Maybe... Baby?

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Chapter 14

Marry me, Talya!” Storm insisted his lips against hers. They ignored the ringing of her cell phone, which lay on the bed.

“Oh Jason....”

His lips distracted her. His words spoke to her soul. She knew that she wanted this.... she knew that she wanted to be his.... she knew that she didn’t want to lose him.... but she was terrified that she would... the day they found out that she was not pregnant... he wouldn’t want to be with her anymore... and then it would be too late...

“No... Jason.” She pushed him away. “No.”

“Talya... don’t do this!” Jason’s face was pale with shock.

“You’ll resent me ... you’ll feel trapped and I can’t do that to you!”

“Talya! I want this. I know what riding on this. I want to be with you WHETHER there is a child or not. How can I make you understand that?”

“You can’t.”

“Talya, marry me and let me show you what you mean to me.


"Don’t push me away. I...” Storm’s voice cracked.

“Jason?” Talya reached for him, hugging him close.

“I .... Love... You....” He whispered.

Oh Jason!” Talya gasped holding him close.

How could she hurt the man she loved like this. How could she literally make him beg for the future that she also wanted?

Marry me....” there was no denying the heartbreak in his eyes, nor the defeat that cut through his soul.

Talya took a shaky breath and whispered, “Okay...”

Jason’s grip tightened around her, “Okay?”

“Yes, I’ll marry you. But I have one condition.”

“A condition?” Storm sat back and looked at her.

“The day you resent me for this marriage or for ... mmm ... for the lack of children, that’s the day this marriage ends.” Talya whispered.

“I will never....”

“If you do... this marriage is over.”

“Okay.” Storm replied. “Okay!”

Now he smiled, his eyes sparkling with joy.

“Okay!” Talya smiled, and then laughed before sitting forward and kissing him. “Okay...” she murmured as the kiss deepened and threatened to overwhelm her.

Storm pulled away reluctantly. “They’re probably wondering if I’m dead yet.”

“Let’s put them out of their misery then.”

“Yes, let’s do that.” Storm laughed as he pulled his bride to be into his arms and they headed for the door.

They stepped out into the sunlight and knew that everyone waited anxiously for them to say something.

“Manie.” Storm called out. Manie hurried to their side. Soft words were exchanged and then Jason placed Talya’s hand into Manie’s.

“DeLuca, Matthews with me.” He ordered as he headed to the gazebo.

“Yay, we’re having a wedding!” Lebo shouted as laughter broke out all around them. Everyone took up their positions and soon Manie led Talya to the gazebo. Storm smiled warmly as he took Talya’s hand from Manie’s. Teddy stepped aside and started taking photographs of the ceremony.

Storm and Talya turned as one to face the magistrate. It was a simple ceremony. The standard vows were made in earnest, and with heartfelt commitment.

Then the magistrate announced, “By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Mr. Storm you may kiss your lovely bride.”

Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her close and whispered, “I love you, Mrs. Talya Adams Storm.”

She blushed, tears in her eyes. She mouthed I love you too.

Smiling he kissed her with an intensity that left her in no doubt of just how much he loved her. The sounds of their guests cheering and laughing finally pulled them apart.

Congratulations, hugs and kisses were given all around. Storm and Talya signed the marriage certificate and the magistrate confirmed that it would be filed with the registrar the next day.

Manie led everyone back into the house. As they took their seats at the dining room table, Manie’s mother entered the room.

“Did they get hitched?”

“Yes Ma, they got married.” Manie sighed as everyone tried to hide their smirks.

“Well it’s about time. That Stormy friend of your is not getting any younger and a man needs himself a good, strong woman by his side.” She said.

“That’s enough Ma.” Manie said as he helped her into a chair.

“Now I just wish that you would find yourself a pretty, traditional Indian girl and settle down.” Mrs. Singh said.

“Please Ma,” Manie whispered.

The team listened and enjoyed Manie’s increasing discomfort.

“Oh, Mahinder, think about the shame of it, if I should die, never having seen my grandchild’s face,” she tsked shaking her head in despair.

“Yes Ma. I know. I will find the future Mrs. Mahinder Singh soon. I promise. Now can you please be quiet.” Manie said as he took his own seat.

Mike starting saying something about helping Manie but Lebo stomped her foot on his and stopped him.

“Ah,” Talya said as she looked around the table, gaining everyone’s attention. “I would like to say…Thank you… Thank you for doing this for us. I didn’t realize how much you cared for me until all this started. Jason just told me that you made all the arrangements for our wedding. I just want to say, thank you.”

“Teddy, you owe me a hundred bucks.” Mike smirked.

“Why?” Lebo asked.

“Teddy was sure Talya was going to kill us all for planning and executing this wedding behind her back.”

“Mike!” Teddy growled. Turning to Talya he said, “We’re happy for you, Talya, and you, Boss.”

“It was our pleasure to do this for you...” Lebo said.

Amanda nodded, saying, “We’ll be here for both of you, to help you through whatever happens.”

Storm looked around the table. “Thank you. I hope you know how much you mean to me.”

"Married for no more than ten minutes and his already getting all soft. That's not good. Not good at all." Mike retorted.

"DeLuca!" Storm warned.

"Just kidding, Boss. We know you love us." Mike smiled.

Talya looked at Storm and he kissed her brow.

“I always wanted to be part of a big family, and now I am.” She said.

Lebo had tears in her eyes. Teddy and Mike smiled. Amanda nodded and Manie said, “Yes, my dear. You are.”

“This is all very good and nice, Talya. I can already tell you will be good wife to this Stormy boy.” Mrs. Singh said.

“Ma…” Manie warned as everyone tried not to giggle.

“Yes, yes Mahinder. You want me to be quiet.” Mrs. Singh said. “But can we please cut my cake now, before I have to leave for the afternoon prayers at the temple?”

“Yes, of course Ma.” Manie said as he placed a lovely round cake in front of her. “I may not have mentioned it, but today really is my Mother’s seventieth birthday.”

Surprise registered before each member for the team stood up and congratulated Mrs. Singh.

Storm sat back a moment later and took a deep breath. He was married and he was so relieved and elated and... terrified!

I will not mess this one up....

No... He looked at Talya.

I won’t.

Driving home, Talya felt happy, shocked, excited, terrified and ... shy.

She was married! She was Mrs. Talya Adams Storm! Wow! And she couldn’t stop blushing every time Jason looked at her. To keep herself from continuously glancing at him, she picked up her purse and looked at her phone.

“I have a missed call from Dr Coleman.” She said as she accessed the message.

“What is it?” Storm asked as Talya’s smile disappeared.

“She wants me to come in for a blood test right away.”

“It’s probably one of those routine tests.” Storm said, concern creeping into his voice nonetheless.

“Yes.” Talya took a deep breath. “You must be right. Jason, pull over ... please.”

He did, quickly. Talya throw her door open and gagged losing most of her wedding day lunch.

“You have to calm down, Talya.” Storm whispered as he wiped her lips.

“I’m okay now. The wedding cake was just too rich for me.”

“How long have you been feeling nauseous?” Storm asked.

“Since this morning.” Talya said. “Let’s just get to the hospital and see what Dr Coleman wants.” She said as she saw the flash of annoyance on Storm’s face.

Dr Coleman was still at her office when they arrived.

“Talya, Jason?” she greeted looking at their clothes.

“Oh!” Talya blushed. “We just got married. And then I heard your message and we just came over.”

“Wow, congratulations!” Dr Coleman hugged her and shook Storm’s hand.

“What blood tests do you want to run?” Storm asked getting to the point. His annoyance levels were still high. He hated it when Talya hid her discomfort from him.

“It’s just a routine test.” Dr Coleman said as she got Talya to sit down.

“But your message said I needed to come in right away.” Talya couldn’t mask her concerns.

“Just tell us what you’re looking for.” Storm insisted.

“Okay. I’m running your thyroid functions again. On the last test I noticed that your levels were below normal and if they are, that could affect your chances of falling pregnant.”

“No!” Talya whispered. Storm placed his hands on her shoulders and squeezed gently.

“Calm down Talya. If the levels are low, we can correct it.” Dr Coleman said as she pulled on a pair of latex gloves. “I’ll draw the blood sample here and then you go and enjoy the rest of your wedding day and ah, night. Nothing to excessive, Agent Storm.”

Talya didn’t look at Storm. It was as if she had not heard Dr Coleman giving them permission to consummate their marriage. Her face was pale, her eyes slightly dazed. Dr Coleman exchanged a look with Storm and he nodded. He would take care of her, of his love, his wife.

The blood was drawn quickly and Dr Coleman promised to call them as soon as she had the results.

An unspoken strain fell over the newlyweds as they arrived home.

I shouldn’t have gone through with the wedding... What if I’m not pregnant...? Talya questioned.

You can always try again, another voice said. And trying with Jason would be so much fun...

“You okay?” Jason asked.

“Yes.” Talya said heading for the stairs.

“Really?” Storm stated following her. Don't mess this up Jason! You have to get her to calm down. Your fear and annoyance will have to take a back seat. She needs you!

“Jason, please don’t push me.” Talya turned to face him. “I need a few moments to myself.”

“Fine, I’ll just help you out of that dress and leave you alone.” Jason said, having no intention at all of leaving her alone.

Talya nodded and continued up to their bedroom. Once there Storm closed the door and just gazed at her. She turned to look at him.

“You are so beautiful.” He whispered.

Don’t...” Talya murmured.

“I can’t believe you’re mine now.” He continued.

Jay...” Talya’s voice rose.

“I know you’re scared, Talya.” He reached for her, pulling her into his arms.

She sobbed, words stuck in her throat.

“I want you to trust me Talya.” He said. “No matter what happens, I will always be here for you.”

She cried now, her tears soaking his shoulder.

“I love you.” He said.

He lifted her and carried her into the bathroom. Slowly he undressed her, kissing and touching her. When she was naked, he turned on the shower. He undressed quickly and followed her into the shower. He ran his soapy hands all over her body, massaging the tension knots in her neck and shoulders, caressing down her back and front, pausing as his fingers closed over her pelvis.

She leaned into him, giving into the sensations his hands evoked. She would let him take care of her, just tonight, just for a few hours. She would forget all that was at stake, she would push her fears away and grab a hold of this man she loved and she would let him help her forget. She would be his wife tonight, his wife in every sense of the word.

She turned in his arms and pulled him close... desperation, a fierce need rising in her blood. She wanted him, she needed him, and she loved him!

“Easy, Love.” he whispered as her kisses became frantic and her nails dug into his skin.

Now Jay,” She moaned between kisses. “I need you now!”

He wanted to take his time, he wanted to kiss and taste every inch of her body, and he wanted to stay in control.

“Now!” Using her arms and his strong hands, she pulled herself up until she was able to wrap her legs around his midriff.

He held her close, his mouth closing over her breast, her back against the wall for added leverage. He made her wait, he felt her writhe with need, he heard her demand that he enter her. Still he made her wait. He lavished kisses and gentle bites along her breasts. His hands below her bottom, stroked and teased, never quite entering her pulsing heat.

He felt her body undulate and tense, he felt the tremors racing under her skin, he knew she needed him and God, he needed her.

“Please Jay,” She begged thrusting her hips against his pelvis. “Please!”

Slowing, kissing her deeply, he penetrated her body. He felt her shudder, heard her cry out as the first orgasm ripped through her sex. He held her close as she caught her breath. Then he started thrusting in slow measured, deep strokes. She moaned as sensations doubled and her body pulsed again. He loved her so gently, so deeply and so thoroughly that her next orgasm brought tears of sweet satisfaction to her eyes. Still he went on, increasing the tempo of his thrusts marginally, groaning at the strain he felt.

After the third orgasm, Talya murmured, “No more... please love!”

“One more, please my sweet.” Storm whispered. “Just one more....”

He was moving faster now. It was hell trying to be gentle when one wanted to go full steam ahead. But he controlled himself, after all he was Jason Storm, the master of control.

Talya moaned. He could feel her body clenching and grasping.

“Now love, go over with me.” He murmured as he felt her shudder. A moment later, he growled at his own release. It had never been this powerful, this all consuming with anyone... before.

“I love you, Jason.” Talya whispered, kissing the side of his neck as he tried to catch his breath. “I trust you.”

He wrapped his arms tightly around her, burying his face against her neck. She said the words, but he felt it in her body. She was truly his now. Talya was truly his now....

They spent that night in each other’s arms, enjoying the love that flowed between them. Tomorrow they would deal with the world and with their fears and concerns. But tonight they just shared and celebrated their love. They would be okay, because they were together.

“They’re late,” Mike smirked.

“They were just married Mike,” Lebo said.

“I wonder if Dr Coleman... Ouch,” Mike grimaced as Teddy jabbed him in the ribs.

“Morning Boss, Talya,” Teddy quickly said.

“Oh, yes. Good morning Boss, Talya.” Mike greeted before turning to Talya. “Hey are you okay?”

“She’s fine.” Storm said.

“Jay, it’s okay.” Talya said, a moment before leaving the bullpen.

“I’ll just go...” Lebo followed Talya to the lady’s room.

She found Talya gagging over the basin.

“Nauseous?” Lebo said.

Talya nodded as Lebo stroked her back.

“It is a mmm a symptom of....”

“Don’t say it.” Talya said. “I won’t believe it until it’s confirmed with a blood test.”

“What else is wrong, Talya?” Lebo asked when she saw the tears in Talya’s eyes. Talya told her about the blood test, and about how terrified she was that her low thyroid levels could have affected her chances of falling pregnant.

“You can’t think that way.” Lebo hugged her. “Besides you still have a week to go before a pregnancy test can be done.”

“I know. I am just so emotional and off balance.” Talya said. “I hate it!”

“You need to relax. Come to the lab with me and I’ll get the sleeping couch out for you.”

“No, if I came with Jason will worry. I don’t want him to worry. He is being so wonderful and supportive.” Talya dashed the tears that filled her eyes. “I don’t want to disappointment him Lebo. I love him so much.”

“Ah, that is so wonderful!” Lebo hugged her more tightly. “Storm will not be disappointed. I know him very well... okay not as well as you know him. And I have no intentions of ever getting to know him that well...” Lebo blushed as Talya looked at her.

“He loves you so much Talya. All of us can see it. He needs you, for you, not for the baby you may or may not have. And you are worrying about something you may not have to be worrying about. And upsetting yourself like this can’t be good for you.”

“You’re right.” Talya said wiping the tears away.

“Good,” Lebo smiled. “Now let’s get you cleaned up and get out of there before Storm comes in looking for us. You don’t want to scare him, right. Not that I’ve ever seen him get scared, except maybe yesterday when you almost refused to marry him.”

“Okay Lebo.” Talya smiled. “Thank you.”

Lebo smiled, “It’s my pleasure.”

When they got back to the bullpen, Storm looked up at them. Lebo nodded that all was okay. Talya smiled. Storm took a deep breath in relief. Talya had been nauseous from the moment she awoke. On top of that, she was teary and super hormonal.

Could she be pregnant?

She certainly has the symptoms...

Storm’s phone rang then. When he hung up, he confirmed they had a case. He ordered Mike and Teddy to gear up. Talya didn’t ask to go with. She accepted Storm’s request to start working on the background checks on their latest victim.

“You’ve domesticated her overnight. You truly are a master, Boss.” Mike smirked.


“Sorry Boss,” but he continued to smirk.

As soon as the men were gone, Lebo insisted on taking Talya to the cafeteria.

“No Lebo,” Talya grimaced as they entered the cafeteria. “I’m too nauseous.”

“I know. That’s why I’m getting you some dry crackers and a cup of black tea. It will settle your stomach in a no time.”

“Really? How do you know this?” Talya asked taking a seat.

Lebo explained that she had learned all the ‘old wives tales’ from her numerous aunts and cousins while growing up in the townships. Within twenty minutes, Talya was feeling better and was able to get back to work. As the day progressed, Talya focused on doing her bit for the team. By late afternoon, she received a call from Dr Coleman’s office.

“I’ll be at your office in thirty minutes.” Talya said before hanging up. Her hands trembled and her stomach rolled. Dr Coleman’s assistant had not confirmed, nor had she denied that there was a problem.

Talya left a note for Storm on his desk and left the bullpen.

At Dr Coleman’s office, Talya waited patiently. She reminded herself not to worry until she had cause to worry. Besides, with the symptoms she was already feeling, she prayed that she was pregnant and that Dr Coleman’s result would not affect that.

“Hello Talya. Sorry to have kept you waiting.” Dr Coleman said.

“No problem,” Talya replied. “Ah, do you have my blood test results.”

“Yes,” Dr Coleman retrieved the results from a folder.


“Talya, you have an underactive thyroid.”

“Okay.” Talya sank back into her seat. “What do we do about it?”

“I’m going to start you on a course of Eltroxin and we will monitor your thyroid on a monthly basis. This condition could play a factor in whether you fall pregnant as well as whether you carry the pregnancy to term. But it is easy to manage and the medication has no known side effects on the unborn child.” Dr Coleman said as she wrote up the prescription.

“When will you do the pregnancy test?” Talya asked taking the prescription. Hold yourself together, Talya. You are having symptoms. There is a good possibility that you are pregnant. So don’t panic... yet!

“We can do the test at the end of the week. I know you are anxious and I know that telling you to relax will likely irritate you more than calm you. I want you to start taking the Eltroxin tablets, once a day in the mornings, starting tomorrow. Continue with the Progesterone inserts nightly.” Dr Coleman said.

“Okay. Will I experience any symptoms or is it too early?” Talya asked.

“Every woman experiences different symptoms at different times and some experience none. The symptoms you can look out for are nausea, vomiting, light-headedness, light spotting, breast sensitivity and tenderness, fatigue and food cravings. The most obvious one would be a missed period but we will be doing the blood test prior to that.”

“I have been feeling nauseous the last day or two.”

“That’s a good sign, but I don’t want you to start worrying if you don’t have any other symptoms. The best thing you can do is stay calm and let nature take its cause.”

“I know. It’s just difficult to do.” Talya said standing up. “I’ll see you on Saturday morning, Dr Coleman.”

Dr Coleman nodded as Talya left her office.

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