Falling For The Bad Girl

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Of Course

I followed her into the diner as she slid into the nearest booth, her legs taking up the rest of the seat beside her. The place was not busy at all, mainly truckers and the odd couple tucking into some food before they got back on the road. I had not been here before, so I studied the menu carefully. It was your standard diner food, so I just went for my usual, preparing to slam on the extras. The waitress came over and smiled as she took my order.

'Hungry huh? What about you Miss?' She cast a wary eye over Veronica who pouted as she thought.

Those lips are killing me.

'I'm gonna go for the Philly cheesesteak, fries and a cola.'

'What are they teaching you kids at school nowdays?' She smiled kindly as I shrugged.

'Enough, put it that way.'

We laughed as Veronica stared out of the window, her eyes glazing over. The waitress left us then before returning with our drinks.

'I heard about what happened.' I said quietly as she turned to meet my eyes.

'Yeah I bet you did. Was it juicy, the version you heard?' Her eyes glittered as she smirked at me, before wrapping her lips around the pink and white straw, as I tried not to stare. Just a girl. Sucking on a straw. Move on Laughton.

Not just any girl though.


I was becoming increasingly pissed at myself for finding her attractive. She was someone I needed to keep away from- hell, I had already been in the principles office, kissed my best friends girl and almost gotten into a fight. All since I started taking to her.

'You got arrested? Ryder and Red are in jail? Any of that right?'

I was relieved to see the food coming so I could focus on something other than her deadly stare.

'That's right actually. So tell me why you kissed her today, after seeing what an absolute bitch she is.'

I smiled then as I reached for my burger, meeting her eyes as I shrugged.

'That kiss really bothered you didn't it? Why?' I bit into my burger, mustard and ketchup spilling over onto my fingers.

'Answer the question, Ace.'

I chewed on my food thoughtfully. Do I tell her why? Would it worry her thinking I did it to distract Ethan from potentially hurting her?

Fuck it.

'Ethan was gunning for you. He wanted you to pay for hurting Rochelle.' She lifted her eyebrows in amusement, no sign of worry or fear just yet.

''Our big shot footballer has a gun?' She seemed impressed and I rolled my eyes.

'It's an expression Veronica.'

She winced as I said her name.

'Ron, Ronnie, Von, Vonnie. Drop the full name for me, okay? We weren't all blessed with awesome names. '

She thought my name was awesome?

'Nope. I like Veronica.'

'The name or the person?' She was definitely flirting with me. That blush was creeping up my cheeks and I cursed having pale skin. I bet I looked like a damn traffic cone.


She smiled then, before biting her lip softly, as I closed my eyes to avoid eye contact.

'So why did you kiss her?' She pressed. Fuck, she was like a dog with a bone.

'So he'd see what she was really like. She's always tried to use me to make Rock jealous, so I just thought I'd distract him from you, if I could.'

She was staring at me now, frowning as she seemed to be having an internal dilemma.

'You kissed her, for me?' She gave a hollow laugh as I shrugged.

'Can't guarantee it will work, so you may want to make sure you aren't alone or whatever. He's a fucking prick.' I felt anger fill my veins as I finished my burger. 'You gonna eat that?' I nodded at her food which she hadn't touched in a while.

'I'm not hungry.'

'What happened to being starving?'

I'd rather have dealt with Ethan than watch you kiss her. '

I lifted my eyes up to hers in surprise. Was that actual emotion? Was she insinuating that she liked me? She met my gaze as she sucked on the straw, not taking her eyes away from mine.

Breathe Laughton.

'You deserve better, that's all. ' she shrugged nonchalantly and I sighed with relief. I stole a glance at her lips, feeling a pang of disappointment. What was I thinking?! This was Ryders girlfriend. He would hang me on the fucking washing line if he even knew I was here with her.

'I'm glad you see me as a friend. Friends tell each other stuff you know? Like how they get bruises.' I clenched my jaw as she narrowed her eyes at me.

'I'm not your usual girl, Ace. I like getting bruises, in certain situations.' She winked at me and I understood suddenly. Sexual bruises? I'm not a prude. I've slept with a few girls, but I've never hurt them, even when it got a bit heated. I just couldn't understand who would want to cause her pain like that. I felt the anger come back and I sighed in irritation.

'Ok, fine. But if you ever need me-'

She interrupted me then as she leaned over the table, pudding hey okay to the side as her hair spilled over her shoulder.

'Need you? What if I just want you?'

Her voice was so seductive I considered begging her to come home with me there and then- fuck the consequences.

'Do you?' I managed to say as she leaned back into her chair.

'Need you? No, not at all. I come from a shitty home, but I'm not abused or anything like that. I don't need a knight to come in and save me.'

She stood then, as I drew my wallet out to pay. She walked out of the diner, her hips almost snake like as i followed her, trying not to stare like every other man did when she walled by. I waited whilst she lit her cigarette, shaking my head in disapproval.

'But do I want you?' She moved closer to me as she blew the smoke over her shoulder away from me.

'That's the question isn't it? Do. I. want. You. I mean, I'm with someone else. He's not around right now though, and well. Here we are. '

My heart was hammering in my chest as she spoke, until I realised I was just entertainment to her whilst her boyfriend was locked up.

'Why do you play these games with me? You said yourself, you are with someone else. So let's just leave it shall we?' I was annoyed with her games now, and even more so at myself for getting sucked in.

'I don't understand it either, Ace! You are nothing like me. Nothing. We are from different worlds. I'm Ryders girl. Who would ever risk fucking him off? So yeah maybe you're right. Let's just fucking leave it.'

'Do you love him?' I grabbed her arm as she went to walk away, feeling her hot skin through the thin fabric. She turned to me, her eyes blazing.

'Of course I do.' She pulled her arm away from me as she walked away, and this time I didn't stop her.

Of course she did.

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