Falling For The Bad Girl

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I stared at him, his blue eyes glittering with mischief.

'You are fucking mental Rock James.'

Rock grinned.

'It would work. Talk to Clarissa. I'm telling you, it will work.If nothing else, you are doing her a favour. Roe is a fucking waster.'

I chewed on my cheek, mulling it over. He did have a point. Clarissa was seeing Roe, who was a massive dick weed, also friends of Ryder and co. It would free us both from that little collective.

'You'd need to make it believable. You are exes though, it would work. Right, I'm going to sleep. I'll kip on the sofa, and I will see you in the morning yeah?'

He stood, looking pointedly at the sofa I was splayed over. I groaned as I dragged myself up, muttering a goodnight before making my way to my room. I slept fitfully, my dreams filled with confrontation and death, probably thanks to Rock. I showered quickly and threw on a hoody and jeans before jogging out of the house, grateful everyone was still sleeping. My mind was suddenly clear, and I have to say that was thanks to Rock. I jogged through the quiet streets until I reached her house. There was no sign of life as the house remained eerily quiet. I glanced around before making my way to the back garden, closing the gate quietly behind me. My heart was pounding as I glanced up at her window. The french doors were open slightly, the curtains moving ever so slightly in the breeze. I waited for a while, until I was sure there was no sign of life in the house, before I hoisted myself onto the flat roof below her window, managing to climb the wall easily, years of practice helping me. I crouched down at her window, completely prepared for someone to be in the room with her. I knew her family well, and somehow I didn't see them being ok with it being anyone but me. I felt a flutter in my chest as I pulled the curtain over slowly, revealing her sleeping form. Her auburn hair fell in curls around her chest, the thick duvet wrapped around her body. The room looked exactly as I remembered, the clothes strewn on the floor where they had fell, the white desk littered with sweet wrappers and charging cables. I shook my head as I remembered the sweet fetish she had, constantly stopping by stores to grab packets of them to keep her cravings met.

'Clarissa.' I said softly, not wanting to wake anyone else in the house. She didn't move, and I sighed, moving over to the bed. I shook her foot softly, knowing if I scared her I would be spending the next few nights in a cell, that girl could scream.

'Clarissa, its me, wake up.' She groaned as she opened her eyes slowly, bolting upright when she saw me crouching at the end of her bed.

'Fucking hell Ace, what the flying fuck are you doing!' She hissed, her eyes wide despite having been sound asleep seconds earlier.

'Hey, I'm sorry, I just needed to see you.'

When we were together this was a regular occurrence. I would climb in and be there for when she woke up, as she requested. I have to say this was a first though, breaking and entering into her house at barely eight am. She sat up and I was briefly reminded of how intimately we knew each other, as her hand reached for mine, her eyes full of concern.

'Ace, is everything ok? You are worrying me.'

'God I'm sorry. I just had an idea, that's all.' I felt sheepish, until she grinned at me.

'I always loved seeing you first thing in the morning.' She murmered.

I smiled then as I nodded, recalling how we would usually spend the next hour or so exploring each other sexually, until we had to get up.

'If you think I'm crazy, tell me to get out.' I began nervously.


'So you are seeing Roe.'

I saw a flicker of emotion pass through her eyes before it was blinked away rapidly.

'Its insane isn't it? I wish I could just, say no, I just feel sucked into his world. He has this ability to click his fingers and I ask how high, even though I know I am one of so many. I'm an idiot.' I waited whilst she spoke, annoyed that Roe could treat her like that: but also aware that it was because we had ended our relationship. She had felt insecure and lonely, and he had seen that window of opportunity.

Your fault ace. Now what?!

She played with a stray thread on the duvet, her nails bare and short, different to the ones raking down my back the other day.

Go away Veronica.

'So why are you here?' She asked quizzically, tilting her head to gaze at me.

'Well. Let's just say we are both involved with the wrong people for us.' I spoke carefully, aware of how she had reacted to a fake kiss with Rochelle the other day.

'What? Who are you involved with?!' She shrieked, as I held my hands up.

'Not involved like you are with Roe, just a kiss. But listen, I wondered if you wanted to use me as a safety net. Of course it works both ways.'

She studied me with her eyes wide.

'Right, what? Who have you kissed? What do you mean by safety net?'

I sighed as I explained I had kissed someone and sworn not to tell a soul, but after her assuming it was a teacher or another parent- I mean really, come on- I told her who it was. I knew she would not say anything. She wasn't a gossip.

'Wow. Veronica? She's so.. different.' she indicated herself, before we caught each others eyes.

'I'm hardly Roe.' I pointed out.

We laughed easily then, her face lighting up.

'So, how do you become my safety net?'

'We just make it clear we are together. Silence the rumours. Stop each other saying yes to them. Its safe, Clarissa.'

'Safe? Me being with you is safe? Don't forget we are exes. We have history. What if we catch feelings?'

She said it so matter of factly I was ashamed to admit it hadnt crossed my mind. I was so fixated on being Veronica free I hadnt considered it.

'I just kinda assumed we wouldn't.' I grinned as she rolled her eyes.

'Typical Ace. Of course its a possibilty, but lets just see how it goes. So in public we are... back together. Right? Like a fake relationship.' she scrunched her nose up and I chewed on my bottom lip.

'Yes. Only if you are comfortable with it.'

There was a silence then as we both seemed to sift through the memory bank of us, neither wanting to mention it to the other for fear of entering dangerous territory.

'Well, it means I can't see Roe anymore.' She shrugged as she climbed out of bed, her long t shirt barely skimming her thighs. I tried to look away as she changed in front of me.

'Erm, shall i go?'

'After waking me so early? No, you can take me for coffee. We need to discuss this in more detail.'

'Right. Coffee.'


My eyes flickered over to her as I tried not to notice she was half naked, pushing her slender legs into tight jeans. She shrugged a grey shirt on which fell mid thigh, before pulling her hair into a loose French roll.

'Shall I meet you out front?' She repeated, looking at me strangely. Had she already asked me that? I nodded, sending her a quick smile as I made my way back down my secret entrance, careful not to break my neck.


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