Rejected the Fallen Angel

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Not Expected This...

Song is Sorry by Daughtry. Love that band, especially there song Waiting For Superman.

You can't change what's done.

You can't go back in time.

You can't try to change the hurt feelings or mend the broken hearts.

All you can do is learn from your mistakes, and hope you will never regret anything as much as you do now-unknown.

Jackson's POV

Before Everything Happened

I stared at my hotel wall in silence while just laying on the soft King sized bed, the grey colors with white splashes making me irritated and more depressed. It's been fucking years since I've seen my baby. My Dante.

Orion howled sadly, his rage, hatred, and hurt at me still there, but he cooperates with me since for one: I'm his human he is stuck with, and two: I really do regret it now and he is a little bit less hateful to me for this.

I just want to hold him. Don't get me wrong, rejecting him would've meant I wouldn't have my pups now, despite their mom being a bitch!

but, I just wish he would carry my pups. Be swollen with them. I groaned at the thought. I wonder what he looks like now? Is he taller, more muscular, baby faced, or manly?

And it sucks to when I went downhill, despite my heart and soul. we went from #3 most strongest to #6! like, no!!

Candy was furious and disappointed in our decline, but nobody is willing to accept her and I knew she was searching, so she's stuck with me as I am with her. sad sigh.

I deserve it. I read a quote that made me smile and relate. (quote above). It is relatable. Problem is, I can't ever get over my mistakes, and to never do it again. I know I will. If I can find Dante...

It breaks my heart to not hear a peep from him. Apparently, he never talked to his family either until at least a year ago.

I can't remember. what happens when you drink before you come to the hotel. Damien and his fiance of three years are having triplets soon.

I'm happy for them although he still hates me. He still only tolerates me still. His family as well. I had to sneak in his room some nights and steal some of his left behind clothes for his sweet, addictive scent. I still remember that horrid day that ended my life and happiness like it was yesterday.

Flashback to School

I pulled up into the school, irritated I couldn't find my mate to fuck or anyone I didn't fuck before coming here. Is she of age yet? Beautiful? Smart? Funny? She better not be an omega, or even a male!

Orion growled at me and I growled at that thought. No matter what, will love them. Orion said, and I snorted and jumped out of my car that I adore with my items, which is a 2018 Chevy Camaro painted blue with white stripes. Candy was waiting for me.

I smiled at my girlfriend of 1 year and #1 fuckbuddy and she squealed with her eyes of lust, and ran at me, her heels making them clicking sounds that I hated.

I hugged her when she came close, and Orion puked in my head. I ignored him. My future Luna. Her perfectly fake looking blonde hair was all messy and she smelled of males, but I didn't care. I still bang other women as well.

I smirked and walked into the school, my white shirt tight against my six pack, the jeans I wore still hot as hell, as my brand new shoes were as well. Candy kept moaning quietly to me, my cock all hot at her sounds.

But then, the lust for her went away after I smelled the most delicious and enticing smell of cinnamon, peppermint, and cedar. I loved that smell now.

I growled softly as I realized it was faint, and that made me angry. Where's the gay brother of Damien?! I thought angrily, and Orion growled at me for insulting him oddly enough. but he's been doing that for as long as I've hurt him, just not that aggressively.

Orion sounded smug to. What the hell?! Never mind, I'll just bang Candy until I see my mate. I'm still banging chicks after I find her because I'm the soon to be Alpha of the #3 most strongest pack in America and the world, the BlueWinged pack. I'll doing whatever the fuck I want.

I grabbed Candy and growled, care to fuck? She smiled at me. Lead the way doggy. She purred. And for some reason, that didn't turn me on, but irritated me. I just ignored that and took her to the janitor's closet.

At the End of the Day

I can't find the goddamned scent! It's irritating! I've fucked Candy, Sara, Melissa, Samantha, and Caroline just today, and that beats my player record!

Great for you. Orion growled sarcastically, bummed out that he couldn't find his mate. Sucks for him. I don't need my mate right now unless I want someone to fuck and give me pups.

That's all there good for, anyway. and I still haven't ran into gay faggot who is probably avoiding me. That's for the best. I'd kick his weak and puny ass for even existing!

I went outside with Samantha since Candy ran off with Jordan, a human quarterback, and I kissed her outside. The scent showed up, but I ignored it and shoved my tongue down her throat, making her moan. The door opened and I heard a gasp of horror, pain, and betrayel.

I turned to look and I stared into the gorgeous eyes that were filled with fear, disappointment, and an knowing look of, he's going to hurt me, of Dante Jones, the gay Beta's son and brother of the worshipped Damien. And my wolf was screaming mate to him. fuck!

I looked into his eyes of desperation at not being hurt but was inevitable, my hate, rage, and disgust evident on my face.

No way! I thought enraged. Orion was now screaming and sobbing loudly in my head for hurting Dante and his gay wolf named Zeus. Both are pathetic, no matter how strong there names sound.

They are strong! Your weak and pathetic! Orion screamed and moaned in pain, his eyes filled with tears as they fell down into my mind's floor.

I ignored him. He'll get over it. Eventually. But I have a life to live with my reputation unstained. After rejecting him, I'll take Candy as my Luna and maybe, if I'm generous, might lay Dante for his pups.

You sick bastard! Orion screamed at me. I blocked him and snarled, You?! The fag?! I noticed his flinch but ignored the pang in my heart. he deserved it.

The Moon Goddess is tripping for pairing us up. Your a weak piece of shit! Candy is worthy of being my mate and Luna! Of speaking to me! Not you! The filthy scumbag! Your brother to!

I watched after heaving from the speech I gave, Dante's eyes changed from violet to red and then to freaking pure blood red, which isn't heard of!

His canines were out and his claws, the rage, pain, and hatred written on his face at what I said. i internally flinched.

Orion couldn't stop sobbing. Candy was here, and Samantha ran off as fast as she could go, Candy's mouth open and her eyes as wide as saucers.

I took a step back and Candy followed in suit. It was dead silence. You couldn't even hear a leaf brush the ground if you tried.

Like nature stopped breathing. It was freaky. I didn't even recognize the fag anymore, he looked like a demon from Hell.

It honestly terrified me. And then, the thin line he had when I destroyed him finally snapped, and his mouth I wanted and hated to shove my cock down did as well.

You think i'm weak?! You think i'm I'm pathetic!? The only reason your Alpha is because of Micheal?! And he would've made a whole hell of a lot better Alpha than you!

You make your parents so proud huh?! That your a player that goes against the Moon Goddesses's wishes?! To make fun of your own Beta?!

What a filthy scumbag you are!! I heard gasps but my rage and hurt consumed them.

You faggot! I roared. He blinked his tears away, and the pang came back as did Orion's screams that went silent before started. He was giving me a headache.

No! Please...! Begged Orion as I blocked him so he wouldn't stop me. He pounded and clawed with frustration and anger at being in his own prison and hell for once, his screams falling unto deaf ears. He was too late. And this was the stepping stone that ruined my life.

I, Jackson Stone, rejects Dante Jones as my mate and Luna of the BlueWinged pack. I said it loudly and proudly, the screams from my ex-mate now and my wolf blaring my ear drums.

Percy, Anna, and Harper, the gay boy's friends were angry and crying at what I had done. His brother was thankfully not around. Don't need to die. I'm too amazing to die. Then he did something I didn't expect.

He dropped to his knee from the pain, tears in his eyes he fought to not fall down his face, and then he stood up and accepted my rejection and ran off. He accepted it. He can't do that? I'm too amazing! his loss at getting laid!

I turned, despite the pain I felt, and walked away from the school and his friends and peers, with Candy, the happiness I thought I would feel slowly dwindling after Orion's cries went silent.

Flashback ends

He never came back after that day. He was gone. My light. My love. I kept denying the urge to look for him. To see him all grown up. To see what happened to him. How strong he has become. My rightful Luna.

But I was still self-centered. And now, sitting here in this room while Candy is out for "food", I miss him more. I can't cuddle and love what's not here.

I got up and walked out of the room in my blue suit with a gold watch and black dress shoes that costed a fortune, to hear Damien and Anna's soft giggles. I was jealous. I wanted love like that. but I ruined it.

If I find him, I'm going to show him how much it kills me. How much I regret it.

And if I can't fix him or get him to love me, or even fucking forgive me! I'll let him go to be happy. He deserves that.

I don't. But something tells me I won't ever let him go. Alpha genes I guess. Or that I'm too selfish and such a dick to care.

I was downstairs with Candy now, her scent of many males from other packs making me irritated, but oh well. I at least have the pups she refused to take care of after birth.

She even tried abortion each time but I had her chained in the dungeons where she belongs until each birth. There mine thankfully when we did a DNA test, so nobody can claim them.

Candy was smiling flirtatiously at everyone as whispers about the hot assassin, came over to me. I looked at Candy.

You seen him? I asked her. She turned to me and whispered, no. She looked back at some jock from another pack who winked at her. I rolled my eyes. Orion was ashamed. I was to.

And then, that freaking scent came back with the smell of ashes and a nice but odd smell of decay weirdly enough, the memories of that scent bringing tears to my eyes.

Violet eyes swept around the room as a massive and powerfully built Alpha and you could tell he was alpha despite his aura.

He was in a black suit with white and red highlighted hair, a gorgeous face, skin on his right side of face and powerful arms with tattoos that looked orgasm worthy was scarred with burns but still looked perfect on him, and my baby's eyes stared at everyone. The assassin was here.

The Last Day

After that day with him and after Candy's idiocy to my humiliation, I couldn't leave him alone! His voice! Oh Moon Goddess... I jerked off to him every night!

I even regretted my attitude when he helped us, which he couldn't do much of. And he's right, but he acted weird.

He just smiled at me and stared at me like he knew me with this hatred look. Orion even is acting all secretive and odd!

Candy is away night walking or fucking in her case. But who cares? He is like my baby!

Orion was quiet though so I just figured he was a torture from the Moon Goddess to help punish me, as if living with these memories was enough!

But his speech after helping us out made me flabbergasted. It was him. Dante. My Dante. My baby. My Mate. And he was so grown up.

And I Understood His Pain

Just when I was in my trance, the scream of the Beast's arrival awoken my sleep like trance, and fear kicked in my gut.

I grabbed Candy and ran to the back, and Candy didn't complain, she welcomed it. She'd tried to sleep with them if not for the fact that pack of his is really with the Moon Goddesses's wishes. Mates, equality, and all that.

Even after every year, the last full moon of the year, they go in order with those who can run or shift, from highest ranking to lowest, runs to a clearing where the moonlight touches the large meadow in their territory to howl.

If mates mate their first time there, it shows how much they care for each other.

Alphas always take there Lunas to the cave nearby to mark and mate them. that's what the story says anyway.

It was silent. I heard a voice, but was too far away to distinguish words, but then a loud roar of Mate! And screams of shock and disbelief followed.

I waited a few minutes with shock written on my face at how quickly that person who sounded like a true Alpha roared, and was jealous.

I went inside to see the most horrible thing to ever set on my eyes.

My Mate, Dante, pinned in a sexual way against the massive form of who is most definitely the Beast, and received a kiss on the cheek from him to blush.

And I lost it. Orion lost it, took over me halfway and I didn't complain.

I did something stupid to probably ruin my reputation, although it is what I want ot do and should do since I'm his true mate. I roared.

Tell me what you think. Sorry if rushed, I'm not fond of my own character's POV like Jackson lol. You think he learned his lesson? I'm going off for a week or more to a friend! It's posted on my conversation. I'll try to update there but hard when wifi is limited. Sorry. Hope you enjoy! See you in the next chapter when I get back!!

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