Falling For The Bad Girl

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I Wish

I wish it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be, sorry- better- than I expected it to be. Some people say they would die for someone they loved, or lusted after. In this case, I was quite aware it was a distinct possibility. Still, it didn’t stop me from absolutely losing control that night with Veronica.

We kissed all the way home- I think the taxi driver nearly crashed about three times, and I’m almost certain I overpaid him- as we practically ran into my house. The door slammed shut behind us, and it was as though that door was the veil between us and the outside world- once we were inside there was no stopping us.

Thank God my mom was working is all I can say, for once I was eternally grateful. Somehow we made it to my room, before she pushed me onto my bed with a force you really wouldn’t expect from someone of her size. I gulped as I drank her in, afraid I wouldn’t make it to the actual act itself as she started to strip slowly, like I was actually paying for it. She stood before me, her body illuminated by the silver moonlight as it poured through my window, making her look almost magical. Her breasts were small, her nipples hard as her hair trailed over them. She sank to her knees and I thought I was going to die there and then when she unzipped my jeans. I had imagined this so many times in my head, the fact it was happening made me feel dizzy. Was it possible to want someone so much it caused physical pain? She took me in her mouth easily, her eyes fixed on mine as I gasped, her tongue flickering against the shaft, her fingernails raking over my balls.

Sweet fucking jesus.

She started to pick up momentum, her head bobbing up and down as she drove me insane, before I grabbed her hair, pulling it back so she was looking at me, a shocked expression on her delighted face.

‘No more.’ I said roughly, pulling her onto my lap as I kissed her mouth deeply, tasting myself. I threw her onto the bed, no longer caring how she had been fucked before, if I was good enough, if it would work- nothing. I pushed her knees up, burying my head between her legs, my tongue lapping at her core. She tasted so sweet, I never wanted to stop. She pushed my head deeper into her as she moaned loudly, one hand on my headboard as she lost herself with me. She came pretty soon after that, pulling me up to her as she tried to push my cock inside of her sweet opening.

‘Wait.’ I said gruffly, reaching for my stash of condoms under my bed. My fingers touched the metal box and I hauled it open, fingers grasping for the foil packet. I grabbed one, ripping it open with my teeth as she watched me with lustful eyes.

‘Aren’t you good.’ She teased as I slid the condom onto my throbbing cock, as I pulled her towards me by her hips so she was directly below me.

‘Let’s see shall we?’ I breathed as I thrust my entire length into her, as she cried out. I gasped at how tight she was, my eyes widening as I checked I hadn’t hurt her.

‘Don’t you dare fucking stop, Ace.’

She hissed, her nails digging deeply into my back, causing me to call out. I flipped her over easily then, wrapping her hair in my hands as I pulled her head back, watching as my cock slid easily in and out of her, her bare ass exposed to me as I pounded into her, feeling the desire building up quickly as she slammed against me, begging me to fuck her harder. She cried out a second time, and I felt her tightening around me as I smiled to myself.

My turn.

I finally began to let myself explode inside the sliver of material that separated us, wondering if it could hold it all. She sat up against me, my cock still buried deep inside of her as she turned to kiss me, my thumb brushing over her erect nipple as I slowly pulled myself out of her. I stood, pulling the heavy condom from my cock, tying it in a knot and chucking it in the bin in my room. I knelt down on the bed before her and pulled her legs up to my face as I cleaned her up with my mouth, her juices spilling down my chin as she cried out with her third orgasm in less than an hour. I smiled as I kissed her body, all the way to her full lips that waited for me eagerly.

‘God, you are fucking good.’ She whispered into my ear as I laid back on the bed, watching her pull one of my t shirts on. Fuck, this was too adorable, Veronica Dale in my clothes, with nothing underneath?

Breathe, Ace.

She crawled into my bed, snuggling into the crook of my arm, as I kissed her nose softly.

‘You are no good for me, Dale.’ I muttered into her hair, my eyes closed as I savoured her company before she left me again. My hands trailed down her arm, my thumb idly drawing circles as I felt her relax against me.

‘But you are good for me, Laughton. So its like magnets, right?’ Her voice was low and innocent and I felt myself groan.

‘What?’ She laughed quietly as I kissed her head.

‘You are fucking impossible. How can you look like that yet be so fucking adorable?’

She lifted her head up to look at me and she smiled, her beautiful face lighting up.

‘Careful Ace, anyone would think you were falling for me.’

I gazed at her, wondering why I hadn’t realised before that I actually was falling for her.

‘That’s me, Ace Laughton, falling for the bad girl.’ I quipped, hoping she wouldn’t notice the seriousness in my tone.

‘I’m falling for the good guy.’ She said softly, biting her lip as she looked up at me.


I froze, unsure whether she was joking or not before I heard a huge crash come from the stairs outside my door. Veronica stiffened beside me and I waited, almost afraid to breathe.

‘Be quiet! If my brother hears-’ I heard Violet snap, as Veronica smiled at me knowingly.

‘Ooh, your sister is gonna get some.’ She winked and I rolled my eyes.

‘God I hope it’s as good as what I just had.’ I winked as I heard a second voice.

‘Sssh, relax baby.’

We heard kissing then, before they moved towards Violets room.

That voice was unmistakable, and I bolted upright in bed, Veronica raising her eyebrows as our eyes met, both knowing the owner of that voice.

Are you fucking kidding me?

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