Rejected the Fallen Angel

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Something Beginning To Stir

Song is At My Best by MGK featuring Hailee Steinfeld. Song is also dedicated to anybody out there who is hurt, depressed, or broken because of friends, family, and relationship. Song is amazing and it hits close to home.

This chapter is not only dedicated to you readers, but to my friend Shania Brown when it wasn't known to anybody, read it and encouraged me to continue. Begged me to lol. Amazing person and friend so follow her if you want!!

Don't start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday.

Every day is a fresh start.

Each day is a new beginning.

Every morning we wake up is the first day of our new life-unknown.

Dante's POV

Life. Something so many people find hard to imagine. To so many, life is decades of working, living, laughing, loving, and so forth.

But so few only experience such small time to live. Such small time to laugh. Such small time to build friendships. Such small time to love.

Over the years of living, I've been through alot. I spent so much time and anger at getting back at my mate and changing me when the only person who should've changed was Him.

why should I change myself to make him love me, be jealous of me, or even acknowledge me?

Why waste such precious time on earth and as being a child that should've had a first date, first kiss, first graduation with friends and family, than doing what I have done?

I regret some things, but not moving and meeting so many people. like Wells. like WhiteOak, Buttercup, Phoenix, Wilson, and so many of my family and friends.

Being a marine taught me loyalty. Being an assassin taught me agility, strength, control of mind, and the will to get the job done of helping this world, no matter the sacrifice. If it be mine or other assassins around me.

We knew the risks, that will die some horrible death if were not at our best with this job one by one. I plan to not let that happen.

I'm loyal to the cause of saving people. of hunting things. my new family's buisness. yes, my wisdom pulled a supernatural quote lol.

All I wanted growing up was to be like my idols, Damien and Dad. To be strong, to be beautiful, to be not me. but I was close to perfect, as anyone is. Nobody's perfect, but all of us no matter the race, gender, look, personality, and life is close to perfection, no matter how insecure or depressed you may be.

We all have to do the best we can with such small and to others, insignificant lives. Nobody's insignificant than the ones telling you that you are. Each life is precious, and was giving the gift of life, no matter how hard you hate it.

I thought my life was worthless. I spent so many years crying over my mate and moving on, thinking nobody would love me. give me a chance.

but I was wrong. I thought the Moon Goddess hated me. That she wanted me to suffer. But no. She saw something in me.

Something, that was only starting to surface now I'm of age. Something, that will affect my life, my new and old mate, and the lives of those around me.

Something that made me unique. something, that made me hated and being jealous of. Something, that, I knew deep down was wrong with me.

You can't be something all mighty and powerful without falling first. And it was just the beginning.

At The Hotel Still

In Dante's POV Still

I froze, my mate's body stiffened up and his growl leaving his flawless lips, the force of it overwhelming with fear and pleasure.

You could get an orgasm just by hearing him growl! Oh god! Just wait til we fuck. Zeus growled playfully, and I groaned in irritation.

My Mate, the Beast, glared at me with the corner of his eyes, the glowing purple I adored and found odd that was so close to my eye color was filled to the brim with anger at Jackson and lust for me. Which was slowly killing my virginity and sanity, but so worth it.

Why did you growl at my pack's Luna, and my Maite, boy? Beast's deep voice snarled, his feral eyes on me as Jackson paled and stepped back, his eyes of pain, shock, and fake confusion in his eyes.

He shook his head, straightened up, despite the insult thrown his way, and mumbled, My apologies Beast. I thought for a moment you had my wife.

But you don't. I'll be on my way. Lies. Candy was right next to him, staring at me and My Mate in lust and awe, and at Jackson with such fury and hate.

She hated that she was unwanted. She hated that I Stole her mate from her. she hated how I had grown up and hated that the Beast was now Mine.

I took everything from her apparently like power and more hot men. I shook my head to rid her thoughts. She can have Jackson. Beast is Mine!!

What is happening to me Zeus? I asked him fearfully, Zeus's confusion and fear in my heart. I don't know. He admitted, his eyes still big and sparkling over our new mate's discovery.

Jackson grabbed Candy and headed to the entrance, as I noticed only Damien, Anna, Uncle's son's pack and Luna, and Beast's Beta was left. I didn't even notice.

Hard not to. Zeus said, laughing at the hard part which had me internally laughing as well. The Beta came over slowly, his eyes trained on me in pure awe.

I was scared still, but I was for once happy. I didn't feel alone anymore. although I have friends and family, I was missing a part of me. My Mate part. And now I have him.

Thank you Moon Goddess. I whispered and Beast's head whipped around me to smile in joy at my happy reaction. I was staring at him when I said it. And I meant it.

Sometimes, bad things happen to those who were meant for better things. And I was. I was now Luna of the Beast's pack and it was the most powerful pack in the world. I was honored. Flattered. It was all mine.

Dude. The Beta said, his beautiful green eyes watching me carefully, his face showing fear and still joy. I noticed now my mate was still in alpha protective mode, his body language encouraging me to touch his face. to stroke it, kiss it. to calm him down.

Think rational. I told myself and Zeus snorted at that one. As if we've ever done that. He told me. I chuckled darkly and agreed.

What?! He snarled, his eyes now fully trained on his Beta as if he was an enemy. As if he was trying to hurt him, or hurt me. Pride and warmth hit my fragile and broken heart, along with my cock. Great.

I reached over and gently touched my Beast's face, his eyes now on me and quieting down to show me his beautiful silver eyes, the eyes I adore.

It's okay mate and mate's wolf. I whispered, Zeus growling at my mate's wolf loving and playfully for the first time. His growled back and they vanished to the back of my mind for a private one on one moment.

Use condoms! I shouted to Zeus and he laughed and vanished, just to hear everybody laugh around me, including my now horny mate. Crap. I just realized I said it out loud to. Zeus! I snarled and he laughed and blocked me. Great. I'm embarrassed alone.

I blushed and my mate reached over and stroked my cheek, his eyes filled with warmth, happiness, and such profound pain. It took my breath away.

I wanted to read his mind and find out, but I couldn't. I have no right to yet. But, it happens randomly and its terrifying.

You okay? I asked him and he smiled at me. I am now. He answered back and I smiled. It was hard not to. I finally found you love. He purred and I groaned which made him growl.

BTW, were still in the same position. Hey! Cut it out! Save it for the alpha's house back home! The Beta said, which made me laugh, as my family came over.

Beast let me go and I was immediately in my Uncle's arms, his scent like dad but jellybeans, coffee, and oak wood calming me.

My Mate growled but politely restrained himself, and I grabbed his arm with my right since he's on my right side now and I'm off the wall for comfort, rubbing it with my first finger to let him know I wasn't leaving him. Ever.

It's been to long. Uncle Jericho whispered, and I smiled and said, been too damn long. My favorite quote now. Lol.

Uncle grinned at my statement and said, yes. Way too damn long boy! Your so big now! Bet your dick is still the biggest. He playfully said and I laughed at the old memory.

The twins did but my mate snarled with confusion, rage, and hurt that made me ache. Zeus fixed it and told him the memory without mentioning the mate. He calmed.

He needed to know this later when we learn more about him. not the time to scream and go on a rampage. I still didn't know him, and not that I don't trust him. But the insecurity of being hurt by someone made for you makes it so.

Zeus nodded from behind his wall, and I swear I heard moaning. Best to not know. Yet.

You will. Zeus growled and with a playful wink, vanished again.

I wanted to scream since I can't do anything when I'm horny. Mate came to mind and I blushed yet again. Dang nabit.

No way! I still am! Billy said, his eyes still a soft brown with his long red hair and strong build, his height reaching 6 ft. 4. His mouth was in a huge smile and I noticed they were wearing red suits that showed off the neck, which was polishing his mark.

I was proud. I knew Zeus was even though i know he is currently being ass banged by my mate's wolf, who was red faced and I giggled involuntarily. Yes, the big bad assassin named Angel is giggling like a school girl. Sue me.

The Beta looked like he won the lottery, his eyes and face showing it as he gazed at his alpha he's been next to for centuries. Wait, centuries? I read his thoughts.

Fuck! So the story is true? my mate is 500 years old?! I was stunned. Damn! How long will he make me live when we fully complete the process?!

Dude, your not. Jonas said playfully, his green eyes watching little Cody or Shawn Mendes lol. Jonas moved his shortened but not too short red hair from his eyes and smirked at his little mate.

Cody blushed. It was adorable. I turned to Damien and Anna, their eyes filled with joy and happiness.

You still on bro? He asked me and I grinned. Wouldn't miss it for the world big brother. I told him and He laughed.

Anna smiled happily, and again, poor mate was confused. I turned to him. Mate. I said and he looked at me now, his eyes making me lose focus and control of myself. Dammit!

This is my older brother Damien Jones. His Mate and fiancee Anna Wilson.

I explained then turned to my Uncle. This is Uncle Jericho Thompson, former Alpha of the MoonShine pack and his sons and Alphas, Billy and Jonas Thompson with their mate, Luna, and husband, Cody. I watched recognition in his eyes and he then looked confused.

Nice to meet you. He said then looked to me. He looked awkward. Omg, he's anti-social! Not saying that's bad, but a big bad alpha who hates crowds and talking is amazing! He's like me!

I watched him in awe and cooed at him, which made him frown but his eyes relished my affection. He really wanted this for so long.

I i grabbed his hand and guided him closer and he moved without even hesitating, his height and mine making us look like a power dream team. Yay!

I used to be with my family who lived in with the BlueWinged pack, I explained, watching Anna's and Damien's realization that he doesn't know filter their thoughts. No, I didn't read their thoughts. Not yet. Winky face.

I joined the military though, and left for some Years until I became an assassin.

I told him, as his eyes widened at the boatload of information. I felt bad for him and stroked his face. He purred and leaned in for more. I was fascinated and just felt like singing and flying to the clouds.

Damien and Anna grinned. They looked behind us and frowned. Damien's eyes glazed over. He glared now.

I felt uncomfortable and my Mate swung his head around and glared. I didn't.

I knew who it was even though his scent struck my poor nose. He was alone. And his scent screamed to talk to me.

I hugged my brother, knowing he was leaving. They weren't staying the night.

Damien didn't like the thought of some packs who were staying the night near his pregnant mate, even though he was hesitating since she was ready any day to give birth. I know my brother.

He'll kill anybody who even looks at her unless they want to be her friend or her family that won't harm her.

See you soon. Call. Mom and Dad can't wait to see you at the wedding. Will tell you some news then. He said and left me confused.

What news? I turned to my mate and froze. In a month, I'll be seeing my parents.

I smiled and the realization of my new Mate dawned on me. He'll be meeting them to. Now I was terrified, but hearing Jackson's question replaced it with pure fury.

May I talk to your mate Beast? For a moment? I'm going to kill him!

The Talk

Why? Mate growled out, and I smirked at Jackson who pleaded me with his eyes. Just a private moment? He practically begged. My Mate was very intelligent, swinging his head around to my smirk and his face, knowing something was up.

He didn't like it and I was angry at Jackson. Because, if my Mate asks me what was up when we leave or if I choose to talk to Jackson, and that's a if, I won't be able to resist and lie or beg him to leave it until later. I'll have to tell him.

I sighed. I'm curious. Zeus said. For Orion. I sighed again. For Orion. I pouted in my head and Zeus smirked But watched Jackson hatefully. If looks could kill, he'd be six feet in the ground.

Fine. I looked at my mate. He watched me with uneasy, suspicious, and fear filled eyes. He thinks were leaving him! Zeus cried, and I teared up.

I smiled at him. I will be back for you. Just be gone a moment, okay? Within your line of sight. I said, not trusting Jackson at all.

I won't even be standing near him or anyone! like I said, I don't trust a regretful-I-love-you-induced Alpha who most definitely wants me back.

He nodded and smiled gently. Soon. He confirmed and gently pecked my lips to my shock and elated emotions, and I felt Jackson's anger rolling off him in waves. I blushed for Beast.

My Mate chuckled and backed away with the Beta, and I realized I don't know their names. Wonderful person, aren't I?

I turned to Jackson and motioned with my head to follow. He nodded and I lead the way, watching his every move with Zeus's eyes. Orion will alert us if he does anything. He may love us, but knows were not meant for them. Zeus said and I really pitied his wolf.

My Mate doesn't deserve a second chance mate, but if it meant getting him off my back, and Orion finally being happy, then please Moon Goddess. I stopped at the other end and faced him. Nobodies scents came to me hidden or not hidden so were alone. He watched me.

I know I've fucked up. I know I did wrong for hurting you and ruining your childhood, happiness, and love.

But I'm so sorry. He sputtered. I wanted to snort and held it back as Zeus growled, letting him think we were interested in his lies and waited for him to continue.

I was an ass back then. He stated. Not wrong. We agreed. I only cared for money and popularity, and that my mate would be a woman.

I didn't and shouldn't have hurt you like I did. I just want you to forgive me, and give me a second chance. not that monster! he growled.

I growled back and he took an step back, eyes filled with hurt, betrayel, and fear.

That's My Mate! I snarled. He flinched. You may have been my first mate, but you don't deserve me. Maybe one day I'll forgive you if I want, but what makes you think I'm going back to you?

To reject my second chance at happiness who is better than you in every way? To hurt him like you did me?

When he never got a chance to prove to me he's the one? You think I'm stupid!? I growled at him, each word hitting home. He stared at the ground.

I pity your wolf. I stared coldly at him. you may have changed some Jackson, but you and I both know that at the end of the day, all you care about is you and what you want. No matter what you have to say or do to prove to others to try you out again.

I'm done. This is my shot of happiness. I won't have you there to ruin it. If it means having my family move with me and you getting a new Beta, then I'll do it.

Don't make me go that far to take an amazing Beta from you, if he doesn't leave soon anyway. I threatened. He looked at me with misty eyes.

Why won't you forgive me? He whispered. I looked at him rather odd. Why forgive someone for making you what you hate and love.

I love what I've accomplished and become, but at the same time hate myself for thinking I wasn't worth your love.

That I wasn't worth You. I changed myself and I shouldn't have. I have been through enough to know that when in a toxic relationship, you learn to let go no matter how you feel. He looked hopeful. I wasn't done.

We don't care for you or your wolf for a very long time now. He looked crush. Good. He should be. You leave a bad situations because no matter how many times they apologize and beg for forgiveness, Doesn't mean that they'll change.

What you grew up to be and are will never change, so why should I harm myself by staying with you? You have a family and wife now Jackson. A responsibility!

Learn to grow the fuck up and be a man and take care of it. who cares about feelings? You Lost that chance so stop trying to continue ruin my life!

I looked at my beautiful mate who was really suspicious, his eyes watching our body language and looked ready to pounce to my aid. I smiled.

I have a life now. I turned to him and his tears. I will tell him of us, but not until I have him away from you so he won't kill you.

I couldn't bear myself the thought of your pups growing up without a Father. No matter how much of an asshole he is. I grew up Jackson. Why won't you?

I turned and walked towards My loving Mate, the beginning of something great stirring in my bones. But, deep down, I knew Jackson won't give up. Hopefully, it Doesn't cause blood to shed on both sides.

Sorry I couldn't update until now. All this time and I just found out that I could have gotten on the computer at My friend's house and updated which is a little slower than usual, makes me feel stupid.

Hope you enjoy! This is dedicated to my follower and friend for encouraging me to continue writing, Not that you guys haven't.

I'm so happy to see so many people loving this book and hopefully my others.

It may not be much to others, but for me who is a sad and miserable insecure person, means alot. I hope this chapter makes your day and to let you know that you deserve to smile no matter how you feel about yourself.

This chapter, is for you to believe in yourself and to love yourself. If you need help, let me know. I'll do my best to get on here quick and talk to you. just because I was alone through my horrible stages of life doesn't mean you have to be.

I'll update soon if you prefer. But editing I'd hard on phone cause computer is impossible to. Hope you are smiling!!!!


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