Draculas' Bride

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love don't choose time, space, person or era... and some love can live for a thousand years and a thousand years more. When Wallachia was invaded by the Hungarian Empire, they demanded a thousand people to become slaves and part of their army. To save his people and kingdom, Wallachia, King Stephen sends his only child, Prince Vlad as a token of loyalty. in where the prince was trained to become a cruel warrior that everyone soon feared that even after years his name still send horror to the people. Mihnea, a modern girl whose been living with weird dreams about a guy whom she never meet and a fascination over the legend of the impaler, believed that Vlad was not evil but a lonely soul. When Mina visit the preserved castle of the impaler she mysteriously vanished and woke up in a middle of a battle field with no memories aside from her name. little did she knows she have traveled 375 years back to the medieval era where she would meet the real Vlad Dracula.

Romance / Fantasy
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IT IS ALMOST DAWN, yet it is cold and pitched black that I barely see anything; not even the path I’m taking or the place I’m heading. The night was silence excepts from the sound of the breeze and the dance of the trees’ branches as the wind blows but nothing can be compared to the loudest noise of my heartbeat, racing rapidly, like it is marching unto the rhythm of the drums.

My lungs felt like it was slowly draining out of air and I have to take breathes with my mouth. My naked feet aches from the injuries cause of my running, I’m too cold and the night gown I wore barely eases the freeze. My hair were all tangled that some dried leaves got stuck in between. Truly, this is the worst day to die. I managed to chuckle at my own thought.

I pause for a moment and lean back against a tree when I finally reached the end of the woods. I lifted my head weary and a victorious smile form in my lips when I saw the tower I’m seeking for, standing right in front of my eyes. Flashes of memories came to me by the by as I glance into it mesmerized by the way it gets old through time.

For a moment I became lost in the pleasure and the sorrow caused by my memories, wishing idly that I could experience them all over again. Then the wind blows, the essences of death palpable within; it sends chills down my spine and the echo of his roar rings in my ears reminding me why I am here. I do not need any celestial powers to know who is coming, my heart can easily recognize him at any distance.

I glanced backwards, finding the sun almost revealing itself from behind the mountains. Time is after me and if I do not hurry it will be too late to save my people, it will be too late to save him and all this fuss will worth nothing.

I gathered all the strength left in me and starts to run with all my might. When I arrived in front of the tower’s entrance, I cracked its chain with a rock I found nearby and rushed insides.

The appearance of the tower from outsides were different from how I’ve seen it before but the insides never change. The paintings that I adore so much were still in there hanging. The beautiful, spiral, endless staircase that still fascinates me, stands still with all its glory. Everything was the same asides from the thick dust that coat them now.

I’ve used to visit and watch these paintings but now I’ve come with a different purposed. I gathered my skirts in my arms and with a heavy breathe I took my first step and climb higher unto the roofed of the tower.

The tower was surrounded by paintings and there’s no window where the ray of light can enter. It’s dark and suffocating and for the first time in my life this place scares me more than I fear death.

The moment I finally step out on the roof were the only time I was able to catch my breathe. Finally I feel relieved. I watched the sun rose slowly from its sleep. I smile as tears start to roll down my cheeks. It feels like this is the first time that I’ve seen it when the truth is; this will be the last. I never imagine death would be this beautiful.

I walk slowly until I reached the edge. I stare downwards and the trees look so puny up here like I could just lift them up with my fingers. But time is catching up and I can’t waste another second to admire the view from up here. I took a deep sigh and was about to jump when I heard his voice from behind me.


His voice sounds like pleading, unsure and full of fear. I turn around and saw his beautiful face. From his perfectly shaped nose, chiseled jaw, straight lips that never seems to made me melt whenever it touches mine; and the most beautiful part of him was his eyes that reflected the color of the ocean, the type of ocean only found in paradise. His muscular body seems to be sculpted by God itself. He was sheer perfection. He’s every inch of a King.

I kept every detail of him in my memory because I want it to be the last thing that I will remember. I managed to give him a smile that sends a message that everything will be alright now. I close my eyes, steps backward and finally let go.


He screams. As I fall I felt the cold but it does not bother me. I choose to recall all the good memories that I have of him. I choose to remember his smiles, his laugh, his eyes… I choose to remember the memory of when he take me to the beach, when he taught me how to shoot an arrow, how to used swords, I choose to remember the day he says he loves me, those nights he made love with me… his promises, his touch, his lips.

Forgive me, my love, for leaving you, for making you watch me die. I wish I was given more time to be with you, to have a long and happy life with you. I promise to love you forever, I promise to wait for you… even for a thousand years. I did not fear death, for my death will give you life.

I feel my whole body crashed into scattered pieces when I touch the ground. There’s no pain, only the cold. I hear nothing and I feel nothing but sadness. One day we’ll meet again and that is when forever will begin. I promised as I drift into darkness.

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