Rejected the Fallen Angel

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Darkness & Weird Dreams

Song is Castle of Glass by Linkin Park. Love this band.

A bend in the road is not the end of the road...unless you fail to make the turn-Unknown.

Dante's POV

I never ran so fast in my life to save someone. I threw myself at my mate who was breaking that guy's arms slowly and that guy was screaming and sobbing at the top of his lungs.

Someone grabbed me by my waist and tried to hold me. It was Brendon.

Nobody was out here to help him. Even the wind that was gently blowing a breeze died down. Creepy. I couldn't let my mate kill someone. Nobody dies. I won't allow it. Anymore.

You'll get hurt! he shouted at me, like he knew something I didn't. I growled menacingly and he let me go.

He's my mate! I snarled and lunged at my mate. Mate was lost and he roared.

Why did that give me pleasure!? I thought. You know why. Zeus said in awe.

I frowned and grabbed my mate's right arm from crouching next to him, and that arm was ready to fire a fist into the poor man's face, even if he was a disgusting creep.

But I was use to Jackson. Zeus said. I laughed in my head.

Mate. I said softly. No response. Thor! I shouted. He slowly turned to me, breathing heavily, and swung that arm out and threw it at me with glowing red eyes and punched me in the face.

All went black.


I slowly blinked my eyes, the pain in my face shocking. Ow. I said. Zeus was still out like a light, snoring in my head.

Someone cradled my head to them. It wasn't sparks. It wasn't mate. Where is he?! I thought panicked.

I started digging for the surface, desperate to get out and say something to my mate. Like, what the Hell?

Did he mean for this? I shook my head in my mind at that thought. No. He'd never do that on purpose. He couldn't even ask me my name without blushing and stuttering.

He was in Alpha Rage. That's why. I realized like the idiot I am. No wonder I got punched. I was lucky he didn't rip my throat out.

When Alphas go into extreme emotions like pain or rage, they go into Alpha Rage, where there wolf or whatever spirit they have takes over and won't stop until whatever did it is in small little pieces.

Yes, not all Alphas here are werewolves. The second most powerful pack, the Alpha Smith? He's actually a Lycan.

If you don't know what a Lycan is, there the more powerful version of an werewolf that can either stand on two legs or actually be in the form of normal werewolves.

They can alter there shape to stand on two legs. all are very powerful and are 100x times worse than normal werewolves when dealing with mates or enemies.

All are very territorial but will rise up together when the need arises. And you never know when they are one until they alter their shift. There terrifying.

Is my mate one? I asked myself. I felt lonely without Zeus. He'd ask me to the dance. I thought and laughed sadly.

Why isn't he awake yet? I thought. That's odd. He should be awake with me. I said to myself.

I mean, my mate being one would make sense. If a Lycan is in Alpha Rage mode, then even there own mate won't be able to pull them back from there.

They have to be either knocked out and chained up, or... I gulped. Killed.

I would've felt it if he died. I told myself reassuringly. If I was awake. I said. I didn't feel so great. Not that I didn't before. But now, much worse.

A buzzing sound after what felt like hours of trying to wake up to no avail sounded off in my ears.

I ignored the buzzing. I moved my eyes but that was it? I can't do it now! I shouted in frustration and punched my mind wall. The buzzing grew louder. The Hell?...

I turned to see a white light and I thought, No! I'm not gonna die tonight! I sang and though of Skillet as I tried to run. No, it didn't work. Nothing ever does for me.

These vines that were the same blinding white as the light lol, snaked out and slithered to me within seconds, gripping me tightly and dragging me to it. No! Im'a live! I snarled.

A whine had me realizing Zeus was waking up.

Zeus! I shouted. Another whine, then silence. I fought but to no avail, as I was dragged through the door and out into what felt like air.

I plummeted down and screamed as I noticed the entryway where they dragged me through closed with a loud banging sound, leaving me while I fell into eternal darkness.


I hit the ground and groaned, my vision started to clear up and I noticed something odd.

I landed on a gold street. Gold? I sniffed it. Definitely gold. Am I the only person that thought of digging that bitch up? Lol.

I dusted my, wait? I noticed I was wearing nothing but shorts. oh come on! I shouted angrily.

You could've at least put me in some nice clothes like a pair of ripped jeans and Metallica band shirt! I snarled at the sky, looking and feeling like a deranged psychopath.

I wouldn't doubt it if I am one. I thought. I turned and stared directly into violet eyes. I sucked in a breath. Oh shit.


It was me. Literately. I felt odd. Out of body experience? I thought. Me was standing around other men with wings and some with horns and bat-like wings. All wearing armor including me.

The armor reminded me off Skyrim with Daedric armor but it wasn't. This armor was more advanced. More stronger looking. More flawless.

It was literately more spikes everywhere, and it didn't look normal.

It clung to the skin and was thick but weird. It shouldn't be in you, right? It looked like that.

It was black with silver designs that were etched into the framework, and blue and red glowing fires were clashing together down the cuirass of the armor and to the gauntlets that were red on the inside of the hand and blue tipped on the fingers and blue claws.

The boots were the same like the gauntlets.

There was no helmet on me, and my white hair was to my shoulders and had purple tints instead of red. Like the color of my birthmark tattoo on my back. Is this real? I pinched myself and winced at the small burst of pain. Real. How?

The legs of the armor were not the same, but like pants, the curves of the armor more snake-like, weaving down the artwork as the points stuck out everywhere on both sides.

I was stunned. Holy shit! Super cool! If Zeus was here... I looked around and realized he wasn't.

Did he wake without me? Or watched me get dragged away from my body. where am I? I need to get back? But how?

I looked back to the group and me. Maybe watch this. Could mean something. I told myself. Me smiled at that thought. I was creeped out. Oh no.

I watched me who smirked at me with a painful and a panicked look. I was confused. What's going on? I shouted. me, the other me, confusing, shook their head and pointed.

I looked over at a large gate up farther in the air and was sitting on black stones that led to a staircase that dropped to the ground.

I was stunned. It looked exactly like the gate to Hell that we take at the agency to fight rebels.

There's another one? I said. He nodded. I was confused. He looked away and a tall man with pointed ears and long flowing golden hair wearing this odd armor that looked like it was made from sticks, leaves, fur, and gold itself approached and talked to the weird me.

He was shorter than me by three inches and was almost as muscular but not quite, his hair reaching his butt and was braided in an odd fashion with leaves, sticks, and was almost like a french braid but not.

I'm not much for hair styles so I guessed the french braid. Must make the hair salon world proud, huh?

He looked, almost impatient. Weird me, shook my head and pointed to the white sky.

No clouds, nothing. We were standing on them.

Well, that was dramatic. I thought we were. but no, there is ground beneath the clouds that we are on to help us not fall through.

That would be fun. Hilarious if an angel fell off an toilet. I thought with a laugh. Pain hit my heart at this falling thing oddly enough. I ignored it.

The elf turned away with his golden eyes and swept past me, not even noticing I was here. What? I was stunned.

So only me can see me? I said. How funny. I mused. The elf looked back at weird me and I noticed they were dragons here.

My mouth fell open. How did I not see them? I asked loudly, the idiocy of me very powerful. Is that even a sentence? Who knows?

I just feel like being sassy since I'm stuck in some weird twisted Narnia like world. I thought.

The ground began to quake, and the other me, not actually me right now, turned his back to me and yelled at the men and women of all sorts of races: Angels, mermaids, sirens, elves, dwarves, dragons, griffins, phoenix's, shifters...

And even some demons. My eyes landed on the demon from the pack. He was here. and He was watching me.

Actually looking up the ridge at me, he mouthed, you can fix this. I was scared shit-less now.

What do you mean? I shouted. He looked away and held a freakish black and red sword that was a mix between an ax and a scimitar.

He looked afraid. He was praying.

The gate started shaking. I looked at it and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something. I wasn't putting on a helmet. I was growing one on me.

I focused my attention on me which sounds snobbish lol, but not in this case! Black and blue vines almost like but metal, grew down my head and ears to my jaw, and along it to curve downwards towards my body from my chin on both sides.

The face was now gone and was some weird massive fangs and demonic eyes that glowed.

The horns on his head were golden, not dark like the rest of the armor.

The face was gold as well, matching the horns and was a skull, the eyes changing from red demonic to gold. Pure solid gold.

Then the eyes changed to pure glowing blue. On fire. And then, something I never expected.

I sprouted 2 sets of massive in length, width, and height, blue fire and golden fire wings from my back.

I nearly fainted.

The gate slammed open and I held a long blue and golden fire sword with spikes down its sides and the handle was ebony, the color of Thor's hair.

I shouted something, and everything surged forward as a large black monster stepped out of the gate, and looked at me to.

How are they noticing me? I thought horrified. The creature was over ten feet tall and looked human despite the scales and tail, the horns on its head curled upward with a black crown on its head.

It's red eyes blinked at me and roared. Monsters that looked like gargoyles, twisted dragons, and your worst nightmare, poured out of there and past the monster, flying into battle.

It was war. And there was so much blood.

I watched the evil army slowly crush us, and I was heavily injured. The demon from the pack was dead, his body ripped apart by flying gargoyle creatures.

I was horrified. Then, I felt my body being tugged up. I looked up. The portal was there. I was free to leave this wretched place.

A scream from me had me looking down. I was staring at weird me screaming, prepare more longer!

Get everyone to help! And I watched as I died. I was pulled apart inside out by the ten foot giant. He turned to me.

I ran.

I sprinted up into the air like it was a marathon with stairs. Run! Run! Run! I screamed.

I could hear roars after me. Was it chasing me? I looked back. The giant was. I had to ask! I shouted and felt the burn but didn't stop.

I'm an Alpha! I shouldn't feel the burn! I roared. I cursed the delicious food like donuts, chocolate, and fast food for being so delicious I stopped going to the gym. Idiot me.

Just as I reached the door, Zeus's paw reached out and grabbed me, pulling me in.

The giant reached the door as it closed, slamming into it with a loud bang.

A roar came from it and it vanished as I was sucked out of the abyss and into my body. I woke up.


I smelled piss, blood, sweat, and stench from shit and bodies like nobody gets a shower anymore. Great. Did I piss myself? Make sense since I almost died by what looked like the Devil himself! Zeus was confused.

Tell you when I get up buddy. I told him. He nodded. Alright. See where mate is at. He said. We must be in the dungeons. I hope he isn't here or put us down here. He added.

I stiffened up. We are!? I shouted. You serious? Why else are we smelling this dumbass!? He snapped at me. I frowned. A voice stopped my retort. It was Thor.

He was crying.

Oh God! Mate! Mate! Mate... He was moaning, and I wanted him to moan for me but the good kind. That right. Zeus said.

I slowly blinked my eyes open, My face pressed into a bed. I now understood the strong smell. Change the bed, God! Not hard people! We are! Zeus said. I groaned at him happily.

I missed you. I admitted. He smirked. Duh. He snapped with a big grin and twinkle in his eyes.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star....Fuck me hard! He shouted. I winced at the loud voice.

Not anymore. I thought. He grumbled rude and watched now in horror. Look! He shouted.

I swung my head around and looked to see my mate, Thor, in chains against the wall with horrific scars all over his body.

It was silver chains, and slowly burning him while he looked like death, his hollowed eyes sparking to life when meeting my gaze.

Rage consumed me despite the pain in my face. Who did this to you? I managed to mumble, aware of how hard it was to talk.

I touched my right face and winced at how swollen and sore it was. Thor sobbed.

Me. I asked for this! He snarled in pain.

Hope you enjoy!! Please leave a comment if you want more!! See you in the next chapter.

Look up Daedric armor Skyrim if you want a clear picture and then how I described it to understand.

Bye for now!!!!!

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