Falling For The Bad Girl

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Uh Oh

'Ssshhh.' Veronica silenced me with her mouth on mine, my mind suddenly blank again.

'Veronica. That's my sister. He's-'

She smiled softly as she pointed at herself, then me.

'Not good enough for her?' She asked.

'An absolute fuck wit? I think she is the only person he hasn't fucked, and now he has made everything eternally awkward. You just don't cross the lines! He's my best friend!'

'Ace. She's older than you. She knows what she is doing. You need to relax, and not ruin our first date.'

Her comment made me blink rapidly as I frowned at her.

'First date? Veronica, do you know I would love nothing more than to take you on an actual date?' I surprised myself then, my honesty spilling out of my mouth before I could stop it. She watched me carefully as she ran her fingers down my arm.

''So why don't you?'

I was confused. Did she want me to die? Was that it?

'Because Ryder would have me shot. Although, I bet it would be worth it.' I mused, imagining turning up to any establishment with her on my arm feeling like a King.

'Ace. Ryder isn't going to be out of prison for a very long time.' She said quietly, her eyes meeting mine. I sucked in a breath as I considered what she was trying to say to me.

I pulled her onto my lap, my eyes searching hers.

'Veronica listen to me. I don't care about what he does to me, for being with you. If you were mine-'

'You wouldn't share me at all. I know. ' she finished for me, her eyes twinkling. I laughed, kissing her fully on the lips, a novelty that would never wear off.

'No, I wouldn't. But I worry for my family. I wouldn't want any harm to come to them.' There, I'd said it. I know what I sounded like, but I didn't care. My family were so important to me.

'Well, I've been to see him. He asked me to wait for him, and I said no.' she spoke so quietly I could barely hear her. Excitement ran through my body as I waited for her to continue.

'Im just not in love with him Ace. If I was, I'd wait, right? But.. I want more for myself than being a gangsters girl. I want a family. I want a career. I want Belle to want to look up to me one day.'

I didn't dare breathe as my arms circled her tightly.

'Then you got with Clarissa.' Her voice was small as she played with my hair, her eyes fixated on the task at hand. I cursed myself for ever going through with that stupid plan, that had seemed such a good idea at the time.

'I didn't. It was fake.' I blurted out, my honesty on a roll. Her eyes narrowed as her mouth opened then closed.

'What? You faked getting back with your ex? Why would anyone do that?' She yelled, pushing me away from her half heartedly.

'Because I wanted to keep away from you. I didn't want my family getting hurt.' Her eyes softened then as her shoulders slumped. 'I guessed if I was with someone, you wouldn't come near me.' It sounded ridiculous, even to me.

'I'm the bad girl Ace. If anything it attracted me even more to you. So did you make it a real relationship? Or keep it professionally fake?'

'I didn't sleep with her, if thats what you are asking.' I smiled coyly as her cheeks burned. I loved that she wanted to know.

'But you kissed her. Cameron told me.' She folded her arms then and I peeled them apart, pulling her close to me.

'I did. But in fairness, if I would have known you were even an option, I would have been with you straight away.'

Her emerald eyes fixed on mine as she held my face in her hands.

'I'm an option, Ace. Now what?'

My breath caught in my throat as I tried to swallow, my mouth suddenly dry.

'I suppose I get to take you on that first date...' I suggested as she smiled broadly.

'And?' She pressed, her eyes on mine.

'And....... If that goes well I'll have you back for a second one, see if you are good enough...'

She swatted my arm as she rolled her eyes.

'Be serious.' She pouted and I paused theatrically.

'I'm yours, Veronica. I love everything about you.' My voice was rough with emotion as she kissed my lips lightly.

"Even the cancer sticks?'

I grimaced then as she began to laugh.

'I'll try and cut down. I've been meaning to anyway. It won't suit my career.'

My ears perked up at this and I wondered what she wanted to do. Hopefully she didn't want to strip ever again, but if she did I would be there every time.

'Don't laugh.' She ordered as we climbed back under the covers, facing one another, our hands laced together.

'I couldn't if I tried.'

'I want to be a nurse.'

I blinked as she frowned. 'You don't think I'm clever enough do you?'

'Clever enough? Yes of course you are. I'm just wondering if I'm going to be able to cope with you in the uniform.'

She giggled then as I kissed her, not as the bad girl now, but as Veronica.

My Veronica.

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