Falling For The Bad Girl

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What's Cooking, Good Looking?

‘Stop being a pussy. Take your hands away from your eyes! What would your fans say?’ I teased as Rock hid from the horror film on tv. He had tried to pretend it was banter but it was clear he was terrified. I loved scary films, and as it was my choice, and my house, The Conjuring won. It was at the scene where the ghost witch was crouched at the top of the wardrobe ready to pounce on the poor kids.

‘Im not a fucking pussy. I just don’t like witches.’ he shuddered.

‘Could’ve fooled me.’ smirked Art.

’Fuck off. I get laid daily mate.′ it was his turn to smirk as Art shook his head.

‘Its not about that, how many times do I need to tell you?’

I paused the film and laid my head back as they began to bicker like bitches. I heard the door open and Violets head popped through the door.

‘Dinners ready.’

We all jumped up, fighting to get to the kitchen first. Violet was an amazing cook, and tonight was no exception. The scent of garlic, tomatoes and beef filled the air as I walked into the kitchen, inhaling deeply. She had made a lasanga topped with three different cheeses, with a side plate filled with thick crusty cheesy garlic bread. The girl loves cheese, and I ain’t complaining.

‘Thanks sis.’ I smiled as I nudged Rock. He glanced up, garlic bread already in his mouth.

‘Yeah thanks sis. You’ll make someone an excellent wife one day.’ He winked and she blushed before rolling her eyes.

’Who said I want to be a wife? Anyway, my husband will cook for me.’she grinned as she leaned back on the stove, her arms folded as she watched us in satisfaction. ‘Anyway if I don’t cook, you will all live off frigging pizza forever.’

Rock pointed at her then before walking out of the kitchen.

‘You got that right. Keep on cooking good looking.’

‘I love that guy, but he’s a chauvinistic pig at times.’ She said, glancing at his retreating back.

‘Thank you, Vi. This is incredible. I can’t believe you made it all by yourself from scratch. For us too.’ Art spoke softly, his eyes lowered as he spooned the food onto a plate.

‘Its cool. Im glad you appreciate my talents.’ She grinned as he blushed deeply.

‘Im sure you’ve got many more. You need to give me this recipe.’ He closed his eyes and groaned in delight as he ate. Violet beamed at him.

‘Oh I will, then maybe one day you can cook for us.’


I never understood why Art wasn’t inundated with women. I think it was the fact he actually respected them so much they saw him as too good, too boring. Most girls fell for Rock and his bad boy ways, but I felt whoever he ended up with would be extremely lucky.

We sat back in the lounge, forking food into our mouths gratefully as we all gave grunts of appreciation to Violet who revelled in the attention.

‘The Conjuring? Man I love this film.’ She said as she sank into the sofa in between me and Art.

‘Its shit.’ Said Rock staring at his phone.

‘Rocks scared. Even though his girlfriend is genuinely scarier than any paranormal entity I’ve ever come across.’ I quipped.

‘Didn’t say that when you were kissing her did you?’ He snapped with annoyance.

Was he ever gonna get over that?

‘What? You kissed Rocks girlfriend?’ Squeaked Violet with surprise. I saw Rock scowl at me over his phone as I groaned.

‘She wasn’t my girlfriend, or your brother would be dead. Anyway hes more into bad girls. ’ he winked at me as I ignored him, focusing on the film intently. Violet nudged me.

‘Which bad girl?’ She looked at me with interest and I shrugged.

‘Nothing and no one. I’ve got more going on with the nun in this film.’

I was not prepared to spend my Saturday night taking about Veronica. God even her name annoyed the hell out of me.

The doorbell rang and none of us budged, too stuffed from the food and to lazy to move. Violet glared at each of us in turn before sighing.

‘Nope, don’t get up, I’ll get it. Let’s hope it’s not a serial killer. ’

‘I’m here baby, if you need me. Been telling you for years.’ Called Rock as i stared at him.

″You need to shut up. Banter or not. That’s my sister. ′

He blew me a kiss in response. God he could be a prick sometimes.

‘Erm, Clarissa is at the door for you Ace..’ Violet screwed up her nose as she sank back into the sofa, her eyes glittering with curiosity. Rocks mouth dropped open in disbelief.

‘Maybe she knows I’m here?’ He suggested hopefully as Violet shook her head.

‘Nope, she asked for Ace. Sorry champ. ’

‘Don’t be sorry. I get to sit here with you. ’

‘Really Rock? That’s what these girls fall for?’ She said as Art laughed.

I chuckled as I made my way to the door, pulling it open to reveal messy red hair, nude lips and sea blue eyes.

There she stood, smiling at me.

What the fuck was she doing here?

‘I’m sorry to turn up like this. I just wanted to see you. ’ she glanced down as she spoke and I sighed. She had that look in her eyes that told me she was experiencing anxiety after our public spat today, and she needed to make it right between us. I grabbed my coat and her eyes lit up.

‘Walk?’ I offered with a smile, and she nodded. When she was younger her parents had argued alot before they divorced, which meant she used to go on long walks to take her mind off it. I called to Violet that I wouldn’t be long, and pulled the door shut behind me.

‘I’m sorry about today. I was a bitch.’ She gave me a half smile then, as she reached out to squeeze my hand. Once upon a time I would have raised it to my lips to kiss, but time had made us little more than strangers.

‘Its ok, but I don’t get it. Me and you, well- there is no me and you. So I dunno, it felt a little bit like my girlfriend was ripping me a new one.’

We turned the corner then, the street silent before us. The houses mainly held families, tv lights visible through the windows as people relaxed into their Saturday night.

‘I know, I know. I just, miss you, I guess. ’

I know that feeling. Some nights when I’m in bed I miss a warm body curled around mine, soft breathing on my neck as we sleep contentedly.

‘I’ve been seeing someone Ace.’ Her voice was soft as she spoke, her eyes looking anywhere but at me.

Well. That hurt more than it should.

She’s moving on, this is good.

I gulped as she continued, pushing her hair behind her ear.

‘I thought it was just a bit of fun but its turning out to be more. I really like him, and he can be such a dick. Then I saw you with her and I just got emotional..I know how fucking amazing you are and she doesnt deserve you. ’

I didn’t know what to say. We stopped then as I faced her, tears filling her eyes.


‘Its ok. Come here. ’ I opened my arms and she rushed in, her familar perfume filling my nostrils. I kissed the top of her head and the scent of cherry shampoo made me smile.

‘You deserve to be adored too. It’s not like you to get involved with dicks though, but I suppose I’ve set the standard quite high.’ I teased as she moved, wiping her eyes.

‘I know. He’s older than me. You’d think he would know better. Anyway, that’s my problem not yours. I just wanted you to know that today- that’s not me. At all. I just don’t see you with girls, ever. It was odd.’

I gazed down the street as she spoke, aware of two girls walking towards us.

‘It was jealousy, Ace.’

I looked back at her then as she laced her fingers through mine, resting her head on my chest.

‘Its cool. Just, calm down about it. Go home and get some rest. Want me to walk you?’

She lived a few streets from me, so I would have peace if mind she was home safe. The world was a dangerous place for girls at times. Hell, it was for us boys too!


I heard a voice say sweetly.

Oh no.

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