Maybe... Baby?

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Chapter 8

Manie headed up to the bullpen and found Talya at her desk.

“My dear shouldn’t you be heading home?”

“I’m waiting for Storm.”

“He could be late. Why don’t you let me give you a ride?”

Talya agreed. She was tired and hungry and she had been thinking about her conversation with Dr Coleman.

Could she be right?

What if there is no pain and Storm and I could make love…

“How are you doing?” Manie asked as he drove at a much slower pace than Talya was use to.

“I’m okay Manie. I just can’t believe how things have turned out.”

“Yes, it is an interesting twist. Jason agreeing to father your baby, you’re accepting his offer. And now you’re living together, as a couple.”

“Not as a couple, Manie.” Talya pointed out.

“Not yet. But, maybe soon?” Manie prompted.

“I don’t know.” Talya replied.

“Jason is a patient man, when he understands what it is he needs to be patient about. When he doesn’t understand, he can be the most disagreeable man on the planet.” Manie said.

“So you also think I should tell him. I know that Dr Coleman has been keeping you informed, Manie.”

“Communication is the key to resolving this issue, my dear.” Manie agreed. “Besides, it wouldn’t be so difficult if you two weren’t in love with each other.”

“You think Storm loves me?” Talya gasped.

“Well of course, Talya. Why else would a man like Storm agree to all of this?” Manie said.

Oh God!

Storm arrived home at around midnight. All was quiet and dark. He headed up to the guest bathroom, stripped and got into the shower. It had been a long day and he was tired. Thinking about Talya and her reasons for pushing him away had also been draining.

He heard the bathroom door open. He turned towards the sound cursing that he was naked and that his gun was next to the basin. Through the steam, he couldn’t make out who it was. Looking around the shower, he didn’t see anything that could be used as a weapon. Then it was too late, the shower door was pulled open. Storm’ jaw dropped in utter shock.

“Can I join you, Jason?”

Storm forgot to breathe. His eyes glanced heatedly from Talya’s eyes, down her chin to her breasts that lay hidden behind a veil of her thick, dark hair. Further down her flat belly, noting her cute belly button and down to the breathtakingly smooth apex at her thighs. She was blushing... pink softness touched every inch of her body just as his gaze did.

Nervous tension filled the air as his gaze reached her eyes again. He stepped back making room for her to enter. He felt as much as saw the hesitation leave her body. She stepped into the shower and pulled the door closed behind her. Avoiding his eyes, she moved forward and wrapped her hands around his waist.

“Talya...” He murmured, his arms circling her, pulling her flush against him. He kissed her forehead, her eyelids, the tip of her nose and finally her lips. He moved slowly giving her all the time she would need to stop him, but she didn’t. Her hands moved from his waist to his hair, pulling him closer as the kiss deepened.

When his body threatened to lose control, he pulled away and rested his forehead against her.

“Love,” he whispered, his breathe harsh. “What are you doing?”

She looked up at him and replied, “I’m showing you how much you mean to me.”

“Oh God, Talya!” he held her tightly again.

“I don’t know if... if...” she whispered.

He pulled away and took her face in his hands, “If?”

“If I can go ... all the way... tonight....” Talya whispered, tears in her eyes.


“I want to .... But....”

“Shh Talya, I understand.” He smiled gently.

She looked into his eyes, “You do?”

He nodded his head, “I do. In addition, if all you want to do is be in my arms like this tonight, that’s fine. We’ll take it slow.”

“Storm....” Talya whispered, hugging him close.

He hugged her back, before stepping away. She looked at him puzzled.

“Let me look at you,” he whispered.

Blushing she moved a step back. He lifted her hair over her shoulders, revealing her perky breasts. Her breathe became shallow, making his view of her even more sensual.

“You are so beautiful, Talya. So beautiful!” He whispered. He raised his hands slowly to her shoulders and caressed down her arms his gaze flirting across her body and back up to her face. He pulled her close and spun her around, making her gasp.

“Relax, love. If it becomes too much, tell me,” he whispered right against her ear. Then he took her earlobe into his mouth and gently sucked. Talya moaned reaching back she held onto his hips.

He loved the feel of her nakedness against him. Gently, in light slow movements, he moved his hands down her arms and across her stomach. Her breathe changed and he loved the way her breasts pushed out with each aroused hushed breathe. Slowly he inched his hands up her abs and along the sides of her breasts.

She moaned, her fingers stroking the sides of his thighs and hips. She pressed further back feeling his arousal he was sure. The next time his hands moved up all the way, to cup her perfect, strawberry tipped breasts.

Jason...” She moaned, arching in his hands.

He gently squeezed her breasts, loving how her nipples puckered up despite the warm water cascading down them. Leaning forward he kissed her neck and shoulder. He worshipped her breasts for what seemed to be a very long time, squeezing her nipples gently, rolling them between his fingertips, pulling on them. Talya’s moaned and gasped, her body rubbed against his. He sent up a silent pray of thanks that she had come to him like this and she was enjoying his touch.

Soon he wanted more. Slowly he inched his right hand down over her abdomen. He felt her tense. Kissing her neck and ear he whispered, “Relax, love.”

She sighed and leaned back into him. His hand moved lower to close over her most intimate flesh. Her entire body shuddered in response.

“Jason...” she moaned.

“Easy, love.” He whispered as she thrust her hips forward against his hand.

Mmm, Jason!” she cried out as he touched her sensitive bud, stroking it gently.

“Just let it happen, Talya.”

“It’s been so long...,” she whimpered.

“Let it happen, baby.” He stroked incessantly, kissing her shoulder, nibbling on her ear. She moved against his hand, held onto his hips, her nails digging into his flesh.


“Let it come, love... I’ll be right here to catch you.”

Mmm....” Her movements became jerky, shaky, her breathe harsh.

“I can feel you, Talya.” Tiny pulses raced from her body to his hand.

Oh God...” She threw her head back, rubbing hard against his hand.

“That’s it my love.... “

Jason.....Ooohhh....” she shuddered in his arms, her hands leaving his hips and closing over his hand that lay between her legs.

“Yes Talya ... That’s it my love... that’s it....” He groaned as her body rocked within his arms.

He still stroked her as aftershocks assaults her body. She became heavy in his arms, gasping for breath, repeating his name like a mantra.

“You are so beautiful...,” he whispered as he turned her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

“I have not felt like this .... in such a long time.” Tears of joy glistened in her eyes. She kissed him passionately.

He stroked her face, gazed into her eyes and whispered, “I will make you feel like this all the time if you let me.”

Oh Jason,” she whispered, hugging him close. He groaned as if in pain and she pulled back.

“Oh, I’m so selfish.” Talya blushed deeply looking down.

His arousal jutted out, pressing against her belly and all he wanted to do right now was make love to her. But she wasn’t ready for that. Not yet.

“Shh, give me a second.” He whispered, pulling her close.

“But... you still need to ...” Talya tensed. He knew she wanted him to find satisfaction while at the same time she wasn’t ready to take this to the next level.

“Shh, Talya. Tonight was all about you. Next time we’ll see what happens. Let’s get into bed. I want to hold you in my arms and watch you sleep.” He whispered, before kissing her again.

Moments later they lay in his bed, him in a pair of shorts, she in his over sized T-Shirt. He lay at her back, his arms wrapped around her waist, her hand over his arm. Sighing deeply, Talya whispered, “Next time we go further, Jason.”

He swallowed hard, his body responding to her words instantly.

She reached back, placed her hand over his hip.

“Next time love.” She whispered as she snuggled closer to him driving him mad.

Talya awoke feeling beautiful. She rolled over to look at Storm, but he wasn’t there. She blushed remembering what they had done. She had been so nervous and yes a little excited too. But her greatest fear had been the possibility of him rejecting her. When he’d stepped back and welcomed her in, her confidence had grown a hundredfold. All she had hoped for was to be held and kissed. But he’d done so much more. He’d given her such a sweet orgasm. She pulsed again, just thinking of it.

She realized that she had not looked at all of him last night. She had been nervous after all. But she had felt all of him, from his calloused hands on her breasts and his strong arms around her torso, to his firm abs against her back and his muscular thighs in her hands. And she had also felt that other part of him, rock hard and throbbing against her. He was thick and long, and that made her breath catch with nervous arousal.

Would I be able to accept all of you inside me?

Just then, the door to the room opened, to reveal the man who’d been occupying her thoughts. She blushed as he gazed heatedly at her. He held a tray with breakfast and placed it on the pedestal next to her.

“Good Morning, Love.” He whispered, sitting on the edge of the bed and leaning forward.

“Good Morning, Jason.” Talya replied as she moved forward and met his lips in a sweet, devastating kiss. His arms wrapped around her and he pushed her down against her pillows, before stretching out on top of her. He kissed her passionately, arousing both of them.

“Mmm, Talya!” He murmured a moment later as he pulled away. Her hands cradled his face.

“Thank you for last night.” She said.

“Shh... it was my pleasure.”

“I haven’t had an … mmm …. orgasm like that in years.” She whispered. He nodded in understanding.

“I’ll give you whatever you need whenever you need it.” He whispered.

Oh Jason....

“What if I need all you ... right now?” she whispered back.

“Oh God, Talya!” He choked. “Are you sure?”

She nodded, pulling his head down, her lips parting to accept his kiss.

A door banged closed somewhere in the house followed by Lebo’s shout.

“Storm, Talya, we brought breakfast.”

“Damn!” Storm stopped a millimetre from Talya’s lips and swore.

“Oh no…” Talya moaned. Not now, Lebo…. Not now…

“Hey, where are you two?” Lebo’s voice echoed.

“I’m going to put a new lock on that damn front door!” Storm growled and Talya nodded with a deep sigh.

“Lebo.” Teddy’s voice filtered upstairs. “Maybe we should leave.”

“Don’t be silly, Teddy. I’ll just go up and check on Talya.” Lebo said.

“Lebo, wait. Lebo!” Teddy cried out.

“Tonight?” Storm asked, mischief shining in his eyes.

“Tonight.” Talya promised, with a quick peck to his lips, before he got off her.

Later that day at a crime scene, Mike watched Storm.

“Teddy,” he called. “Did anything happen when you were at Storm’s house this morning?”

“Mmm, No!”

“Aha! Tell me. I can see something happened. I mean, Storm has a smirk on his face. That’s so not Storm!”

“Mike,” Matthews looked at Storm. “His scowling. And nothing happened. You better get back to work before Boss sees you.”

“I’m not going to ask you again.”

“Nothing happened. Storm just took a few minutes to come downstairs.” Teddy said. “He mmm stepped out of his bedroom just as Lebo and I reached the top of the stairway.”

“His bedroom? The room where Talya is sleeping... ohho oh!”

“He was fully dressed. He said Talya was resting and that neither Lebo nor I was allowed to disturb her.”

“Resting...” Mike grinned.

“Mike.” Teddy tensed but Mike didn’t notice.

“Well that’s interesting and good.”

“Mm, Mike.” Teddy’s eyes flashed.

”Rest is usually needed after vigorous ...”

“DeLuca, I don’t think you want to finish that sentence.” Storm whispered, right behind his head.

“You’re right Boss. I’ll just walk the perimeter again to make sure we didn’t miss anything.”

“You do that.” Storm said. Mike glimpsed him a second later, and Storm was smirking.

Talya was worried, sitting all alone in the bullpen. She wanted to be out in the field but Storm ordered her to stay at the office. After all, she was on desk duty. She was running the background check on the latest victim, when Lebo arrived in front of her desk.

“Tell me. No. Don’t. It’s none of my business. Oh, but I can see that something happened between you and Storm. Please tell me.” Lebo urged as she leaned over Talya’s desk. Manie happened to be walking past and stopped.

“You’re looking a bit tired Talya,” he said.

Director Malone also arrived in the bullpen. “Manie’s right. You should go home.”

“I’m okay. I’ll go home when Storm comes in.” Talya said. She saw Manie and Amanda watching her and Lebo pleading with her eyes. “I just have to finish this background check on Mr. Johannes.”

“I’ll finish it for you.” Lebo said.

“I’ll drive you home,” Amanda offered.

“Maybe I should take your BP and ....”

“Stop please.” Talya stood up and looked at each of them. “I appreciate your concern, but it is becoming stifling.”

“Oh!” Lebo recoiled. Amanda nodded and Manie just starred at her.

“I’ve been through a difficult few days, but I’m better now. I need to do my job. It’s what defines me. So please could you let me get on with it.” Talya sat down and started typing.

“Okay, Talya. You know where I will be if you need me.” Manie said.

“I’m heading out to a meeting.” Amanda said.

“Sorry Talya. I didn’t mean to crowd you.” Lebo said. She turned away, her head hanging down as she walked to the elevator.

“Lebo!” Talya tried to stop her, but Lebo was gone.

Talya knew that she shouldn’t have said what she did. But she just realized how ‘needy’ she had been and it grated on her nerves to think that her team might now think that she is weak. She was shocked that she had revealed her pain so openly and that everyone knew about her need to have a baby.

A Baby! How will I take care of a child?

But I can’t wait any longer or I may never have the chance...

A sharp cramp twisted her stomach, making her gasp, “What’s happening to me!”

She grabbed her bag and headed out the building as quickly as she could. Driving was out of the question, so she called for a taxi. While waiting for it to arrive her mind ran rampant trying to explain the cramps. Nearly 45 minutes late she stumbled into Storm’s house. The cramps were getting worse. She gasped hands against her lower abdomen. Slowly she made her way to the couch. In addition to the cramps, she also seemed to be having hot flushes and was extremely nauseous. Her head was pounding a mile a minute. Collapsing on the couch, she reached for the phone.

Do I call Storm? No, his busy, working and he can’t babysit me all the time.

Lebo? No, she’s still upset with me.


Amanda? She’s at a meeting....

Manie? I refused his help earlier.

Oh God, it hurts!

Dr Coleman!

Talya dialled her number praying that she would be available. She answered on the second ring.

“Dr Coleman.” Talya gasped. “Something’s wrong!”

“Calm down Talya. Tell me what’s happening.” Dr Coleman said.

“I’m cramping and feel like I’m going to throw up. My head’s about to explode and I’m so hot.”

“Where are you now? Can you get to my rooms?”

“At Storm’s house. Oh, I’m going to pass out.”

“Okay, I want you to remove your clothes if you can and lie down on the ground. Prop your feet up onto a chair or a couch. I’ll be there as quickly as possible.” Dr Coleman said.

“Okay. Hurry.” Talya urged as she let the phone slip from her hand. She unbuttoned her shirt with shaking fingers and pushed it off. Next to go were her shoes and pants. She slid from the couch onto the floor and lifted her weak legs up onto the couch. She whimpered as the cramps, the heat, the nausea and headache continued to plague her.

Storm strolled into the bullpen, his eyes searching for Talya. She wasn’t at her desk so he headed for the lab. He found Lebo sitting and starring into blankness.

“Lebo?” he asked.

“Oh Storm!” Lebo wrapped her arms around him. “I’m so sorry.”


“I didn’t mean to smother her and now she’s upset with us and I don’t know how to make it right because I don’t know how to be me without being the smothering me. But I care so much for her and she looked so tired and I just wanted to help her. But she reacted like I wanted to take over her job. But I wouldn’t... I couldn’t. She looked pale too, and Manie wanted to take her BP and she cut him off. The Director offered to take her home but she turned her down as well. I think she’s upset but with …”

Talya! He extracted himself from Lebo’s arms and turned to leave.

“Tell her I’m sorry.” Lebo shouted to his back.

He headed to the autopsy rooms to see it she was there.

“Ah Jason. Have you seen Talya?” Manie asked his eyes focused on the corpse in front of him.

“No. Did she come and see you Manie. Lebo said she was upset and didn’t look well.”

“No Jason. She refused my assistance. But from my visual examination, she looked pale; her eyes a bit red, and hands fidgety and her overall demeanour tense and upset.”

Storm removed his phone as he left autopsy and called her. But there was no answer. He called home and the line gave a busy tone. He rushed through the bullpen, putting Mike in charge.

“Boss, everything okay?” Mike asked.

“I don’t know DeLuca,” he whispered as the elevator door closed.

He drove faster than normal as he kept calling his home number. The continued engaged tone made all kinds of negative scenarios race through his mind. Finally arriving home, he found a car in his driveway. He ran from the car and threw the front door open. His jaw dropped and he stopped in his tracks, the sight in front of him too alarming.

Talya lay on her side on the floor dressed only in a black bra and matching panties. She was trembling and whimpering uncontrollably and in obvious pain. She body was pale and yet covered in perspiration. Dr Coleman sat next to her, her medical bag open.

“Talya!” fear making his voice sharp.

“It’s okay Agent Storm. She’ll be okay once I give her this.” Dr Coleman said lifting up a syringe filled with a dark green liquid. She administered the shot in Talya’s right butt and Talya gasped.

“What happened?” Storm demanded. Anger warred with concern and terror and he didn’t know what to do. Talya looked so small and so vulnerable. She reached for the blanket on the couch and pulled it across her body.

“Talya is suffering from a ....”

“It’s nothing.” Talya interrupted.

“You’re lying practically naked on the floor, shaking like a leaf and moaning in pain? That’s nothing?” Storm demanded. Anger... that’s what he needed to deal with this.

“Talya, he should know so that he can help you.” Dr Coleman said.


“Tell me what the hell’s going on!” Storm growled.

Dr Coleman looked from one to the other and said, “Talya is suffering from a very bad case of pre-menstrual tension.

“Pre-menstrual tension?”

“Yes, about twenty percent of women suffer from it. It starts with extremely painful cramps, nausea, hot flushes and a headache or migraine. Talya has all the symptoms. And her blood pressure is extremely low. That is why the pain is so much more intense. I expect her period to start within the next 24 hours. The symptoms should ease off by then.” Dr Coleman said.

Talya groaned, embarrassed that everything had been stated so plainly.

“What can I do to help her until then?” Storm asked, stepping forward and kneeling next to Talya. He took her hand in his and he looked at her. His eyes demanded, why didn’t you call me?

“Nothing.” Talya whispered. “You should be .... at work!”

“Talya...” Storm didn’t like how she was avoiding his eyes.

“I’m prescribing a pressure med to be taken twice a day for the next 3 days and an analgesic to be taken three times per day to control the cramping and headache. Talya needs to rest. She is highly stressed.” Dr Coleman said as she packed up her medical equipment.

“Thank you, Dr Coleman.” Talya said. Colour seemed to be returning to her face.

“Get some rest Talya and stop thinking so much. Call me if you need anything.” Dr Coleman said as she handed Storm the prescription and left.

Storm turned back to Talya, “Why?”

“Because you were at work and I can’t expect you to jump every time I need something. I’ve never had to rely on anyone for anything before. It’s enough that I need you to help me make a baby, but I can’t... no I won’t become overly dependent on you or anyone else.”

“I am going to say this once. If you want us to have a baby, you will make sure that you inform me of everything that is going on with you. If you exclude me like this again, you can find someone else to father your child!” That said, Storm lifted her in his arms and carried her upstairs. He tucked her into bed and noted her shocked expression as he left the room. Closing the door, he braced himself against it, breathing heavily...

Shit! What if she does turn to someone else!

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