Falling For The Bad Girl

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Deception Is Sometimes Necessary

'I don't know Ace. What if we fall back in love with each other?' She pressed, determined to make us discuss the possibility. I sighed as I gazed at her, wondering whether this had been a mistake.

'It was a random idea. Honestly we don't have to. I just thought, seeing as we are cool, it might be wise to help each other out. Almost like protection. But you're right, maybe it's not wise.'

I was becoming irritated with myself. I was sat having a coffee at nine am in the morning, in an otherwise empty cafe with my ex. Was this because I was scared of Ryder finding out I'd kissed his girlfriend? Or was I scared of something else?

'So what do I need to know. About you and Veronica.' Her voice sliced through my thoughts. 'I'm not going to start a fight with her if she comes on to you- that's your problem. Capiche?'

She sipped her latte, wincing from the apparent lack of sugar despite having tipped four sachets in already.

'We kissed once. Thats it.' I didn't mention the strip joint, or the fact the kiss had been in a locked storage room whilst I skipped class.


'Right.' She watched me as she stirred more sugar into her coffee.

'I've slept with Roe a few times.' Her face burned as I raised my eyebrows. I felt jealousy, anger and irritation all at once as I nodded, rubbing my eyes slowly.

I couldn't say shit- but I hadn't slept with anyone else since we had broke up.

'Ok and how serious is it?'

I had to know this didn't I?

'At first, we were casual. I had zero intention on getting involved with someone like him, but one thing led to another..' Her voice trailed off and I realised I was holding my breath. 'He's just, attractive in a way I wasn't used to.'


'Then he told me he really liked me. He started to call me more often, see me more. Then he would just disappear from the radar for days, until I saw him with other girls and it would feel like someone had punched me, you know? But then he would call me a little girl, tell me I needed to relax.' Her eyes refused to meet mine as she stared at her coffee as though it would suddenly start speaking for her. My fingers were suddenly laced through hers as I squeezed her hand.

'Ok, I get it. It's alright.'

I hoped I seemed reassuring, because inside I was crumbling. This was horrible. She just wasn't that sort of girl, she deserved better. She didn't do drugs, didn't sleep around. Every fibre of my being bristled with annoyance.

'So he will call me when hes horny I guess.' She shrugged, moving her hands back from mine as she refused to meet my eyes. It must be really fucking hard to admit that, for any girl, let alone one as innocent as her.

'Right. So when he knows you are with me-' our eyes met then and we laughed. 'You know what I mean- what will he do?'

Her eyes widened as she glanced around, as though he would suddenly pop up behind her.

'What can he do?'

I nodded thoughtfully.

Kill me? He may need to get in line for that one.

'Just be prepared for him not being to happy.' I muttered, finally sipping my drink.

'And Veronica?' She met my eyes then and I sighed.

'She has a boyfriend.' I pointed out and she nodded.

'So if we do this, its just for show, right?' She checked, tilting her head to the side.

Remember the plan, Ace.

'Yeah.' I smiled confidently as she sat back in her chair, satisfied.

'Shall we spend the day at the mall? Go to the arcade...grab some food.. great way to go public?' She offered and I nodded.

''Let's go.'

It was too easy being with her. When we got to the mall she slid her arm around my waist and I glanced at her in alarm before remembering what we were doing. We headed for the arcade and spent too much money trying to win more money, oddly. Then she insisted on dragging me around her favourite stores, causing me to groan in protest as I waited for her to try a million different things on. Well it was like, three, but still. She danced out of the changing room, winking as she made her way to the till point to pay. Minutes later she skipped over to me, wrapping her arms around my neck as she whispered, 'Audience.' Before pressing her lips on mine. Her tongue moved easily against mine, my hands hidden in her silky tresses. I'd forgotten how good she was to kiss, and found myself enjoying it more than I should. She pulled away, standing on tip toes to kiss my nose.

'Let's see what films are on.' She pulled me by the hand and as I turned I caught sight of Rochelle and some of her cronies. Rochelle sent us her trademark scowl before turning back to her minions, probably discussing the fact we were clearly back together. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I saw a WhatsApp from Rock.

'Violets cooking tonight man, So I'm staying for tea. Where are you anyway?!'

I had an idea, and grabbed Clarissa close to me as I indicated my phone in my outstretched hand. She nodded, excited, as she kissed my cheek whilst I grinned happily. I captioned it;

'When you know, you know. X '

Before sending it to my Instagram, tagging Clarissa.

'God I bet we've set some tongues wagging.' She laughed as she stood in front of the film times, her brow furrowing as she concentrated. Her lips were slightly puffy from kissing me, and I felt a tiny bit pleased by that mere fact.

'Boom. Well done bro. See you later. '

Rock fired back as I slid my phone back into my pocket. I felt a wave of calm wash over me as Clarissa ordered our usual nachos and cheese, large popcorn and a coke before following her into the cinema.

The film passed the time, and the food made me sleepy. Clarissa drove us back to hers, and looked at me as she turned off the engine.

'Are you coming in?' She asked nonchalantly as she swung open her car door.

'Nah I'll head home. Loved today, thanks for suggesting it.' I smiled as we met each other at the back of her car. She hugged me, kissing my mouth hard before pulling away, winking coyly.

'What? You never know who is watching.' She protested innocently.

I shook my head as a smile played on my lips. This wasn't so bad after all. I walked down her driveway and in the direction of my house, hoping I could just grab a few hours sleep before tea. Today felt surreal, but in a good way. As I saw my house come into view I felt the tiredness hit me like a freight train, my body aching for my bed.

'What the fuck is this?' Said Art, who was currently paving in front of my house like a madman, waving his phone around in the air.

'Art.. would you just calm yourself down? I'm too tired for your dramatics today.' I yawned as he lifted his eyebrows up.

'Oh my dramatics? So Rock spends the day here with Violet whilst you are out on a date with your ex. So did I miss some critical time whilst I slept last night? Or am I just being dramatic?' I walked past him into my house whilst he followed, still spitting feathers.

Rock and Violet were in the kitchen, along with Gianna and Harry, Violets college friends. I indicated to Art that her friends were here, and probably the reason Rock had stayed. He glared at me shaking his head defiantly. God Art was annoying me today. I greeted everyone as Rock winked at me.

'Nice insta post.'

I threw him a fake smile as I made my excuses to grab some sleep, leaving Art and Rock eyeballing each other. Oh they could deal with this one alone, I was fucked.

Ah, sleep-the cousin of death, apparently. Didn't make it any less attractive as I sank into my comforting sheets, my bed welcoming me home like an old friend.

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