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Persephone is a beautiful young hearted soul. As she walks flowers sprout from the ground. But someone so admirable couldn‘t go unnoticed by the gods Hades stepped away from Persephone leaving her body cold and distant. Her body craved the touch and words of Hades. She wanted him to say more so that she could see a potential man that might love her. She could never love a monster, but a man, she could learn to love. “I gave you the time you needed, I gave you fourteen agonizing years to have your way with your plants and mother. I promised you I would come back for you and I never break a promise,” Hades said darkly. With those threatening words in the air Hades stormed out of the room with Cerberus running after him. Persephone shivered and cried silently as the pain in her hips heightened and the chilled air nipped at her skin.

Romance / Fantasy
Caroline Adams
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Persephone was a beautiful, young hearted soul. Her hair was as red as roses and as bright as the sun. Her eyes were green, with nature blooming as she touched the ground with her feet. Everywhere Persephone walked flowers sprouted from the ground. She sang songs to the birds and to the trees, telling secrets of little things.

She was her mother’s favorite. She always sat on her lap as she did her work on her golden thrown. And when her mother and her whisked down to earth she would create new plants that were all different colors and bloomed with new sweet fruits.

But someone as admirable as Persephone, could never go unnoticed by the rest of the Gods. One in particular seems to have taken an interest.

“Mommy, can we please go down to earth again?” the little girl of four with fiery red hair asked.

She ran to her mother, interrupting the God, Hermes, as he spoke to Demeter. It was a pressing matter but Demeter quit listening as her beautiful daughter collapsed onto her lap, stomach first.

Persephone giggled loudly, exhausted from running from the fountain to her mothers throne. She wore a golden dress spun of pure gold thread that was sopping wet at her small feet. She had played with the nymphs in the fresh water that morning as one of her favorite Gods, Hermes, visited with his winged shoes. Little did Persephone know, she left a dripping trail on the white marbled floors as she ran through her home.

Demeter laughed as well when her little girl climbed onto her lap, struggling with holding onto her thighs. Demeter wrapped her arms around her daughter while kissing her forehead happily.

“What is it my darling?” her mother cooed while twirling her daughter’s curly hair around her fingers.

“May we visit earth today, mommy? We haven’t been in almost three days, and I have become sick, you see,” the small girl wept. “I need to see if my pink ladies bloomed and if they didn’t I need to help them.”

The small child cried into her mothers chest. She was tired and emotional as Demeter rocked her daughter to sleep. She knew when Persephone woke up they would go to earth because Demeter couldn’t stand seeing her daughter so distraught. It made her sick to her stomach.

And with a kiss on her forehead she waited patiently for Persephone to wake up so they may journey their way down to earth.

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I am going to base my story on the myth, Persephone and Demeter. Its a great story and when I read it I grew interested. I encourage you all to look it up sometime, but if not then just read my book and you will get the concept. Please also keep in mind this is my own interpretation of the myth so not every detail will coincide with the real story. Thanks, enjoy.

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