The Melody of Silence

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Letter 3

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Letter #3

22 June 2002

Hey Al,

Sweetheart, I know you’re busy but I wish you’d write. I know it’s probably too much trouble to come to visit, since you need an escort, but you can still write. If you’re worried because they read the letters or something, please don’t sweat that stuff. I’m not asking for crazy erotic snail mail sex. Just a “hey I’m still out here” would do fine.

I know you’re probably still mad, even though you know the truth. I bet you’re bristling that I lied to you for so long. I’m sorry I kept everything from you. I know I’m an idiot. I know I should have trusted you, I just didn’t want all that nastiness to touch you. Then, with Deb... please understand I just couldn’t.

Between you and me, I’m starting to get a little nervous about the trial. Or I guess about what comes after the trial. There’s no way I don’t go to prison. I’m not really scared, per se. Nah, that’s bullshit. I’m fucking terrified. I never see the sky anymore. I never breathe fresh air anymore. Even the air out in the exercise yard smells like fumes from the building. What if I go away for life and I never get to be outside again? I think I’d rather they just put me in the chair, haha.

Sorry to be so pathetic. I know you’re probably pretty busy. I just wanted to say sorry. I don’t think I really apologized properly, or for the right reasons. I shouldn’t have lied. I’m sorry. I miss you. Please write.

I love you,


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