Maybe... Baby?

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Chapter 12

The next morning Talya’s cramps got worse. The scan revealed that a third of the follicles from the previous day had ruptured. Storm wished he could ease her pain, but other than keeping her on an hourly routine of orgasms, he didn’t know what to do. He told her to stay at home, but she refused. She needed to be occupied, busy, focused on something, even mundane paperwork, else she would think of nothing but making a baby. And that agitate her and that's the last thing she needed.

As they stepped into the bullpen, everyone, Mike, Teddy, Lebo, Manie and Amanda jumped apart.

“What?” Storm demanded.

“Nothing, Jason.” Amanda slipped into Director mode.

“Are you okay, Talya?” Teddy asked.

Talya sat down slowly and replied, “Yes, just a bit ... uncomfortable.”

“Boss, you didn’t overdo...” Mike was cut short by sharp jab to his ribs care of Lebo.

“Ah, I remember a time in Munich, when I was dating this rather attractive Obstetrician. She explained how the growing follicles....”

“Manie, this is not the time.” Amanda said when Storm glared and Talya grimaced.

“Quiet right, Madam Director.” Manie said. “Talya, I suggest you go home and rest. It is likely to get worse before it gets better.”

“No thanks. I’d rather be here. I just need a few minutes.” Talya said.

Storm shook his head, his heart warring with his head but he said nothing.

“Ok,” Amanda replied. “Talya, at about noon, I want you to join me. You will be attending a brunch at the Union Buildings in honour of Mr Mandela’s 90th birthday on Sunday and we need to get you an appropriate dress for the occasion.”

“I don’t think so.” Storm interjected.

“Excuse me,” Amanda turned on Storm. “Was I speaking to you?”

“Jason...” Talya sighed. “I’ll be fine by Sunday.”

Storm glared from Amanda to Talya.

“Fine, I’ll join you.” Storm said.

Teddy gasped, “Boss!”

Mike continued, “You don’t really want to go dress shopping, Storm! It will drive you insane!”

“No he doesn’t. I’ll go with them, Storm.” Lebo quickly said. “And if Talya feels unwell, I’ll take her straight home and stay with her until you get there.”

“Talya?” Storm turned to her.

“I’ll be fine.” Talya said. “It will ... occupy me.”

Her eyes said more than her words did. She was feeling vulnerable. Hell, she’d spent the morning crying in his arms. Hormones! Damn it. This had to work! Their baby had to be conceived within the next few days!

“Ok.” Storm said. The sigh of relief that washed through the room didn’t go unnoticed by him.

What are you all up to? He wondered as he stepped up to Amanda and whispered loud enough for all to hear “Don’t upset her.”

Amanda met his eyes but said nothing. Time stood still as the former lovers stared each other down... Then Storm headed for the elevator, stating something about needing coffee.

“Sorry Amanda, he’s a bit over protective.” Talya blushed.

“As he should be.” Manie chirped. “Now like I was saying, maybe you should lie down for a bit.”

“Come down to the lab. I’ll roll out the sleeper couch for you.” Lebo said.

“I’m fine. Can we just get back to work?” Talya said. “Please.”

“Talya’s right.” Amanda said. “We leave at 12:30pm if you’re feeling okay by then.”

“I will be.” Talya said.

Later that day, Storm returned to the bullpen to follow up on their current case. Mike and Teddy jumped apart the moment they saw him. Now he was convinced that something was up. Mike and Teddy were spending way too much time together and they seemed to be heading to the men’s room at the same time, throughout the day. When they were in the bullpen, they kept looking from each other to Talya and him. They were nervous and Mike was stumbling over his words.

“Everything okay?” Storm asked when they just stared at him.

“Yes.” Teddy replied as Talya returned to her desk.

“And you DeLuca?” Storm asked.

“Everything is great, Boss.” Mike quickly said. “Ah, Talya, have you ever been to Mauritius?” he asked.

“No. I would love to go some day, though.” She replied.

Teddy’s smirk didn’t go unnoticed by Storm.

“What about you, Boss?” Mike asked.

“You planning on selling holiday packages now, DeLuca?” Storm asked.

“Jason...” Talya admonished.

Storm looked at her and sighed, “Been there on official business a few years back.”

“Of course.” Mike said. “But a vacation could be fun, right.”

Talya looked at Storm, smiled and waited for him to answer.

“Anything with the right person at you side can be fun DeLuca.” Storm replied and Talya blushed.

God he loved it when she blushed... She must have seen the effect she was having on him because her blush deepened. He smirked, his eyes hinting at what would happen late that night in their bed.

Mike cleared his throat, stood up and headed for the men’s room. Teddy stood up a second later and headed in the same direction.

Yep, they were definitely up to something.

At Madame Perriote’s Boutique, Amanda and Talya were led to a private dressing and viewing room. Amanda went through the motions of trying on various dresses, as did Talya.

“These are a bit over the top, Amanda.” Talya said.

“Nonsense. This is for an Official Mandela function. Your look needs to fit in with the rest of the National and International guests.”

“But these are ball gowns. Didn’t you say we were going for brunch?” Talya said turning on her toes as she looked at herself in the mirror.

The gown was exquisite. Ivory with burnt orange, deep maroon and silver detail, off the shoulder sleeves, a deep V at her back, a delicate V at her neck, trimmed with tiny orange and maroon roses with silver tips. The beautiful neckline revealed the gentle swells of her breasts. The clinched in fit on the waist revealed her sexy hourglass figure. And from there the fabric flowed over her hips and fell in what looked like gentle waves to the ground. The silver blinked and sparkled giving the image of rose petals floating on shimmering water in the moonlight.

“Brunch, lunch, dinner... all require elegance, grace and sophistication.” Amanda said. Lebo gave her the thumbs up sign and Talya caught it in the mirror.

What are you two up to? She wondered.

“Well I think this is too gaudy for me.” Talya said, heading back into the fitting room to try on another dress.

“Oh, that one was perfect.” Lebo said to Amanda.

“I agree.”

“But how do we convince Talya.”

“Leave it to me.” Amanda said, as Talya stepped out in a sapphire blue, slim line, mid calf, lightly sequined dress. Pretty... yes, but not at all suitable for the occasion of one’s wedding.

“I like this one.” Talya said.

“I don’t.” Amanda said turning to Madame Perriote. “Please have the Ivory with silver trim and the red with gold pressed and delivered to my home on Saturday morning. Please match jewellery, handbags and shoes to them. I trust your judgement.”

“But, I don’t like ...” Talya said.

“Time to leave, Talya.” Amanda said. “I don’t want Jason sending out a search party. His convinced I’m going to hurt you or something.”

“He’s just stressed.” Talya said.

“Why? Did the Doctor say something to worry you?” Lebo asked.

“Lebo…” Amanda admonished.

“Sorry.” Lebo said. “It’s just that we love you guys and we worry about you.”

“I know. Everything is fine. I’m just over emotional.” Talya said.

“That’s understandable.” Amanda said. “We’ll drop you off at home now so you can relax for a bit. It’s almost three PM anyway.”

“Okay. Thanks.” Talya said. She was in pain, yes. But she wanted to make up for the crying bout from the morning. She wanted to give back to Storm some of what he had given to her. As she changed back into her clothes, she smiled. She had a very special evening planned for them and getting home before him would help her get things started.

Later that day, Storm walked into autopsy and caught Mike, Teddy, Manie and Lebo together.

“That looks good.” He said noting the three sample cakes on the autopsy table.

“It tastes good too.” Lebo said, taking a bite.

“It’s for the lunch you will be attending at my place on Sunday, Jason.” Manie said.

“Sunday lunch, Manie?” Storm raised an eyebrow.

“Oh dear, did I forget to tell you.” Manie looked chagrined. “Its mother’s seventieth birthday and I’ve invited a few friends over to celebrate. And you’re one of my closest friends. You must be there.”

“Uh huh.” Storm smirked. “Of course I’ll be there.”

Storm stepped forward and took a bite of one of the cakes as he took in the smiles on his team members faces.

“Do you like that one?” Lebo asked.

“Uh huh. But I would go for the chocolate sponge with vanilla icing.”

“Why?” Mike asked.

“Because that’s Talya’s favourite. And for the bouquet, orange roses with white calla lilies. Talya loves calla lilies and orange suits her skin tone. Besides the dress Amanda’s hiring for Sunday is Ivory with orange, maroon and silver, from what Talya told me.”

“Oh dear!” Manie gasped.

Mike’s jaw dropped open.

Lebo clapped a hand over her mouth and Teddy gasped, “Oh boy!”

“Lebo,” Storm tuned to her. “Talya will be thrilled to have you as her matron of honour.”

“Oh Storm!” Lebo gasped.

“And Manie as you are the closed thing to a father figure, will you do her the honour of giving her away.”

“The honour will be mine, my friend.” Manie said his voice soft with emotion.

“He knows...everything! I told you he knew.” Mike stated, throwing his hands up in the air.

“But how?” Teddy asked.

“He’s Storm. He just knows.” Lebo smiled.

“Ah, why aren’t we dead yet?” Mike questioned.

“Because I need you, DeLuca. You and Matthews will stand in as my best men.”

“Boss... Wow. Of course we’ll be there for you.” Mike stated. Teddy nodded, joy, honour, surprise flirting over his face.

Lebo had tears in her eyes as she hugged Storm. “You’re not mad at us.”

“I’m not mad.” Storm said looking around the room. “I’m grateful. I know you all have spent something on putting this together, but I’ll pay for the rings and I expect to get copies of all the bills so I can pay you back.”

Lebo cried now. Mike and Teddy swallowed hard, both trying to hide how much Storm’s gratitude meant to them.

“Jason.” Manie tapped him on the back. “We just want you two to be happy.”

“We will be. And remember, not a word of this to Talya.” Storm warned, surprising them.

“You are not going to tell her?” Manie said.

“No.” Storm said, as he left autopsy.

I don’t want to give her a chance to think too much and change her mind.

I love her too much and I want her too much...

Whether we have a child or not... I’m never letting her go...


Talya looked at herself in the mirror. The purple and gold headdress and veil that covered the lower half of her face accentuated her dark eyes, made even darker with black kajol. Storm would be surprised. She was sure of it. He had never seen her like this.

Yes, her body was tender and yes, pain did piece through her pelvis on occasion. But tonight she was the seducer and she was not going to let anything get in the way of that.

Once satisfied with her appearance she headed down to the living room. She switched on the music and swayed her hips gently to the exotic tunes. She lit the myriad of candles around the room and switched the lights off. The setting was exactly how she’d pictured it would be. The centre of the living room resembled a scene straight out of a desert campsite. Pillows lay in a circle around a low wooden table. Metal cutlery glowed in the surrounding candle light. Exotic flavours whiffed through the air... the scent of food and something more.

As Talya walked, the bells adorning her clothes and encircling her ankles tingled, the sound sexy. And mixed with the music, it became exotic. She had just laid the food on the low table when the front door opened and Jason stepped in.

He stopped and stared. Talya blushed and felt a rush of desire spiral through her belly.

Wordlessly, she started gently swaying her hips, causing the billowing Arabian pants to swirl around her legs and reveal the hip to ankle slits on the sides. The bells that hung from her bejewelled bra tingled loudly with each step she took.

“Oh God, Talya!” Storm’s jaw dropped open.

Talya’s confidence soared. She smiled a sultry, seductive smile as she reached him.

“Good evening, my dearest Love.” She kissed his cheek, pressing the length if her body against his side. He gasped when her knee stroked upwards and caress his already rock hard flesh.

“Mmm....” Talya murmured.

“Talya!” Storm warned as she stroked again.

“Shh....” she whispered.

Smiling she danced around him, her hands stroking his body lightly, as she manoeuvred him out of his coat and shirt. She placed his slightly trembling hands on her hips and dragged him to the centre of the living room. She forced him down onto the pillows and reached for the buckle on his pants. She worked quickly and soon had him naked and proudly at attention...

She snaked her body over his, the food on the table forgotten as her arousal peaked at seeing his reaction.

“Talya....” Storm whispered as she rained tiny kissed from him jaw to his belly. When she looked up, he tugged on her veil, loosening it and letting it unhook from one side.

“God, you are so …” he growled as he pulled her against him and kissed her like a man possessed. She let him, for a moment or two and then she pulled away...

Sitting back, she reached back and unclasped her bra.

“Oh Talya!” Storm was reaching for her. She hit his hands away as she removed her bra, one arm at a time. Her nipples were pebbled and her breasts tender. She watched him as she cupped her breasts and stroked them gently, teasing her flesh for his pleasure.

Storm growled. His hard flesh twitched. She was a vixen, a nymph, a sex goddess. She could see the strain in his hands, which were fisted, in an effort to hold back from touching her. There was surprise, anticipation, desire and raw animal lust in his eyes.

Talya leaned forward and offered him her right breast. He latched on like a starving man, suckling, licking, nipping and even biting. At the same time, she took his right hand and closed it over her left breast. He kneaded and stroked, making her arch in need.

Mmmmm Jay!” her hips undulated.

She reached down, closed her hand around his hardness and felt his powerful response as he suckled her harder. He was out of control. She did this to him. Her Jason was at her mercy now. She stroked his flesh and he swore.

“Talya, I want you now.”

“Yes, my love.” She whispered.

She released him and fell back against the pillows. He helped her unclasp her pants and pulled it off. And then he was on top of her, kissing her madly. She arched against his body, rubbing her sensitive nipples against his chest and lifting her hips.

“Take me Jason. Now, please.” She begged.

“God… Talya!” Storm whispered as he penetrated her body in one powerful thrust. He would not be gentle and she didn’t want him to be. She wanted his savage need, she wanted him to take from her all that he needed. And... oh God.... he was. He pounded in and out of her heat, making her cry out in release... again and again.

He shouted his love for her, his need for her... as he made fierce love to her. Talya had tears in her eyes. Her Jason was out of control, he was not holding anything back, he was making her his and God she loved him so deeply in that moment.

He saw her tears and stopped immediately.

“Oh God, Talya! I’m so sorry!” He started to withdraw. Talya tackled him, rolling them over as she straddled his hips.

“Don’t you dare think of stopping!” she shouted as she moved up and down on him.

“But I was hurting you!” he growled in anger. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I know I need to be gentle with you.”

“Oh shut up and love me Jason.” Talya panted, her body clenching around his.

“I can take it! I want it! I need it.” She moved faster and faster.

“Oh God … Talya!” Storm’s hands held her hips as she moved.

“Please... don’t ... Stop!” and she exploded, her orgasm so powerful it surprised both of them with its intensity and almost threatened to take Storm over with her.

“Oh! Oh. Oh …Wow!” Talya gasped. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.... Jason... It doesn’t hurt!”

You sure...” Storm choked out. Gritting his teeth, he rolled her onto her back. He sat up, still deeply embedded in her still clenching heat. The strain was evident in his face. He was holding back for her.

“Take me, Jason. Hard and fast! Let’s make a baby tonight.” Talya pleaded.

Storm leaned forward and kissed her sharply. Sitting back, he pulled her legs over his shoulders and lifted her hips off the ground. He shoved pillows below her butt and then he looked at her.


“Do it, Jay!”

And he did. He loved her with rough abandon. He stroked her deeply and wildly and made her explode in release again. And when he was no longer able to hold back, he shouted out his release as he sank his hardness deep inside her.

It took long, long moments for them to recover their breaths. Storm lay atop Talya; her arms wrapped around him.

“I didn’t know you could belly dance.” He whispered.

Talya laughed, “There is a lot you don’t know about me.”

Storm looked up at her and smiled, “I intend to find out all your secrets Talya, and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it.”

Then turning serious he asked, “Did I hurt you?”

“Oh Love,” Talya pulled him close. “It was a nice kind of hurt... the kind that makes me long for you... love you… and want you so much.”

Nice kind of hurt? You’re not by any chance into BDSM or something?” he smirked.

“Or something,” she laughed. “Oh supper’s probably frozen.”

“You relax,” he said lifting up. “I’ll warm it up and be right back to feed you, My Sexy Mistress Talya.” He laughed, throwing a light blanket over her.

“Mmm, I like the sound of that.” Talya giggled, as she relaxed back, her knees bent, her butt high on the pillows.

She closed her hands over her womb and silently prayed that their child be conceived that night.

Oh Sweet baby,

We want you so much... so hang on in there...


Do it for Mama and Papa...

God... Please! Please give let this work.

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