Falling For The Bad Girl

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Kissing Veronica

'Truth or dare?' I heard a voice close to me demand. I glanced around to see a friend of the flirty brunette watching me, her eyes twinkling.

'Oh I'm not playing, I'm just observing.' I tilted my beer in her direction as she snorted.

'If you are watching, you are playing. Truth or dare?' She repeated forcefully, raising her eyebrows inquisitively.

'Truth.' I smirked, much to the disappointment of the ever growing crowd. I noticed Rock had joined us, grinning widely as he realised I was the subject of the game.

'If you had to hook up with someone at this party who would it be?'

I drained my beer as I made a show of glancing around. This was fucking annoying, because whoever I said would create unwanted attention. But then again fuck it, it was just a game.

'Gisele.' I shrugged as their brows furrowed in confusion.

'Who's that?' I heard someone ask as I turned away to get another beer. The ice box was empty and I groaned. I trudged up to the house, pushing my way into the kitchen.

Last beer then I'm leaving.

'Hey, Ace. ' I heard a sweet voice drawl, and my eyes met those of Gisele Cain.


She was a looker, no doubt about that. Her chestnut hair was cropped short into a bob which accentuated her features. She reached into the fridge and pulled out two beers, opening then swiftly before handing one to me. She tapped the top of her bottle against mine, smiling as she drank.

'I heard you mentioned me in truth or dare. I'm flattered and all, but you know you're not my type right?' She spoke so matter of fact it made me chuckle with relief.

'I had to say someone, and your name popped into my head. Sorry.'

She nodded sympathetically.

'I hate those games. Just an excuse for people to either get it on or gossip. No thanks. Anyway, don't you have a girlfriend? Pretty little redhead?' My eyes met hers and she began to laugh. 'Why do I get the feeling you have a complicated life?'

We spoke for a while, and it turned out that Gisele had a girlfriend of her own, who introduced herself shortly after. They seemed to forget I was there as they lost themselves in their own world, and I decided it was time for me to leave. I made my way into the hallway, and out into the night. It was icy cold but I didn't mind. I drew my phone out to get a cab, when a familiar scent caught my attention. I searched for her, knowing she wasn't far away. She was standing to my left, smoking and gazing at me. I stood facing her, not entirely sure what to say. The anger between us had dissipated somewhat, leaving behind only awkwardness on my behalf.

''See what I mean about your parties?' She grinned as she exhaled slowly.

'No cops? No drugs?' I offered as I walked over to her. 'No sex?'

As I drew closer to her I began to feel my heart pound, the effect she had on me flooding back.

'Speaking of sex, wheres your girlfriend?' She snapped suddenly, her green eyes burning into mine.

I sighed as I rubbed my hand on the back of my neck. What was her problem?

'She's at home.' I sighed as she raised her eyebrows.

'So you're all alone here?' She threw her cigarette onto the ground, her spiky heel squashing it quickly as she walked over to me, her face close to mine. Instinctively my hand tilted her face up to me, the yearning I had to kiss her coursing through my veins. My thumb brushed her lip, opening her mouth slightly.

'It's not like you to attend a vanilla party Veronica.' I whispered, my face close to hers. Her eyes met mine then, the familar zing of electricity flowing between us.

'I knew you'd be here.' She shrugged confidently. 'I've got to be honest with you Ace.' Her eyes showed the softer side to her that I had only caught sight of twice. 'I can't get you out of my mind. I hate the thought of you with her.'

She pulled my head down to hers then, our lips crashing together with an urgency I didn't think would ever grow old. Kissing Veronica was unlike any kiss I'd ever had before with anyone. It set my skin on fire, my mind blank as her tongue danced with mine expertly, my hands pulling her closer to me, the danger to my family suddenly far from my mind. Her hands were wrapped around my neck as she groaned against my mouth, causing my cock to harden instantly.

'You like kissing me?' She asked hoarsely, before kissing my throat softly. I answered her by kissing her hard, my hands slipping to cup her ass and squeezing it tightly.

This girl would be the death of me.

'I want to do more than kiss you.'I growled, wondering whether she would say no this time if I offered to take her away from everything.

I took her hands in mine as I lifted them to my lips.

'Come home with me Veronica.'

She bit her lip as she considered my request, her green eyes glittering with excitement.

'Lead the way.'

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