Falling For The Bad Girl

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I stood outside with Rock, who grinned at me eagerly.

'Oh man, I am ready for this. My brother told me they only charge $25 a dance.'

He walked confidently to the doors, where two burly looking bald men stood intimidatingly. This was a bad idea.

'Evening boys. $20 entrance fee. You need to buy drinks, but if you get rowdy we will throw your asses outside. No touching the girls unless agreed prior. Understood?'

No mention of ID or our ages. Hmm.

We nodded and they moved the purple velvet rope as we glanced at each other, before walking into the darkness. The darkness opened up to a large room, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling giving a glow in the cloak of darkness, a bar along one side lit by violet lights above the glasses, the scent of perfume choking me. A podium was in the middle of the room, lightbulbs running along it like a catwalk with black velvet chairs lined up around it. Every seat was full, suited men with tumblers of whiskey in their hands, even women sat with glasses of wine in their hands as they watched the dancers appreciatively.

The dancers.

Rock slapped his hand on my chest as he pointed at a girl with a black lace underwear set on, her white hair shimmering under the lights, her lips slick with pink gloss as she walked around delivering drinks.

'Who the fuck is that? I want a dance from her.'

He strutted over, as a man wider than the door we had walked through stood in front of him. Clearly he had to go through that guy. I chuckled at his lack of etiquette and gazed around the club, my eyes seeking her out. I felt a hand around my neck as a voice whispered sweetly in my ear.

'Want a dance baby? We can do it here or privately. I would love to dance for you.'

I smiled as the girl ran her fingers down my chest, and I noticed her skin had clearly seen too much of the sun, giving her that leather handbag look. She wore a thin red vest that left nothing to the imagination, with a red lace thong.

'$20 dollars.' She whispered in my ear seductively.

I coughed as I smiled awkwardly.

'Erm, I would love to, but no thank you.'

Her eyes narrowed before she ran her long red nails down my arm.

'What about a taster for free? See what you think?'

I gulped as she sat me down, sliding her self onto me, moving her hips as her hair ran over my face as she licked my ear.

What the fuck? What happened to no contact?!

'No thank you.' I said firmly, holding my hands up.

'Mate, Syn is here, lets go.'

I heard a guy next to me whisper as they made their way past us, their eyes wide as they knocked their drinks back. I saw the dancer before me sigh as she stood up, flicking her hair to the side as she did, before eyeing up a woman beside us who had been watching her appreciatively. I sighed in relief as I looked around for Rock, who was nowhere to be seen. Private dance somewhere I bet. It was then that I saw her. My breath caught in my throat as she walked forward, her black hair messy, eyes circled with coal make up, her lips nude. She wore a deep purple bra with black lace, matching panties and suspenders, her long black nails exposed by fingerless leather gloves. Her long legs were extended even further by her clear stilettos, and I felt my mouth go dry.

I gazed at her as she smiled coyly at the men around her, and I noticed she too had a bald burly guy by her side. She was helped onto the podium, as all eyes went on her. She walked over to the silver pole in the centre with ease, as music exploded from speakers I didn't care to look around for.

Was she for fucking real?

She held onto the pole, the gloves wrapping around it with what looked like a firm grip- mind out of the gutter Ace- as she swung her body around easily, to cheers from the audience. I watched her dance as though I was hypnotised, unable to tear my eyes away from her. I watched as she went on all fours, crawling over to a group of guys who were peeling off notes like it was free money. She allowed them to slip the notes into her underwear and I felt the jealousy bubbling inside of me. Whatever she earned in a night here, I wanted to give her just to make her stop. If she was mine, I would not share her. At all. Was Ryder insane?

'Like what you see? She's a beauty isn't she? Her and Syn are the favourites here.' The barman spoke as he polished the glasses, looking at the girls admiringly. I noticed now that Veronica had been joined on stage by a stunning girl, her waist length black hair in thick curls that spilled down her back. Veronica was now being helped off the stage as she headed towards the bar. Her eyes met mine and I registered the surprise and shock as she quickly recovered.

'Do you want a dance?' She murmured, her bodyguard eyeing me suspiciously. She pulled me to my feet with surprising strength for her size. Her eyes bored into mine as she continued.

'Privately? Its $40.'

I nodded, unable to trust my tongue to peel itself from the roof of my mouth to form any kind of response. She smiled as she nodded at her bald dude, who followed us as we walked into a room that had a single chair and cushioned walls. A black chandelier hung from the ceiling compete with red bulbs. Wow- Now I felt like I was in a strip joint.

Cushioned walls though?

I sat in the seat and stared at her nervously, this girl that was rapidly turning into my favourite fantasy. She danced slowly as she lowered herself down onto me, that fucking scent of hers now very up close and personal. She leant backwards with her legs tightly wrapped around me and I prayed that my cock wouldn't harden. How embarrassing would that be?

I gulped as she moved, her hips seducing me as her stomach rolled with every movement, her breasts close to my mouth.

Don't touch, Ace.

She kept her eyes on mine as she began to loosen her bra, to which I shook my head.


She raised an eyebrow at this as she stood, letting her bra slide to the floor.


I even tried to close my eyes but they wouldn't abide. This was fucking killing me. Did she do this for everyone? Oh that was working. Jealousy.

'Do you like what you see Ace?' She whispered in my ear, her tongue sliding down my neck, causing my body to jump in response.

'If you want to pay more I can take it all off.'

Jealousy reared its head as I closed my eyes, trying not to imagine other men ripping their hearts out as payment. How far did she go exactly?

She bit her lip as she smiled wickedly, sitting back down on my lap whilst my arms hung awkwardly by my sides. Its cool. Just Veronica Dale sitting on my lap in a thong, gloves and suspenders.


'You can put your arms around me if you like.' She smiled, getting my hands and sliding them around her bare waist.

'I thought I couldn't touch?' I managed to croak out as she pouted at me.

'You can if I say you can. I say you can.' She said softly, running her nail across my lip. My hands automatically slid down to her ass and I whipped them up, looking at her apologetically.

'Its ok.' She whispered softly, her hands laced behind my neck.

'Times up Rage.' Said a deep voice, and the lights went bright as she moved away from me slowly, her perfect nipples hardening as she ran her hands over them, before hooking her bra back on.


'How much for you to leave with me now?' I said gruffly and she glared at me.

'I'm not a fucking hooker Ace.' Her tone had changed, almost back to the bitch we all knew and loved.

'I know that, I mean to just LEAVE here. However much you will earn. Please.'

I didn't even know if I could afford that, but I couldn't bear the thought of her walking back out there to do this again for money- nothing was worth that. I realised cared more for her than I thought.

'Not enough handsome.'

She walked back through the door, leaving me sat almost gasping for breath on the chair.

What in all things holy had just happened?

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