Falling For The Bad Girl

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‘Final year. One more year of prison as we know it, then we are unleashed upon the unsuspecting universe.’ Art declared, slamming his locker, his blond hair flopping into his eyes.

‘Yeah, and maybe, just maybe, you will get laid.’ drawled Rock in a bored tone.

‘Look, not everything is about getting laid. Its about meeting the right girl-’

Rock pushed his hand into Arts face dismissively. ‘Bro, I can’t even listen to that shit. You don’t really believe theres one girl just waiting for you to come along, pop her cherry and thats it? Happily ever after? No man.’

‘Considering you have never picked up a book in your life, your horizons are limited. I wouldn’t expect you to understand.’ Art shoved him back and the two of them began to play fight like kids in a playground.

‘Guys. We have been in the hallway two minutes and you are already fighting.’ I sighed as I leaned against the lockers, my eyes drifting up and down the busy hallway. Final school year was finally here, and I was a little apprehensive to say the least. The pressure would be on to get into a good college, and as I wasn’t sporty or particularly gifted I had to rely on my academic skills, which left a bit to be desired.

‘Like bitches too.’ I heard a voice mutter as I looked up to see Veronica Dale passing us, a cigarette hanging out of her plump lips, her green eyes painted a deep black. She wore a tight black t shirt which clung to her curves, with jeans that looked like they had been sprayed on. Her boots were thigh high, drawing attention to her insane ass.

‘Sup Vonnie, looking hot.’ Smirked Rock as he held Art in a headlock, whose face was turning beet red as he struggled to get out of his grip. She didn’t respond, she just kept walking towards the back of the school, drawing attention as she did.

’She will never go there. She’s with Ryder Lucas man.′ Art finally released himself from Rocks vice like grip. ‘God you are a prick. Look at the state of me now.’

I gazed in the direction of where she had walked and shook my head. She had such a bad attitude, yet Rock was so into her. I think it was purely because she was unobtainable. I didn’t see it- she was rude, offensive and cursed more often than I inhaled. I wasn’t blind though- sure she was attractive, but it stopped there. She had no depth to her. She skipped classes to smoke with her deadbeat boyfriend who had left school the year before to deal drugs. What a guy.

‘Yeah, but Ryder isn’t here is he?’ Rock quipped as he winked at Art.

’I still don’t think that gives you any advantage.′

I laughed then, shaking my head. My best friends were like this constantly, chalk and cheese but they were as thick as thieves. We made our way to class, their argument continuing as we walked in, grabbing three chairs in the middle. I liked History, something about times gone by that I found fascinating. I think Rock fell asleep at one point, until the teacher woke him abruptly with a loud clap near his ear.

‘Seeing as you find History so fascinating Rock, you get extra homework.’ He groaned as she walked by, continuing the discussion on Martin Luther King. The lesson seemed to go by quite quickly and as my stomach growled I realised we had lunch next. YES!

We made our way to the carnage that was the lunch hall, and joined the queue of the hungry. I gazed around as I noticed a group of girls making their way over to us, and I sighed internally.

Meet Rochelle Adams, captain of the cheer leading team, all sapphire eyes and sunkissed blonde hair that she wore loose to her waist. She folded her arms as she gazed at me, her eyes running up and down my body appreciatively as she spoke.

‘Hey Ace. How was your summer break?’ Her voice was high pitched and irritating, but to displease her would mean social death. I smiled softly as I nodded.

‘Yeah it was alright. Yours?’

She flicked her hair over one shoulder as she chewed on her lip thoughtfully.

‘Well,I went to Cheer Camp, which was insane. Then we spent a few weeks in Mexico, soaking up some real sun.’

‘I bet you soaked up more than Mexican sun Rochelle.’ Rock commented as she fixed him with a deadly stare.

‘Oh and what did you do? Hand out sympathy fucks by the grocery store?’ She snapped, her blue eyes flashing as he folded his arms in front of him.

‘No sympathy, just good, hot sex.’ He smirked as she turned away and focused her attention back on me.

‘You should try out for the football team, you’ve got the build for it.’ My eyes reached Rocks as he turned away like he wasn’t bothered, but I knew he was.

‘I’m not that great at football to be honest. Listen, I’ll catch you later, I’m starving.’

‘Yeah, gotta keep this body fed.’ called Rock as he lifted his t shirt up, showing her his ripped abs. She shook her head as she stormed away, her minions following her obediently.

‘I see why you don’t like History.’ murmured Art as we stood awkwardly until I ran my hand through my mess of curls.

’Dude, I have no intention-’He stopped me then, his brown eyes crinkling at he looked in her direction as she leaned over the footballers table, her little skirt riding up to see her silky underwear on display. I noticed Ethan Grand peering around and giving her ass a light tap, to which she made a huge play out of how rude he was, whilst letting him pull her onto his lap. She giggled outrageously as she whispered in his ear, her eyes on us the entire time.

‘She’s a head fuck. Look at her with Grand. He can fucking have her. ’ He turned and paid for his food as I followed suit. I did feel for him. Rock and Rochelle had a feisty relationship that was beyond hard to keep up with, if they weren’t fucking in the bleachers they were screaming at each other in front of the whole school. Frankly, it was embarrassing. Rock had no shortage of admirers though, he had that tall, dark and handsome thing down to perfection. He wore his hair slicked back with gel, his body which was ripped from his love of running and weight lifting was always on display in some tight shit. I cracked open my can of coke as I saw Rocks eyes light up.

‘Man I would love to fuck that, even if it was for a few minutes. Imagine how good she would be.’

I knew who he was talking about without turning around.

Veronica Dale. She walked by, sinking her teeth into an apple, her bag slung over her shoulder. I noticed something fall out of her bag and I reached down to pick it up, before jogging up behind her.

‘Hey, you dropped this.’ I called as she stopped and turned, my stomach dropping as she looked at me with those silver green eyes. Her mouth had a natural pout, her lips lined with a dark red. She tilted her head to look at me before extending her slender hand tipped with long black nails. ‘So can I have it back?’ She murmurs quietly, her voice quiet but husky, making me lose my focus momentarily. ‘Are you fucking deaf?’ She raises her eyebrows now and I realise I was staring at her. I look down to my hand and see the item she dropped is no other than the ‘Dracula’ book. She snatches it from me and I hold my hands up as she shoves it back into her bag.

She reads classics? Oh this was interesting.

‘Excellent choice.’ I nod to the bag and she rolls her eyes.

‘Anything else, pretty boy?’ She didn’t wait for an answer as she turns and walks away, her hips swaying as I find my eyes roaming up and down her body.

Jesus Christ.

‘Damnnnnnnnnn!’ I hear Rock roar as I turn back to see him sitting on the table, eating his sandwich. ‘Our boy Ace actually spoke to the ice queen that is Veronica Dale.’ He whooped and a handful of people laughed as I shook my head.

‘Stop being a prick.’ I muttered as I slumped back down in my seat, unable to get her silver green eyes out of my mind.

‘So did you drop a line on her?’ Rock pressed, licking salad cream from his fingers. I frowned at him as I shook my head. I didn’t ever join in with the banter, and neither did Art, but I didn’t want to talk about Veronica Dale any more.

The bell rang, signalling the end of lunch. English Literature now, another favourite. That’s pretty much it, I didn’t have any passion or love for the other subjects, and I seriously detested Math which I had towards the latter part of the day. I just made it to class when I realised my book was in my locker, so I jogged back, searching for my dog eared copy of ‘Great Expectations’ and slammed the door shut when I found it. I hurried back to class to see the only spare seats were at the back, near Ethan Grand and Noah Hinch and I rolled my eyes, knowing there was no way I could concentrate with these dick wads beside me.

‘Smell my fingers, if you don’t believe me.’ I heard Ethan say, and I closed my eyes, a wave of nausea taking over me. You didn’t need to be privy to the earlier part of the conversation to know what he was referring to. The door opened and in walked Veronica, unapologetically late as she strutted to the back table beside me, her eyes glaring at everyone as though she had a personal vendetta against the world. I noticed the guys beside me quieten down as they checked her out silently. She was an exception to their normal victims, and I knew they were probably scared of upsetting Ryder, her boyfriend. Hell, I wouldn’t want to upset him either. He had more tattoos than he had available skin, most of them done in prison. Which should tell you all you would want to know about him.

‘Hey, Veronica.’ Noah whispered beside me and I cocked my head to the side as she slowly rose her head up to meet his gaze head on.

‘If you ever want to know what its like to fuck a good guy, just say the word.’ He winked as she stared at him with such hatred it was as though she guarded hell with her stare alone.

‘If I wanted to fuck anyone, it wouldn’t be you or your diseased cock, so fuck yourself.’ She said calmly as she looked back down at her book, and I bit my lip to stifle the laughter I felt.

Diseased cock?

‘She wouldn’t know what to do with you bro, that’s the problem.’ Winked Ethan as they high fived under the desk.


‘Actually she probably would. Its written all under the bleachers how you like a finger slipped up your asshole to make you cum, Hinch.’ The words rolled off my tongue easily, as Ethan burst out laughing as Noah turned puce in anger.

‘What the fuck, Laughton?’ He spat, standing up in anger. I stood then, matching him for height and surpassing him for build.

‘Do you want me to show you?’ I asked slowly, and he shook his head.

‘You are a fucking prick.’ I knew he wouldn’t cause any problems in school with his precious football career at risk.

He sat back in his chair and folded his arms as Ethan pointed at me. ‘You should come for drinks with us one night dude, you are funny as fuck.’

I ignored him as I turned back to face the front, aware her eyes were on me. As I moved my gaze to her, she flickered her eyes away, as though she hadn’t been watching me.


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