Maybe... Baby?

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Chapter 11

Talya awoke deliciously satiated but tender the next morning, from having vigorously celebrated her engagement to Jason.


Did it really happen!

Oh Jay.... I love you!

She turned to look at him. He was still asleep. He lay on his stomach, hair tussled, the bed sheets low on his hips, his face relaxed and content. Leaning forward she couldn’t resist kissing him. His eyes flew open and he had her beneath him in a second.

“Good morning, soon to be Mrs. Storm.” He whispered, nibbling her lips.

“Mrs. Talya Storm.” She said. “I like it.”

“Me too.” He was progressing down the front of her body, his hands and lips lighting tiny sparks wherever they touched.

“Jason stop.” Talya reluctantly said.

“Why?” He lifted his head, unable to resist dipping his tongue into her navel first.

“We can’t for the next three days.” She said. “Remember?”

“Damn!” Storm took a deep breath, shifting to lie next to Talya, his body protesting at the forced dampening of its arousal.

“Sorry love.”

“Shh.” Storm pulled her close. She hugged him tightly.

“You know that we will still have to deal with all our issues.” Talya sighed. “This might not work and I don’t want you to feel trapped in a relationship with me.”

“Have I told you, you worry too much?”Storm said.


“So stop... please.” The way he said it made her smile.

“That’s better.” Storm kissed her nose. “We’ll deal with whatever comes... together.”


“Together... as a family should.”

The next 2 days passed quickly. Everyone congratulated Talya and Storm and appeared to be very happy for them. That was everyone but Amanda. She wished them well and then hinted that they would not be allowed to work on the same team once married. Storm told her they would discuss it later and Talya was too happy to care just then.

Talya felt the heaviness and discomfort build in her pelvis. On the one hand, she was glad because it meant the fertility drugs were working. On the other, she was worried about the quality and number of follicles her body was producing. Storm reminded her not to worry, making sure he gave her the physical release she needed, to ease her discomfort on a regular and repeated basis. He was in need too but knew that nothing could be done about it.

Finally, on day thirteen Storm drove Talya to Dr Coleman’s rooms. She was irritable and in pain and he didn’t know how to help her.

“Relax, love.”

“Jay... what if...”

“Let’s not speculate.” Storm warned. “I want you to relax and take deep breaths, or should I pull over and help you to an orgasm to relieve your discomfort?”

Jason?” she blushed and smiled warmly.

“I love watching you blush.” He squeezed her hand.

The first stop at Dr Coleman’s rooms was with a pathology tech. She smiled and took Talya to a cubicle where she drew four vials of blood.

“We will have the results this afternoon and Dr Coleman will adjust your hormone therapy accordingly.” The tech smiled.

Next, they entered the examination room and Storm helped Talya out of her clothes, into a gown and onto the bed. Dr Coleman arrived a few minutes later and smiled.

“Talya, Jason. How are you doing?”

“She’s sore, irritable and nervous.” Storm said.

“That’s to be expected and it is perfectly normal. Let’s take a look, shall we?” Dr Coleman said. She asked Talya to bend her knees as she inserted the ultrasound arm into her body. She switched the monitor on the ultrasound machine on, and twisted the ultrasound arm trying to get a better look at Talya’s right ovary.

Talya gasped in discomfort and Dr Coleman apologized before turning to look at the monitor. Storm held Talya’s hand trying to offer what little comfort he could.

“Oh...” Dr Coleman commented.

“What?” Storm demanded staring at the screen, unable to make out exactly what he was seeing.

“Something’s wrong!” Talya gasped, squeezing Storm’s hand in desperation.

“What’s wrong, Dr Coleman?” Storm demanded his heart racing.

“Just give me a second.” She said, moving the arm of the ultrasound unit to Talya’s other ovary, making her gasp in discomfort.

“Sorry, Talya. I’m almost done.”Dr Coleman said.

“It’s going to be okay, Love.” Storm held her hand and stroked her forehead.

“Why won’t she tell us, Jay?” Talya hiccupped, fear in her eyes, her body trembling.

“Talya calm down and look here.” Dr Coleman said as she pointed at the screen and started counting.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. You have seven healthy follicles on this side.”

“What?” Talya dashed the tears from her eyes and paid attention as did Storm.

“Take a breath as I move to the other side.” Dr Coleman ordered. Talya grimaced and Storm squeezed her hand.

“One, two, three, four. You have four ripe follicles on this side. This is excellent! This is more than even I hoped for. Tonight you start having intercourse and you stay with a pillow below you bum for at least an hour afterwards. Remember the pain will increase as the follicles continue to ripen, but I can almost guarantee that you will have a few follicles rupturing within the next twenty four to thirty six hours.”

“So everything is okay?” Storm asked.

“Everything is much better then okay. Now it’s up to you two and the big man upstairs. Relax and enjoy each other. Remember only one release per night Agent Storm. Talya is free to have as many as she can handle.” Dr Coleman smiled as she left the room.

Talya blushed as Storm leaned forward to kiss her.

“As many as she can handle, uh?” Storm smirked.

“Jason!” Talya’s blush deepened.

“Do don’t see any problem with that.” Storm said before kissing her deeply as he placed his warm hand protectively over her stomach. Talya placed her hand over his and returned his kiss.

Back at the office, Lebo clicked furiously on her keyboard. She didn’t even look up when the lab doors swished open.

“Lebo,” Teddy frowned. “What are you doing?”

“Looking for a venue.”

“A venue? For what?” Mike asked.

“Storm and Talya’s wedding.” Lebo replied in exasperation turning to face the young agents.

“Did they set the date? I’m always the last to find out. What can we do to help?” Mike offered.

“They have not set the date, Mike. I am setting it for them.”

“Lebo...” Teddy sighed.

“We have to get them married now!” Lebo insisted.

“What’s the rush?” Mike asked.

“The rush,” Lebo ground her teeth, “is that Talya could be pregnant in the next few days. My God child shouldn’t be conceived out of wedlock.” Lebo fidgeted and moved around her desk.

“You’re worried Lebo.” Teddy said moving to stand beside her.

“What? No, I’m not worried.” Lebo replied defensively.

“Matthew’s right. What’s bothering you?” Mike asked.

“You’re worried that if the treatment doesn’t work, Talya might change her mind.” Teddy said.

Lebo stopped moving. She spun around and wrapped her arms around Teddy and Mike as they stood side by side.

“She might. She will think that there is no point to getting married if she is not pregnant. And her turning away will hurt Storm and he will then pretend that he is okay with her decision, being the gallant man he is and then they will both be miserable and lonely and hurt and that will affect us in a very negative way.” Lebo rambled.

“We can’t let that happen.” Mike grimaced, running a hand over his still bruised jaw.

“They are made for each other.” Teddy said.

“Exactly! We have to get them married now.” Lebo said looking from Mike to Teddy as the lab doors swished open and closed. Lebo, Teddy and Mike jumped apart.

“I absolutely concur with your thoughts, my dear Lebo.” Manie said. Lebo smiled as Mike relaxed and Teddy nodded his head.

“Okay Lebo, what do you need us to do?” Mike said moment later.

“You arrange the food Mike, pick out a honeymoon destination and get the wedding bands.”

“What?” Mike gasped. “Food and vacation I can do. But choosing their rings?”

“I can’t choose for them.” Lebo said. “My taste will not suit them at all.”

“She’s right Mike.” Teddy said.

“Yes she is, so you can have the honour of choosing the rings.” Mike replied.

“What?” Teddy gasped. “No I can’t. I don’t even know how to choose flowers or chocolates for a woman. You have to do it, Mike.” Teddy insisted.

“Mike, you do have more interactions with the fairer sex and I dare say you have picked out more gifts then either Teddy or me.” Manie said. “You also know Storm very well and are very close to Talya. I think you are the perfect person to purchase the wedding bands. A suggestion from me would be simple, elegance and something that will not come in the way of them performing their SIU tasks.”

“Yes Manie.” Lebo nodded her head, her eyes flashing with excitement. “Something that I would find almost boring would be just perfect for Talya and Storm.”

“I think a mixture of white and yellow gold. Storm’s should be plain, but Talya’s could have an intricate design to suite her heritage.” Teddy suggested.

“Fine.” Mike sighed. “I’ll make a few selections and then we’ll vote on it. What else Lebo?”

“Teddy, please take care of the decor and guest list please. It should be close friends and as Storm and Talya do not have family, I suggest that Mike, you offer to be the best man and I’ll be the matron of honour. Geez, that makes me sound... old.” Lebo grimaced.

Manie cleared his throat and Lebo smiled in apology.

“I will confirm the venue within the next hour.” She said.

“Lebo, may I make a suggestion.”

“Of course Manie.” She replied.

“Why not use my house and garden for the wedding. It will comfortably accommodate at least 30 guests.” Manie said.

Mike, Teddy and Lebo stood still for a moment. Then Lebo flew across the room and embraced Manie tightly.

“Thank you Manie. It will mean a lot to Storm.” She half sobbed.

“There, there, Lebo. Jason is my closest friend. It is the least I could do.” Manie smiled.

“Manie I need one more favour from you.”

Manie waited for her to continue.

“Can you arrange leave days with Director Malone?”

“Of course. But I suggest you give her a task too, to make her more accommodating.”

“Oh... Ok. Do you think she will help with Talya’s dress?”

“Of course she will. I’ll speak to her about it right away.” Manie said.

“That reminds me, you two,” she pointed at Mike and Matthews, “will have to get Storm’s suit.”

They nodded, Teddy noting everything on his PDA.

“Have you selected a date yet, my dear?” Manie asked.

“Next Sunday.”

“That’s six days away!” Mike exclaimed.

“I know. Why do you think I’m panicking?”

Teddy exchanged a look with Manie and Manie just smirked.

“Now,” Lebo tapped her fingers on the desk. “I have to decide if it is going to be a Christian or an Indian wedding, or should we just get a magistrate?”

“A magistrate!” Three voices said.

Lebo smiled and nodded, “A magistrate it is.”

Talya couldn’t stop smiling. Not when Storm’s every gaze made her body pulse with love and arousal. He would be wicked tonight, of that she had no doubt. Yes, she was achy what with so many follicles growing and pressing against her pelvis, but the loving she had experienced from him thus far left her in no doubt, that he would get her to release over and over again and that he would be gentle and forceful and powerful as required.

She shivered as her arousal built of its own accord. He looked over at her when they stopped as the red light.

“You okay?” he asked, reaching over to touch her hand.

“I’m thinking about later.” She said blushing.

“Uh huh... you keep doing that love. I’ll take your pain away and leave you writhing in pleasure. I promise.”

“Oh Jay... you’re driving me crazy. Stop looking at me and get us to work.” Talya slapped his hand playful as it had started inching down her stomach.

Storm grasped her hands and whispered, “I love you.”

Talya looked at him, leaned sideways and kissed him deeply.

Arriving at the office at midday, they noticed that no one was in the bullpen.

“Do we have a case?” Talya asked.

“Not that I’m aware of.” Storm replied, reaching for the phone.

The call was answered a moment later, “Agent DeLuca.”

“Anything I should be aware of DeLuca?” Storm asked.

“Boss,” Mike gasped.

“What’s going on?” Storm asked.

Talya listened, wondering what Mike was up to.

“Nothing! Why? What have you heard?” the strain in Mike’s voice was clear.

“DeLuca, where are you?”

“I’m on my way back to the office. I took an early lunch.” Mike quickly said and Storm hung up.

Just then Storm’s other line rang.


“We’ll be there.” Storm said hanging up. He called DeLuca back.


“DeLuca, we have a case. Get Teddy and meet me at OR Tambo Airport.” Storm said before hanging up.

Talya stood up preparing to follow.


“Jason...?” Talya replied.

“You should take it easy for....”

“We are not having this discussion again, Jay.” She said as she traced her hand lightly up his arm to a sensitive spot just behind his ear. He reacted, his eyes telling her he knew exactly what she was doing.

“You stay close to me,” He ordered shaking her hand away/

“Yes, Boss.” She smiled and followed him.

As they drove towards the crime scene, Mike said, “He knows.”

“What?” Teddy gasped.

“He knows. He’s Storm, he knows everything. He even knows things before they even happen.”

“Mike, he doesn’t know.” Teddy said.

“You were not there as I was holding those rings and he called. If he doesn’t know yet, then he definitely suspects.”

“Call Lebo. She’ll tell you if he knows or suspects anything.” Teddy suggested.

“You’re right.” Mike replied his phone in hand.

The call was answered on the second ring, “Ms. Lebo Mashaba, Forensic Scientist Extraordinaire.”

“Lebo, did you say anything to Storm?” Mike asked.

“Why would I do that and spoil the surprise?” Lebo asked.

“Just checking. He called and you know he always knows everything.”

“Relax Mike. Did you find them, the wedding bands?”

“Yes, almost exactly the ones you thought they would like. Matthews and Manie agreed.”

“Great, honeymoon?”

“My varsity buddy has a timeshare options that he can’t us, seven nights in Mauritius. He owes me and has offered it to me free of charge.”

“Oh Mike! That’s fantastic. Amanda has arranged to hire Talya’s dress from Madam Perriote’s Boutique. She is going to get Talya to go for a fitting tomorrow, by pretending that she needs Talya to join her at a Union Building function. Oh, Amanda also offered to cover all the catering costs.”

“That was generous of her considering...” Mike said.

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.” Lebo said.

“We’re here.” Matthews said, pulling the car to a halt.

“Talk later Lebo. We have a case.” Mike said before hanging up.

A government aide lay in a crumpled heap; between two rows of airline, containers stacked four high. It looked like he had been pushed from the top of the containers.

“Mike, take a look on top. Matthews, bag and tag. Talya, photos.” Storm ordered as Manie and Simon arrived.

“Terribly sorry Jason, but Simon here took a wrong turn and we were forced to drive the perimeter of the Airport looking for another entry gate.” Manie said.

“Sorry Dr Singh.” Simon, his assistant said.

Manie examined the body and confirmed the time of death as three hours earlier.

“DeLuca?” Storm called out.

“Boss,” Mike called from on top of the container. “I have a broken watch, a cell phone and blood.”

“You know what to do.”

“Bagging and tagging, and samples for Lebo. I’ll also take prints,” Mike said.

“Good.” Storm turned in time to see Talya grimace, her hand pressing against her side.

I have to get her out of here.

“DeLuca, you’re in charge,” Storm said as he stepped towards Talya.

“Boss?” Mike looked over the edge of the container as Matthews, Manie and Simon watched Storm. Neither man said anything as they watched wrap an arm around Talya.

“Why didn’t you tell me it’s getting worse?” Storm asked.

“Because, I can handle it,” Talya said. But she leaned into him and allowed him to walk her towards the car.

He got them home within the hour, driving slower than normal. He forced Talya to relax in the lounge as he prepared a quick supper of chicken pasta and salad. He took the plates of food to the lounge and fed her. She didn’t eat much and he grew concerned.

How am I going to make love to you when you’re in so much pain?

I’ll find a way...

I have to.

Oh!” She gasped, dropping her plate. “Sorry…”

“Shh,” he replied. He wrapped his arms around her and carried her up to their bedroom. He held her, running his hand lightly over her lower abdomen for close to an hour. He felt her relax and was sure the cramps were easing off. But he didn’t want to rush her.

“You ok?” He asked.

“I think its happening. The pain gets less once I ovulate. I’ve started ovulating…” She whispered. “We need to...”

“Shh, I know what we need to do, my sweet. You just relax and let me take care of you.” He said pulling her gently to her feet. He undid the buttons on her blouse, making sure to stroke her glowing skin as he did so. He watched her and loved the way desire filled her eyes and the way her lips parted. He helped her out of the rest of her clothes just as slowly and sensually.

“Jay… mmm…” She moaned, when he undid her bra and slipped it off her shoulders.

“You are so beautiful…” He murmured leaning forward to place delicate kisses against the tops of her breasts, his fingers hooked into panties. As he pushed them off, his lips moved down her body kissing, licking and tasting her flesh.

Talya moaned out, “Jay, I want you.”

He looked up at her as he got back to his feet. His eyes roamed across her naked body and he whispered, “I want you too, my sweet.”

Taking her hand, he led her into the shower. Making sure the water was hot, he held her in front of him and let the water sooth her aches. She relaxed against him as he started kissing her neck and shoulder. His hands, which had been lightly resting on her stomach stroked upwards and cupped her supple breasts. He squeezed gently eliciting a gasp of delight from her lips. Her head was thrown back against his shoulder, her back pressed flush against his front, her hands moved to cover his as his fingers closed over her pebbled nipples.

He kneaded, and strokes her breasts, his lips closed over her earlobe and his sucked lightly, before moving to kiss the side of her neck and to gently bite her shoulder. Then his fingers pulled on her nipples. He felt her arousal heighten to breaking point. He heard her whimper, “Jay... please! Please!”

Slowly he caressed one hand down her torso, moving in a circle over her stomach and lower. His fingertips lightly brushed over her hidden nub and she exploded in release, her breath harsh, her fingers digging into the sides of his hips, her body liquefying.

He held her close loving her response. He turned her around and pressed her up against the wall, the hot water still cascading all around them. He kissed her deeply, his fingers not leaving her sensitive bud, as he demanded her release again. She rocked her hips against his fingers, gasping, straining, and once again exploding.

Then he was moving down her body, kissing, tasting, and sucking as he went. She cried out and rubbed against him, giving herself over to the myriad of sensations that washed over her. And then his warm breath hit her swollen bud. She gasped, held still and he grinned as his lips kissed her most intimate flesh. He forced her legs gently apart and worshiped her body, licking in delicate strokes... tasting her honey and loving her response. Her hands kneaded his skull, wanting him closer and he complied.

Jason!” She cried out, unbridled passion flowing through every inch of her body.

“That’s it love... do it for me...” Jason urged, slipping his fingers into her sleek, hot core. He moved gently inside her, her arms braced against his shoulders as his lips returned to her bud. He strokes, testing to see how much she would be able to handle. He was rock hard and wanted her with a desperation that surpassed anything he had ever felt before....

One more time love and then I’m going to take you...

It didn’t long. He felt her body tense, shudder and convulse as a moan of pure ecstasy left her lips. He had to support her weight when it seemed her legs could no longer hold her upright.

Do it now, Jay,” Talya whispered. “I can’t take more...”

Me neither my love. Me neither. He turned the taps off and helped her out of the shower. Quickly he dried them and carried her to the bed.

He laid her on the bed, with pillows below her hips, as instructed by Dr Coleman. Lying lightly over her upper body he kissed her senseless, his fingers stroking and dipping inside her. He needed her to be as relax as possible. He didn’t want this to hurt her too much. God... His body was screaming for attention, but she was his number one priority. When he felt her gently orgasm, he removed his fingers and moved to sit between her legs. He lifted her legs, so that her calves rested against his shoulders.

“I love you, Talya.” He said.

She watched him and replied, “I love you too. Make love to me Jay...”

Gently, slowly, his hands on her hips, he leaned forward and penetrated her warmth. Talya moaned in delight. He moved slower, groaning as he filled her to the hilt. She wrapped around him like a tight glove, holding him so close.

Oh Jay.” She moaned when he remained motionless. “I’m ok... It doesn’t hurt.”

Still he didn’t move. Talya wiggled and he gasped “Talya, wait. I’m close.”

“Good...” She smiled devilishly as she flexed her hips up and down against him. He growled in response and gripped her hips tightly in his hands as he took up the rhythm. He moved gently deeply in and out of her core. He felt her body tighten and her arousal build again. He prayed he would be able to bring her one more release. He wanted to feel her explode all around him.

Talya moaned, gasped, arched and cried out as her body convulsed again, in a release of profound intensity. He felt it and it was enough to drag his release from his body. He couldn’t hold back, he couldn’t move slowly... not now, not when he was about to explode. He pressed deep, deep within her and growled out as his seed gushed out of his body. He prayed that it would find its mark. He prayed that their child... their children would be conceived tonight.

Talya cried out at the intensity of his release. She repeated his name like a mantra. She moved her legs off his shoulders and pulled him close kissing him deeply and whispering how much she loved him. How much she loved having him love her like this. They remained joined for a few moments longer.

When Storm withdrew from her warmth, he pressed her thighs together and lifted her hips up. He shoved another pillow below her. Then he pulled the cover over them and lay next to her, watching her drift asleep.

“God, I love you!” he whispered late into the night.

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