The Blood Moon

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I won't... Little lady ......I promise not to scare you any more. He said not knowing that it would be the oppisite and that she would hurt him. When Astaria is thrown into a world in which she never knew existed how will she deal with the new Beauties and beasts that want her. A new part of herself is revealed, in which the beast inside her is released. With all the kidnapping and drama of being a hybrid, in a new realm that forbids such things how will she learn to manage this new part of herself. Now the real question is one only she can answer but will she be able to Hold the reigns of this new beast or will she be overpowered, and controlled by Her beast?

Romance / Fantasy
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If I’m dead but still alive then where am I really?

In the beginning, it was just a normal day and I was fine that is until that night came. The night was cold and dark. I was supposed to be dead but somehow I’m still here.

Where am I? Is this real? I start to hyperventilate when a swift wind starts to pick up. Next thing I know I feel as though I’m levitating and then all of a sudden I’m being sucked up into this dark swirl with a glimmer of light at the end. And then I’m somewhere new. I hear a ton of wolves howling. When I finally open my eyes to look around I can’t see far beyond my feet. I look up, and I realize that there is not one but three moons in the sky. The ground beneath my feet felt wet and grassy, something in the air caught my Attention.“Umm, h-hello?” I push the words out my mouth, fumbling and Fearful enough not to say anything else, I look around, scared. Why does it feel like I’m being watched with every turn I make?, I thought, while sweat dripped to my chin. A loud thud behind me was heard, I freeze then turn on my heels quickly. A low growl was heard, I snapped my attention towards the sound, it sounded like it came from the right. My heart stopped whenever I notice ......

On this journey, I learn the price of leadership and the home with which it provides. I will go through the loss of the being which I loved but neglected and it changes me. The Being was Me and I was It. Yet I made It sacrifice all that made it happy just so that I could live In a world where I am the one Ahead.

Continue on because this story has only just begun.

B.L.O.O.D .S.H.E.A.D L.O.S.S W.I.L.L.P.O.W.E.R

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