Falling For The Bad Girl

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Clarissa groaned as I read the text out again.

'I get it, you are pissed with me. You didn't need to go back to your ex baby, I've got everything and more for you right here. Come over tonight.'

I whistled as I handed her the phone back, her face glum.

'So how do you feel? He knows about 'us' now...'my voice trailed off as she shrugged before I had even finished my sentence.

'Honestly? My body is like, yes, get ready, go, go, go!'

Was he really that good?!

'But I fucking like him. I don't even want to. It makes zero sense Ace, he will never be the loyal boyfriend will he?'

I shook my head miserably as she groaned again.

'Just text him back and say you are with me. Simple.'

Her eyes met mine then as she folded her arms defiantly.

'And if it was Veronica texting you?' She demanded, her voice low.

Oh, touche.

'Ha. I'd say the same. Honestly. No good can come out of us seeing each other anyway.' I span around on her desk chair, my eyes closed as I tried to block out the idea of Veronica messaging me.

'That Cameron didnt like seeing us together today either. What a catch you are, Ace.' She mumbled as I heard her nails tapping on the screen of her phone. My eyes slowly opened and I watched her for a moment, biting her bottom lip as she considered her response, her legs swinging idly backwards and forwards as she laid on her stomach. She looked over and our eyes met, as she put the phone down.

'What?' She frowned, sitting up on her bed. Her hair was loose, flowing around her tanned shoulders as she studied me suspiciously.

'Nothing. I was just watching you.'

Stalker alert..

'And?' She teased as she posed playfully, pouting at me as she blew me a kiss.

I laughed as I closed my eyes and tried to regain my composure. It sucked being a teenage guy surrounded by these girls who were intent on causing me brain pain. Her phone buzzed, causing her to leap back over to it, our conversation forgotten.

'Fucking rude.' She muttered as she threw her phone onto her bed.

I raised an eyebrow as I waited, and she didn't keep me waiting long.

'He has just texted me back saying tick tock. Argh. Why do I like him?!' She threw her arms up in exasperation as I winced.

'Look, Rock is having a party tonight. Do you want to come?' I offered, smiling at her kindly. She made a face as she looked at me with pity.

'Rock? Party? Those two words only create havoc in my already crazy world.'

'You're going to see him aren't you?' I exclaimed in disbelief. She looked up at me guiltly.

'No? I mean, no, of course not.' She cleared her throat as I smirked at her.

'He doesn't deserve you baby.' I burst out laughing as she launched a pillow at my head, missing me by centimetres. We never had pet names or called each other sugar plum or bae- it just never came about. I checked my phone and realised I needed to be at Rocks pretty soon or he would be ringing my phone off the hook.

'Call me if you change your mind.' I nod at her as I go to leave, before turning back towards her. She was picking at her nails, anxiety written all over her face. 'Hey.' I said softly, as she tilted her head up to look at me. 'This thing, it was only to get us away from their expectations, you know? If you want to be with him, you owe me absolutely nothing.' She smiled sadly as she nodded.

'Same goes for you, Ace. Thankyou. I'm try and be good....' I rolled my eyes as I left, trying to ignore the niggling feeling that was getting bigger and bigger every step away from her I took. I suppose I felt protective, but she was able to make her own decisions- bad or good. I suppose all I could do was be there for her, whatever the consequence.

I made my way home, wondering if I had time for a quick nap. I checked and saw I had just over two hours until the party really started, so that was plenty of time. The house was silent when I unlocked the door, and I quickly made myself a ham sandwich which I carried to my room. My room wasn't much different to how it had always been when I grew up really, the same blue paint adorned the walls, my double bed messy in the centre of the room, strewn with pillows. My wardrobe was in the corner next to my tv, and my little bookcase sat beside my bed , filled with my favourite books I have read at least twice each. I sank into my bed and before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

There was music playing somewhere in my mind, as I struggled to find where it was coming from. I woke suddenly, realising the room was now dark.


The music was coming from my mobile phone, as I reached it I heard Rock shouting, demanding to know where I was.

10pm. Oops.

I told him I would be there shortly, and jabbed at the wall with my fingers, trying to locate the light switch. Finally my fingers hit plastic, and light filled my room. I quickly showered, not caring what I wore. By now most people would be too pissed to care anyway. My hair was still wet from the shower and my frame looked rather slim in the shirt I had pulled on, but fuck it. I sprayed aftershave on and called a cab to take me to Rocks. The last thing I felt like was a fucking party. Twenty minutes ago the only party I was attending was at the back of my eyelids, and it would take some beating. As the taxi pulled up outside Rocks, I cringed for his neighbours. Not that they were close by, but still. The gates to the drive were unlocked and people spilled out all over the lawn as I weaved my way through, my eyes momentarily distracted by the scantily clad women who were drinking what looked like champagne. I didn't want to wall through the front door- never one to draw attention to myself like hey, here I am, at a party. Nope. I passed by couples that were pushed up against all kinds of things- trees, walls, bushes- until I saw the swimming pool. It was carnage. Music blasted out, someone had a bbq on for fucks sake- like who wants to eat drunk man bbq? Poisoning anyone? People were riding inflatable flamingos and fighting with floats in their underwear, no swimwear in sight. I saw Rock in the hot tub, a girl under each arm.

'Where the fuck have you been?' He called as I grabbed a beer from the ice bucket.

'I'm here. Quit your whining.'

He clambered out of the tub, water sloshing everywhere as he did. His toned body glistened with water as he moved, many appreciative eyes now looking his way. His eyes were wide as he pointed towards the kitchen.

'Hottie central. That Cameron is here somewhere, just warning you.' He frowned then as he rubbed his chin. 'Hey, where's your fake girlfriend?'

'Fake girlfriend?' A voice said silkly from behind us as I turned to see Cameron, looking insane in a red bodysuit under her tight jeans. She smiled over her shoulder and I followed her gaze as I turned to see the woman that had the ability to stop my heart beating walking over to us, the attention now solely on her. She wore her trademark skinny jeans and a black cropped vest, her dark hair falling down her back. She folded her arms as her eyes met mine, as the air turned thick around us. Rock made an excuse and darted off, leaving me stranded.

'Does anyone want a burger? I've-' Art walked over to us, his words running out of fuel in his mouth as he took in Cameron.

'Fuck me...' He muttered, more to himself than any of us. She fluttered her eyelashes at him as she smiled.

''Is that a request? How have I not met you? What's your name?' She asked him sweetly, as she turned her gaze to him.

Art didn't drop his cool at all, as he nodded back at the bbq.

'If you try a burger, I'll tell you anything you want to know. ' he winked at her- who knew he could wink?! As she smiled, going to follow him.

'Oh, and Ace? I can keep a secret.' She blew a kiss at me as she walked away, leaving me and Veronica staring at each other in fury.

'You are an asshole, do you know that?' She spat in anger.

'Me? How's your boyfriend Veronica?' I retorted, deciding she needed to recall reality.

'If you gave a shit, you would know. ' she turned on her heel and stormed off into the house, leaving me and my beer alone. I couldn't believe she was here. This wasn't going to end well, and all I wanted to do was leave.

I decided to have a few more drinks then make my exit, once everyone was annihilated they wouldn't know who was here and who wasn't.

I saw a group of people playing truth or dare, and decided to amuse myself by listening to their escapades.

'Truth or dare?' a guy asked a flirty brunette in a short yellow dress.



'I dare you to jump into the pool. NAKED.'

It was going to be a long night.

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