Rejected the Fallen Angel

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New Home, Darkness, & Letting Go

Song is Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson.

I'll tell you about my demons if you tell me yours.

Maybe they'll get along well enough to fall in love and leave us alone-Unknown.

Dante's POV

I just stared at my mate's head from the backseat, the sexual tension permuting in the air unsettling. It was so messed up. Brendon cock-blocked us and he knew it.

He was smirking at us through the rear-view mirror for me since he was driving, and I was glaring/pouting about it while My Mate was clenching his jaw and fist, giving Brendon a glare that would make you shit your pants from the passenger seat of the SUV they drove here. He didn't though sadly. I would've and I'm an Alpha for crying out loud! He's scary.

You mean, would've shit your pants from his dick... Zeus retorted as I shouted loudly, pickles! Everyone looked at me. Everyone, including Thor, busted out laughing.

Why! Brendon shouted teasingly at me, his eyes gleaming with happiness and playfulness while Thor just watched me from the mirror with a big smile on his face.

His laugh that only lasted a minute made me want more of it. And him. Specifically him. Told ya. Zeus said playfully. I laughed and rolled my eyes. True. I admitted.

Now, about the agency... I thought, Zeus's shock at their answer to this situation surprised me as well. We never thought they'd react or answer like this...

3 Hours Before

I was waiting on the phone on the line for the agency, the car moving fast and stealthy, it's sleek interior and exterior blending into the dark canopy of forest that surrounded us, the feeling of home and calmness stirring in my bones. And my dick! Zeus said. I laughed.

Horny mutt and ours. I playfully added. He huffed. I'm an Alpha! I haven't had this in feeling for sooooooo long! He declared with a loud growl.

I sighed with a sad and amused smile on my face while listening to the call as well. The conversation about that stopped somberly because it was too painful to recollect.

Although we're over him completely, that doesn't mean we're not still affected by the pain. The feeling of being worthless, ugly, weak.

Ashamed of being myself and not being good enough.

The depression and self-harm. Yes, we did self cut. But that was something we chose to forget. It was too horrifying to remember again.

Wisdom of Yoda

They sat time heals all wounds. I do not agree. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers the wounds with scarred tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone. Rose Kennedy wrote that.

Even though we went through 2 different traumatic experiences, that doesn't mean we can't relate to something or be hurt.

It doesn't mean we are alone either. We just feel alone because of insecurity. Because of negativity. Because it's better that way to never feel that pain again.

But how are you going to find happiness without exploring again? How will you be happy dwelling in misery?

I wouldn't have met Thor if I hadn't of been through my life story. My trauma.

And now I'm not alone. I'll never be alone. I just hope for everyone out there feeling that negativity will feel the same as I do now.

But I believe they will. You never give up on dreams no matter what people say.

To never stop trying to reach for your goals unless you want to murder people. Then please stop your dreams.

Happiness for everyone who is willing to leave the negativity, alone, and safe-zone to find it. To risk that for love. I know we can.

We were strong. Like I said. Zeus said. I smiled. We can do anything if we put our minds to it. I thought.

Zeus smiled a woofy-stick-out-your-tongue-smile. So much wisdom Yoda. He said. I snorted in laughter. Thanks asshole. I shot at him.

Your welcome. Zeus said and realization crossed his features. He felt stupid. You still didn't ask me to the dance.


Thor watched the road but kept looking back worriedly st me and with a clenched fist. He knew my job. Anyone would.

Bounty hunters like me were too good for just killing contractors. They were made as demon-hunters, those who would go to Hell and fight any rebellious demon that is trying to free their master, the Devil himself.

Are we an Alpha? Thor is making me feel like an omega! I complained. Zeus nodded in agreement.

Can't help it. He's too dominant. And being an Omega is awesome to. Added Zeus.

But we love it! He hissed teasingly. I nodded with a grin plastered on my face.

True. But we've never been one. We've always been more dominant than them. I said.

But they are the reason packs have anything nicely done or even have their food, and kids working on homework. I added in.

Zeus nodded again, his dark grey eyes gleaming with homesick. I missed home to.

Will see them at the end of the month. Zeus said. I nodded. I know. I miss Mom and Dad. I shouldn't ignored them all this time. I said.

Zeus sighed. We can't change the past. But we can do something in the present to change the future. He looked away for a moment before looking right at me.

Starting with getting laid before we see Mom and Dad! He shouted in joy and I laughed loudly in my head, the grin on my face not going unnoticed.

Thor smiled shyly, his eyes watching me and praying the agency won't refuse to let me go. That they'll let me stay with him.

That he won't have to start a war over something as ridiculous as there greed even though I was precious to him. A diamond in the rough.

But I swore years ago when I joined to defend all of this universe. Of Earth. By fighting evil. By defending the weak. the sick.

The defenseless. By being the strength. The power. The intelligence. The Angel I made to punish the wicked and protect the good. I swore. Let's hope they'll let me go. I thought. Zeus nodded in agreement with a worried look in his eyes.

Angel? Becky, the operator for the agency, spoke softly with her British accent, her musical voice something worth cherishing.

It's me. I spoke, my voice growing more cold, deep, yet warm to her at the same time.

Business mode activated. Zeus said in a girly voice and spanked himself with his tail. I managed to hide the blush and mortification in my voice at my wolf.

I need to talk to the Chairman. i said, growing more nervous with each passing minute. I forgot about weirdo Zeus who was humping the wall of mind.

Stupid fly. I thought. Heard that. He grumbled. I hid my laugh.

I suddenly could hear the wind move as she nodded. I was stunned. I could hear that? Not even an Alpha can! What is happening? I wailed to Zeus.

He shrugged, his eyes just as horrified yet intrigued as I was. Don't know. He admitted. But it's so cool! He squealed. I smiled. True. I admitted.

We just need to get matching tattoos of true on us since we say it so much. Zeus said. I laughed. I love you Zeus.

Spank me later Dante. Love you! He sang as I blushed and Thor smiled at my blush gently, the love shining in his eyes for me, along with his tears.

Hold on a moment. She said. I said OK and waited a moment.

Not too much time later, like three minutes, and Chairman Ryder spoke, his aged voice from being an 2,000 year old tree elf sounded like gravel but with a Taylor swift vibe to it. Cool.

Something wrong Angel? Did the mission take a turn? You emailed your findings and it was excellent. He praised coldly.

I smiled stiffly. He isn't known for handing out compliments. That happens once in a blue moon.

Thank you sir. I said. Brendon was singing softly to Taylor Swift Shake it Off. Thor was watching me all the while, and I blushed. He smirked.

Son? You there? Mr. Ryder said. I cleared my thoughts and Zeus coughed, perv! I glared in my head to his laughter.

Yes sir. Sorry sir. I was distracted. I had something happen while I was over. I admitted. You saw your ex-mate. That happens to those who have been rejected. He said.

He had four mates. His first and soul mate was killed by a demon. His second mate rejected him. His last two died from childbirth with his children.

He only has four kids from his first mate. All now are off living the life and ignoring their father. All hate him. All blame him for his mate's and their mother's death.

That is why demon-hunters are now created by him. To avenge his love of his life. To help him cope with his pain. He never told a soul.

I read his thoughts even though he had them barricaded and his known for nobody gaining access to his thoughts but me.

I never told him. Don't want him freaking out or getting angry. I'm still trying to discover these powers myself! I have no explanation for them!!

He knew I was rejected. Don't know how. I guess he's that good as a spy, assassin, and retired demon-hunter. He is now too old to fight but he is a full time spy back at headquarters.

I'm proud of him though I won't ever tell him that. I thought. Don't need him any more smug. Zeus said. I nodded in agreement.

I found my mate... I dragged out the word and Thor looked suspicious yet proud. He wasn't listening to give me privacy. I thanked the Moon Goddess for that.

Mr. Ryder knew what I meant though. Congratulations. he growled. I smiled stiffly again. Thank you sir. I responded.

I hate being this submissive still! complained Zeus. I smiled. Think of mate dominating you. I told him. That shut him up besides him moaning.

I blocked him. He laughed. My mate smiled. Zeus was probably moaning to Diablo. From Thor's eyes I knew he was.

His red face also said it. I cooed at him again and this time, he didn't complain. He looked so happy, his eyes shining with happiness and awe at me.

I gave him the look. Aqua was right. The second chance mate for most, is your salvation. I thought.

What is his name? Asked Mr. Ryder. I smiled. It's Beast. I said. No point in lying.

I could hear his laughter. of course! he snickered. Per... He cleared his throat oddly and sounded panicked. I was confused. That isn't the start of my name.

Dante. His cold voice stopped my thoughts. You have your mate now. Go to him. When we need you, will call you. Okay?

I was stunned, wracking my brain up to make sure I heard right.

Okay sir? Thank you sir. My things? I asked. He huffed and ended the call. I smiled.

He'll have them sent to my home and I'll have Beast fetch my things. Saves me from doing it. Also, it helps him clear space for new recruits.

Lazy. Zeus whispered playfully behind the crack in the wall I left to still listen to Zeus. I could never fully bock him for long. He's my best friend.

And a french fry lover! He screamed. I laughed. I looked at Thor. Thor? I said sweetly. He growled and looked at my uplifted expression. What? He asked. I smiled happily.

I'm not going back to the agency. I just need you to have someone send my things here.

They'll send my office supplies to my home. I said, the thought of leaving Canterbury forever making me sad. Such a beautiful place. I thought to myself.

Zeus and Diablo raced around, chasing each other and barking happily, tails wagging anf Diablo acting dominant of course.

Thor grinned happily and said, good. I smiled at the expression of joy on his face. I was lucky to have him. But I still miss home.

Ryder's POV

I sighed and hung up on Angel, the thought of telling him the truth unsettling. Not yet. My mountain lion, Tarzan growled.

I nodded wearily and stared at my reflection from the window, the pain and stress in my darkened brown eyes making me frown more.

I hated lying to him. And I did to. Tarzan admitted. I nodded. Becky came in at that moment and said, is it true sir? Is Angel retired? I turned to her. That was quick. Tarzan nodded. I sighed again.

Yes Becky! I snapped. She nodded, use to my rude and blunt tone, and smiled happily but sadly.

She had a crush on him. I knew. I know everything about my people and certain others. Dante especially. He's...special.

Tarzan looked back at the window while I told Becky to have his things sent to his home and to have nothing touched or whoever did will die.

She left right away and I faced the window along with Tarzan, my eyes haunting my soul and the demons in my mind that screamed at me to face reality.

No matter how hard I try to fight it, it will happen. The Devil will return. and only He can stop it.

Jackson's POV

I was back home, my walls plain and boring, my four year old son Jonah playing with sweet little Emma, my sister.

Allie, my two year old daughter was asleep in her crib in my room. My son shared a room with me as well. Candy didn't.

I haven't shared a room with her for almost a year now. And best year of my life. Even better when she's gone. I thought. Orion growled in agreement. She was a part of the reason why Dante is with Him. I growled at the him part. And me.

He deserves better. Orion whispered, his eyes denying this but knowing it was true deep in his blue irises. I didn't want to agree but it was really true. But were selfish bastards. He is Mine! I can leave him! I can hurt him! I can fuck him! I can have him swollen with pups! Not him! Asshole! Orion snapped, but liked the thought of him as ours.

But I wanted to die. Every fiber in my being ached to die, and Orion desired this more than ever. He wailed and howled in my mind. He's gone! He screamed. I pitied myself. He's gone! I know! I snapped. We can't do a damn thing about it! I retorted to my delusional wolf. But i'm delusional as well so I can't say he is the only one. He has to come back to us! Were his first! Orion shouted.

No! He won't! He stopped caring for us along time ago! I told him. You! He stopped caring for You specifically! Orion snarled. I growled.

You as well! to get over me they had to get over you! His whine silenced the quiet in my head more after his voice left the air. Candy was out fucking again.

I could hear her thoughts. She was with Benny, a warrior of mine. I didn't care.

She was being thrown out as Luna tomorrow in front of the whole pack and being banished. I didn't care. She isn't a mother to my pups. She never will be.

We need to get him back. I said. How? Orion asked. I smiled. I don't know. I don't care how. But he'll love us again. and then I'll fuck him for those pups. I need them.

Dante's POV

3 Days Later: In Michigan

You drive like a maniac! I shouted to Brendon who laughed loudly. Thor looked use to it though. He looked bored.

I looked like i died. Zeus was passed out in my head. He couldn't take the wheelie. He fainted.

I almost did faint when Brendon missed a semi inches away from my side! That made Thor pissed. He made Brendon slow down, but not enough sadly.

Were alive and here sooner! Brendon defended himself. I scoffed and rolled my eyes. Barely. You made Zeus faint! I growled. Brendon rolled his eyes back at me.

My Alpha kicked in and I growled loudly which had Thor glaring at me. You made my cock happy babyboy. He growled. I died.

Zeus suddenly "woke up" again. That had me rolling my eyes. Apparently, it's rolling eyes day. Zeus said happily, his eyes gleaming at our mate. I smiled. True. I said. Zeus laughed.


Almost here! Look! Home! Brendon shouted and pointed to thick massive trees that dominated the sky and were clustered inches apart from each other.

It looked like night time in there and it was noon. sleeping in the car was fun all the way here, especially at Thor who kept coming back here to sleep and grabbing my cock.

I had to curl up somehow on the floor stomach first which had him grabbing my ass.

How can I sleep with that?! I'll tell you... I started to say. Zeus finished my sentence.

We didn't. Zeus said smugly. I groaned. I was tired. We passed the trees now into the weaving concrete road that led far into the forest.

Ten minutes in, which going 5,555,566 miles an hour, shouldn't have taken us long. Zeus nodded at the exaggeration. I laughed.

We slowed down now and I noticed a massive fenced in stone walls that was over ten feet high, four massive armed werewolves on the ground and four in watchtowers that overlooked the trees over a hundred feet high.

I was ecstatic to go that high. Zeus wasn't. He cringed. Something wrong? I asked him playfully.

Shut up! He snapped which had me laughing in my head. The closest guard to the left of us walked up after jumping over the gate easily, his six feet six height, tattoos that covered his darkened tan skin and muscular frame would've had me drooling. Not anymore. Damn straight! Growled Zeus.

Hey Beta Brendon. Alpha Titus. Said the male, his deep gruff voice hiding behind a neatly trimmed red beard with curly red hair to his green eyes.

He stared confused and slightly hostile at me from the backseat. I went in Alpha mode.

He looked at me and frowned even more after looking away to mate's growl.

The male's eyes widened and he now looked at me happily. Luna! He gasped. Brendon laughed and nodded.

Don't tell anyone Hawk. He warned him. Hawk nodded and smiled. Of course! Welcome! He gasped to me.

I smiled and inclined my head. He swooned with joy. We drove past and after five minutes of me being nervous, entered a fairyland.

A massive green field with houses after houses consumed my vision. I was in awe. Zeus whistled.

Thor looked so smug. Werewolves, Elves, Fairies, Mermaids, Shifters, Humans...

Even Demons were here! I was stunned. The only demon I saw out here at that moment watched me warily when we caught eyes.

He looked older, like in his fifties, with dark red eyes, horns that curved six feet above his head as he stood at seven feet tall with broad shoulders that trembled, his mouth that held sharpened fangs and longer canine teeth for flesh shook.

His red snake-like tongue poked out and he stepped away from the car quickly. I frowned.

Seeing a Demon actually walking around and acting civilized...disturbed me.

I killed thousands in my three years of killing. and seeing this...made me think that not all those demons could've been too bad, right?

No. They tried getting in the castle. Zeus said. He was proven to be good else he wouldn't be out and on Earth. Zeus reasoned. I nodded. Your right. I told him. Always. He said cockily. I smiled.

Then, after driving past the Demon that creeped me out since he watched me like he knew me.

I never met him before in my life. Weird. Zeus said, his emotions indicating deja vu. I agreed. It was like deja vu. Seeing him...

A massive castle that was dark and very medieval like loomed over the town we drove through that had every restaurant, and business known to man.

I was screaming fangirl like in my head.

Holy smokes! I shouted, not caring I wasn't being an Alpha right now. I was more happy at this.

All mine? I asked Thor. He looked at me lovingly. Yours forever baby. He said. I blushed. Brendon frowned.

No fucking until I'm away! I don't need to see this. He said playfully, but I could see his eyes.

He ached for this. For a mate to love. To cherish. I pitied him. I lost one chance but I don't regret it now. Well, haven't for years.

I got Thor. For the wealth and fame? Zeus asked. I smiled. No. For him. I said. Zeus nodded. And the fame and wealth. Zeus said. I laughed. And that. I said playfully.

I groaned as my neck popped and Thor growled but looked away. I was praying to get inside.

To fuck? Zeus said hopefully. I laughed. No! To cool down! Not yet horny dog! Zeus pouted. Fine. Again! He grumbled. I smiled.

We stopped at the entrance, the driveway that led to it and inside was brick and beautiful, the inside really flawless.

It was almost like a fortress. Moss covered some parts of the wall and holes that looked outside for anything, like a good defensive position. There prepared for anything. Zeus said. I nodded.

We stepped out, the air cool and crisp and I watched Thor walk over to me and wrapped his arms around me from the front and laid his forehead on mine.

Were home honey. He purred. I sighed and relaxed even more. Home. I said.

Brendon grumbled and started walking away, but a shout caught our eyes.

We looked and noticed a tall and slightly muscled gorgeous man that resembled Zak Bagan off Ghost Adventures, which is an amazing show, walked over to us and had a cocky smirk on his face.

And it was directed at me.

Hey Alpha! Who's the hottie that I can fuck? He asked. I stiffened up. Shit. Zeus said.

In slow motion, I watched Thor's eyes change to purple, his massive canines extended as his flawless face twisted into a rage.

He snarled then roared loudly, and the guy's face paled with horror as he dashed away, but was too late. My Mate lunged right at him.

And I stood there in shock.

I stood there in awe. My mate's dark side came out, something I never saw.

Something I knew he didn't want me to see. Something that the guy started unknowingly. Something, that I actually was terrified of.

And I knew, after this, he wouldn't be the same again. But neither would I.

Hope you like! what you think is going to happen? Thanks for everything guys! I can't follow anyone else really because I reached my limit lol. weird there's a limit.

Should be unlimited since a lot of book out there I've read you have to follow the writer to see certain chapters that you'll need to understand the book's plot and climax.

If you want this sooner, please comment or message me. It's appreciated. And if you think it's worthy of others knowing, please tell others about this book. I'd like to see how many people would like this.

Seeing others like this makes me feel better about writing. What you think of the story overall? It needs work, I know. But does it have promise? It will be re-edited like I've said before.

But, enough jabbering I guess lol. On to the next chapter!!!!

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