Falling For The Bad Girl

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I slumped in my seat in History, feeling drained of life. It was Rocks party on Friday, and it was all he had been banging on about for the past week. For some reason he was at my house a lot more than usual, meaning none of us got any respite from his incessant chatter. It must be to do with the fact that he was bored with no Rochelle to occupy his time, so I let him stay as much as he wanted. Art was thawing towards him finally, which was a slight relief. I hated to say it but maybe Rock was right. Maybe Art really did need to get laid. The news of me and Clarissa being back together was buzzing around the school, but I knew it would die down eventually, high school barely clings to gossip, theres too much of it to choose from. I pulled out my history book and rubbed my eyes, blinking to try to make them focus better. I have to get some sleep tonight, Rock will have to go home or shut up. The door opened and my eyes met the emerald green ones that haunted my dreams, as they narrowed upon seeing me. I felt my stomach flip over and I tore my eyes away from the hurt expression I saw momentarily on her face, replaced by fury in her eyes. She took her seat beside me, her stare making the hairs on my arms stand up. I refused to make eye contact with her, however cowardly that made me. Rock was right, this could cause problems for my family. Ryder would literally tear me limb from limb, but she was worth that. But my family? Nothing is worth hurting them.

The teacher droned on and on, and I wished for once it was something that I could lose myself if, but it wasn't. This made me fidget in my chair, and draw idly in my book. The rain hammered down on the windows, the grey sky gloomy and foreboding. Great. Even the weather was pissed off. I heard her yawn beside me and it caught the attention of Ethan, the resident prick.

'Been working with mama baby?'

I stiffened then, knowing what had happened to the last person who had mentioned her mother. I knew the look she would be sending him, unable to attack him in class considering she was on her last warning.

'You need to tell me the going rate. I'd pay you to fuck me.' He leered, unable to keep his mouth shut. I felt anger rising up and I clenched my jaw.

Why hadn't she said anything back?

'Bitch, I'm talking to you. Don't fucking ignore me.' He hissed angrily as I turned to him, unable to control myself anymore.

'Shut up, Grand. No one wants to listen to your shit.' I growled, wishing more than anything I could punch him square in the face.

'Oh look, its her little guard dog.' This causes titters around the class as finally the teacher glanced over at us.

'Boys. Do we need reminding that this is your final year? Ace, I am surprised at you.'

I rolled my eyes and sighed as I glanced over at Veronica, her eyes burning into mine.

'Are you ok?' I whispered as she rose her middle finger to me in response.


Ethan cackled beside me as he watched.

'Looks like she doesn't want your help Ace. Maybe she's sexually frustrated. Are you baby? Whilst your bit of rough is locked away, are you feeling all pent up?' He laughed as she finally whipped her head around to him, her eyes glinting.

'Actually, he's not locked away anymore. So to answer your question, no, I am not sexually frustrated. But I will let him know you are interested in whether I am or not, and as to whether you could afford to pay me for sex, Grand.'

I felt my stomach drop as her eyes met mine, bringing her legs up to rest on the desk, before leaning back with her eyes closed.

He was out?

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