Falling For The Bad Girl

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What Are You Good At?

'A fucking strip club?!'

I winced as Rochelles high pitched voice echoed down the hallway, knowing Rock was massively in the shit. I shut my locker and walked in the opposite direction, not that it mattered seeing as their argument was now escalating.

'You know what? I should have never got back with you Rock. You will never change!'

Well, I suppose she did have a point there. He wouldn't ever change. I pushed through the double doors sighing as the prospect of Math for the next hour made me want to weep. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my arm, gripping me tightly as it pulled me away from the crowds and into a little nook of lockers. I stumbled as I realised it was Veronica. What was she doing?

'Wanna skip Math?'

She breathed, her face close to mine. She was searching my face with those damn eyes, and I remembered my private dance from her two nights ago. I didn't need nuch convincing as I nodded, causing her to bite her bottom lip as she smiled.

'Follow me, but try not to make it obvious, ok?' she commanded, her voice firm. Again, I nodded as I watched her move away, crossing the hall to push through an exit that led to the school field. I ran my hands through my hair as I tried to casually follow her without drawing attention, slipping through the doors unnoticed. She was hovering near the storage door, where the janitor kept most of his stuff. She folded her arms as she tapped her foot impatiently. God she was so beautiful. She wore a rocky blue summer dress and a leather jacket, complete with converse boots, making her legs my first eye breakfast of the day - and man was I hungry.

She pulled a hairpin from behind her ear as I approached, fiddling with the lock before sliding in easily, leaving the door ajar for me.

I glanced around, a feeling of unease sweeping over me. The grounds were pretty empty now with most people in class, so I bit the bullet and followed her into the room. She pulled the door shut behind me, and we were plunged into darkness.

What the fuck?

'Are you scared of the dark?'

I heard her say softly, surprisingly close to me. I gulped as I reached out to steady myself, unaware of my surroundings.

'No.' I whispered, not entirely sure why I felt the need to be quiet. I nearly jumped a mile as a hand brushed mine before the room filled with light. She stood before me, laughing as she shook her head.

'Have you ever skipped class before?' She pulled herself up onto the side that was neatly organised with boxes, all clearly labelled. But honestly, fuck the boxes. She was swinging her legs, leaning forward as she watched me curiously. I shrugged as I glanced down, embarrassed that I hadn't.

'Welcome to the dark side. Have you figured out anything you are really good at yet Ace?' her voice was low and husky as she gazed at me, her lips parted slightly. I didn't answer her right away, the silence was deafening.

'Veronica what am I doing here?' I asked, slowly walking forward. Our eyes met and that feeling in my gut returned, the one that told me she was life, and I needed to live. She leaned forward, her fingers brushing mine as I felt my heart hammer in my chest. I stood as still as a statue, terrified if I moved any closer I would be eternally a prisoner of those emerald eyes.

'Ace, come closer for fucks sake.'

Her words commanded me to move, my head screaming danger, my body totally ignoring the calls. I moved closer, her scent making me close my eyes as I inhaled. She pulled me up to her, so I was standing between her legs.

No big deal Ace. Its just like the other night when she danced for you.. except this wasn't her job.

'Veron-' I began, but I was silenced by her finger on my lips. She smiled sweetly.

'Sshh Ace. You talk too much. Sometimes you need to just do.' Her eyes seemed to stare into my soul as I slowly moved closer to her, remembering the last time we had been this close she wore nothing but a thong and gloves.

Wrong line of thought Ace....

'Did you like my dance?' this time her voice was like a whisper, her breath hot on my face. I ran my finger over her lips, the desire to kiss them making it hard for me to see straight.

'If you were my girlfriend, you'd never do that.' I mumbled as she kissed my finger softly, causing me to groan.

'Why? Because of what people would think of me?'

Her eyes flashed dangerously and I shook my head.

'I couldn't fucking share you with anyone.'

Her eyes changed as she realised what I had said, her fingers lacing behind my head, pulling me closer to her. I hesitated slightly, searching her eyes for permission, causing her to pull me towards her. Our mouths met, finally. It was as though something was unleashed in me as I kissed her urgently, my hands running through her hair as I drew her into me. She wrapped her legs around my waist as her tongue flickered against mine expertly. She tasted faintly of cigarettes, but I couldn't care less. She pulled away, breathing heavily as she spoke.

'I think we've found something you're really fucking good at.'

I smiled then as she pulled me back towards her, her full lips against mine as she guided my hand inbetween her legs as she kissed me deeply.

Oh my fucking Lord.

My fingers were touching the lace of her panties which were now soaking wet. She pushed against me and I slipped a finger into the sweet wetness between her legs. She moaned against my mouth as I moved my fingers, my mouth on her neck as I kissed her softly. She arched back as she gasped, her eyes closed as she bit down on her lip, hard. My fingers worked expertly against her as our mouths met again, our lips smashing against each other as she bit my bottom lip so hard I tasted blood. Suddenly she was bucking against me as she moaned into my mouth, grabbing my hand to tell me she didn't need it anymore. We pulled away from each other slightly, our foreheads touching as we breathed.

'Wow, Ace. Who knew a good boy could do that?'

I laughed and she kissed me again, making me feel like the luckiest man alive. My heart was beating so fast I thought it might actually explode out of my chest, the yearning in my stomach was causing physical pain. She was like a drug to me, quite literally my addiction. Bad things can only come of this, but right now I didn't care.

Now that we had crossed the boundary of friends, we couldn't get enough of each other. We continued to touch each other in some capacity; be it fingers, foreheads, tongues. My body had craved her for so long it was demanding its fill. But reality was never far away.

'Ryder?' I asked softly as she stiffened in my arms.

'Ace don't..' for the first time ever, she sounded fragile. I lifted her face to look at me, kissing her lips softly. This was not an argument for now.

'I just don't want to die just yet.' I joked as she closed her eyes.

'No one will know. Just, don't tell anyone, okay?' She chewed on her fingernail, her eyes full of anxiety.

Who was this girl?

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