Falling For The Bad Girl

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Earth To Ace

I knew it was inevitable that Clarissa would have something to say. She wasn’t impressed, at all.

’You can’t stand her Ace. But kissing her is acceptable? Like, I get it. You guys think with your cocks. But you didn’t need to kiss her. Do you know how humiliating it is that she is my captain and you kissed her? Not to mention she is in love with your best friend. Do you have any standards?′

I folded my arms, distracted by the sight of Veronica walking into the school hallway, scowling when she saw me with Clarissa.

‘Hello? Earth to Ace?’

I turned my gaze back to Clarissa, her red hair almost glowing with anger as she shook her head.

‘You aren’t even listening to me now are you? Well you know what, fuck you.’

She pushed past me with a squeal of annoyance as I noticed a smile on Veronicas face.

‘What?’ I asked with exasparation. What was with all these girls lately? So I kissed a girl. It wasn’t like I enjoyed it.

‘Well shit, it seems like your ex isn’t overly pleased with you kissing Satans little lapdancer either.’

For fucks sake. It wasn’t like I’d grabbed her and had public sex.

I chewed on my lip as she gazed at me, an unreadable expression on her face as she seemed to consider something, those eyes dancing with mischief. I felt myself tense up as she leaned in close to my ear, that fucking voice of hers that made me want to kiss her in a way that would defiantly give Clarissa cause for a shit fit.

‘You ever want to give them something to really talk about, just say the word.’ She moved back slightly, her eyes searching mine as I inhaled the scent that was quickly becoming my addiction. How can she have this effect on me? Yeah, so she’s not like anyone else, she gets arrested and her boyfriend is terrifying and in jail.


But there’s something under that tough exterior that draws me in, like a moth to the flame. We stare at each other as though seeing each other for the first time, and I realise we are dangerously close.


We were alone then. Oblivious to the sea of students that were filling the halls, our world full of intrigue and desire. We weren’t the same two people we were this morning- she was just a girl, and I was clearly just a smitten guy. I cupped her face, her skin sending fire up my arm. Her gaze didn’t falter at all; if anything she challenged me with her eyes.

Go on, I dare you. They teased as I tried to fight the urge to kiss her.

‘If you two fuck, I want to watch.’

She scowled over my shoulder at who I could only imagine was my lump of a best friend, before disappearing into the masses.

‘What the fuck?’ I hissed at Rock as I tried to regain my composure, realising my heart was racing from touching her.

Rock laughed as he punched me playfully in the arm.

‘Mate she is so on my fucking list of things to do.’ He made a show of biting his clenched fist, his lust fully on display. ‘In those little jeans aswell, I’d take Ryder and Rochelle both on for a piece of that.’

I felt the scarily familiar coil of jealousy tightening in my stomach as I imagined what he wanted to do with her. Rock was more her type than I was, yet she never so much as looked at him. This made me feel smug temporarily, until Art verbally punched me in the gut.

‘She’s with Ryder. She wouldn’t cheat on him, they’re too tight. You guys are just friends, right? Odd friends, but hey. ’

He caught my eye, giving me a small smile.

Fucking reality.

She was with someone else. So why did I feel like she’d wanted me to kiss her? I decided I was going to ask her. There’s no point beating around the bush.

I waited for an opportunity to see her, which took until after lunch. She was in her usual spot, by the bleachers smoking. As soon as I saw her my heart did a little dance as it soared. She was deep in thought, as I strode up to her, my eyes on her mouth.

‘Put the shitty stick down, please?’

She continued to smoke, her eyes wide.

‘What are you going to do if I say no? Nothing. So stop asking me. It’s my comfort stick.’

She closed her eyes as she took a long drag before blowing it on my face. I pulled it from her mouth, stomping on it on anger. Why was she always pushing me?

‘I hate it. I’d offer to replace them if they were anything else but they’re not. I need to talk to you. ’

She gaped at me in shock as she looked at the cigarette on the floor.

‘Are you for real right now?’ She spat angrily.

‘Are you with Ryder?’

There. Said it. She blinked furiously as she shook her head in disbelief.

‘What the fuck Ace? You can’t try and make me into one of them.’ Her hand flew in the direction of the field where the cheerleaders and footballers usually practiced. ‘I’m not a fucking Barbie doll, news flash. I’m Morticia Addams.’

Why the fuck was she so beautiful when she was angry? Her chest moved quickly with her breathing, eyes flashing dangerously as she hissed at me. Her hands were on her hips as she glared at me.

Is that what she thought? I wanted her to change? I began to laugh then and her eyes took on a wild glaze.

‘I’d never want you to change.’ I said simply.

She stood and watched me, like I was a predator and she was the prey.

‘I’m hardly the girl you take home to Mama. ’

‘I didn’t think you’d care what anyone thought of you. Can you answer my question?’

‘Why do you want to know? First you want to take away my favourite habit, now you are grilling me on my relationship. What is it you want, Ace?’


‘Something is going on. Between us. You won’t admit it but its there.’

Her eyes raked down my body before she exhaled loudly.

’Everywhere I go, there you are. You just, bother me. There’s nothing going on, I just like to tease you. I know the effect I have on you, and I guess I abuse that power.′

Her words cut through me like a knife, and I realised how very wrong I had been.

I bother her?

‘I’ll admit I can tolerate you more than others. But no, I don’t want to jump on your cock or anything. Sorry.’

I was silent whilst she spoke, her tone final.

‘If i bother you so much, I will keep out of your way.’ I stated coldly, realising she was still the bitch she was a few weeks ago.

She looked at me coolly before lighting up her next cigarette. When the end burned fire orange, she turned away from me dismissively. I ignored my bodies demands to be close to her, instead deciding I was absolutely done with this enigma that was Veronica Dale.

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