, full lips that was showing his massive canines, and a large square jaw and high cheekbones.

He was growling, his eyes turning a beautiful purple that glowed. I was in heaven.

His scent of Old Spice, nature, chocolate, and apples filling my nose and I smelled it in greedily, not putting two and two together.

Zeus kept screaming mate but I was oblivious to it. he was everything. his eyes met mine, and I gasped when I was lost in his gaze. Mate! he roared, lunged at me, and threw me on the table.

He pinned me there for a moment, the heavy sparks between us making my body heat up and ache with a need. I moaned loudly, his eyes darkening as awe and joy was on his face. I was scared.

Not again! I screamed in my head and Zeus whined, his eyes holding pain and a need for mate. Mate. He whined.

I was shaking. People were screaming and in shock as I was now against the wall right of the door just a few feet from it, my legs wrapped around his large torso, his face inches from mine.

Play song now

Mate. he moaned and I felt hard. Fuck. I'm not good enough for you. I whispered, my eyes holding the urge for him to hold me, yet the urge to tell him I'm too fucked up to keep in my eyes.

I'm the villain. The monster. Find somebody better. I whispered. He growled loudly and glared, his eyes softening at me.

Mate. his deep voice purred, the Irish accent not what I was expecting but damn! I need to change my boxers now!

He caged me in his large arms and purred, if your the villain my dear sweet mate, then I'm your hero. I'm the monster.

Never you. Your mine and I want you. Every part of you. Let me hold you. Let me show you how much I want you. Please.

His eyes were misty. I've waited along time for you lad. He whimpered. My eyes teared up and Zeus howled and begged me.

Please?! He wailed. I was torn. Will he hurt me like Jackson? He wants me? I mean, he has been waiting on me. I thought. Maybe he wants me?

I sighed and decided a decision that will affect everything we had worked on.

Everything we had fought for. Zeus was screaming in my head with joy. The Beta's mouth was dropped open in shock and happiness.

Yes. I whispered. He grinned. Wise Mate. He rumbled in his chest and placed his soft lips on my right cheek, his next words making me blush.

I can't wait to show you how much I want you My Maite. He watched me gently. He was careful at grabbing me like I was fragile. Like I was precious.

I smiled and purred, just to hear Jackson's roar of pain, betrayel, and fury. I stiffened in shock and horror.

Oh Moon Goddess why?!

(mate in irish. a little mark is above the e on Maite but can't do it sadly so sorry).

What you think so far? Hope you enjoy. Please like and comment. What you think of the Beast? Of his Beta? Dante didn't observe the decorations and decor of the hotel.

You think Jackson deserves a second chance and I don't like that option but here it is, or do you want to give Beast a try? Just curious at your thoughts. Tell me if you want another chapter sooner or later. See you in the next chapter!!!

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