Falling For The Bad Girl

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Is Your House Always This Dysfunctional

I woke slowly, the feeling of contented bliss wrapping itself around me like a blanket. The sun spilled into my bedroom, its soft yellow glow easing us into a state of consciousness. I felt her arm snake across my waist, her lips caressing the bottom of my neck as she mumbled 'Hey you.' and I felt like the luckiest man in the world. I heard movement on the stairs as I peeled myself away from Veronica, her eyes closed as she welcomed back sleep. I opened my door and saw Rock standing on the stairs, his eyes wide as I took in his bare torso, the hickeys on his neck and waist. I raised an eyebrow at him as he shifted uncomfortably.

'Uh, I was just-'

'Fucking my sister?' I spat angrily.

He reddened then as he had the grace to look down, as he sighed.

'Rock, this is fucking wrong, and you know it.' I barked as his eyes connected with mine, a glint of anger there.

'Ace, I'm sorry, but I suppose I'm not.' He shrugged as I shook my head in disbelief.

'You could fuck anyone. Anyone you want. You choose my sister? Really? If you hurt her, I will fucking kill you.' I was shaking as I heard Violets door open, her eyes wide as she took in the scene before her.

'Ace, calm down.' She cried, rushing over to us, her blue eyes flashing as she stood in front of me.

'How could you be so stupid Vi? You know what he is like, you are just another notch on his fucking bedpost.' I was snapped, my arms folded as we stared at each other, our eyes mirroring the other in anger. Rock cleared his throat as I narrowed my eyes at him, daring him to speak.

'Actually she isn't, so don't say that.' His voice was tender as he gazed at her, and I noticed her blush deeply as he smiled that charming grin of his.

'Yeah, what makes her so different? I'm sure it was only a couple of weeks ago you were in love with Rochelle.' I snapped sarcastically.

'Because, I love her. I always have, Ace. I have tried filling the place in my heart that is occupied by Violet and its fucking impossible. I'm not fighting it anymore, and if you don't want to talk to me anymore, thats a real fucking shame.' He was angry too, and I realised we were squaring up to each other, something we had never done.

I stepped back, casting a glance at my sister.

'Do you feel the same way?' I asked gruffly, unable to believe this was happening.

'Its not quite how I pictured us telling you Ace, but yes. I do.'

Rocks eyes followed me as I paced up and down the hallway.

'Don't fuck this up. I'm so fucking serious.' I warned him as he rolled his eyes.

'Ace, fuck off. This is our relationship, not yours. So with all do respect, go and sort your own life out.'

I frowned at him then as my door opened, much to their surprise. Rocks eyebrows rose so far up I thought they had disappeared into his head.

'Oh, you are telling me about treating Violet right, yet you are fucking putting her directly in harms way!' He yelled, grabbing me by the throat as he began to lose his temper. I shoved him back as Violet stood in front of him, calming him by whispering things I couldn't hear, her lips on his as she made him look at her.

'I'm not with Ryder anymore, so calm the fuck down.' Came her sleepy voice as she leaned against the doorway, still in my shirt. I gazed at her longingly as Rock swore, turning around and stomping down the stairs. Violet stood awkwardly as she sighed, before following Rock down the stairs.

'Is it always this dysfunctional in your house in the mornings?' Veronica yawned as I pressed her against the wall, my lips on hers. We kissed slowly, then began picking up the pace as my body demanded to taste her again.

'I apologise. Can I make it up to you?' I whispered in to her neck, her legs wrapping around mine as I carried her back into my bedroom, slamming the door shut behind us.

An hour later I was dressed and staring yet again into an empty fridge as I heard Violet and Rock giggling from the lounge. I closed my eyes, wondering how long this had been going on. No wonder Rock wanted me to get with Clarissa, he was trying to protect Violet. This made me calmer as I realised he was just trying to look after her, and for that I was grateful. I heard the front door open as I heard my mom call out.

'Any strapping young men here to help me carry the groceries?'

'I've got it.' I said before Rock could get up, walking out to grab some bags from my moms hands.

'You look tired, Ace, you had any sleep?' She fussed over my hair as I groaned.

'You need to shave that stubble off boy, or I will. You look ten years older.'

She walked into the kitchen and I waited for her to notice Rock and Violet entangled on the sofa. Five, four, three, two-

'Morning love birds.' She sang as she pulled milk and eggs from the brown paper bag, her eyes meeting mine, hiding a smile.

What? She knew?

'You knew?' I demanded, my arms folded.

'I've known since the day they met. Its just took them longer to figure it out. You playing big brother again?' She remarked as she stacked tins away in the cupboard. I opened my mouth to retort before closing it again.

'Stop that Ace, you look like a fish.'

I heard movement behind me and I saw Veronica standing awkwardly. My mom craned her neck around and smiled.

'Morning my lovely. You must be Veronica? Lovely hair darling.'

I sighed as Veronica stared at my mom in awe.

'You're a nurse?' She whispered excitedly, as I groaned.

'Ahhhhhh, I'm so sorry, I forgot to tell you. My mom-'

'Is a nurse, yeah I get it.' She rolled her eyes playfully as my mom watched us with interest.

'You wanna be a nurse?' She questioned, and Veronica nodded with enthusiasm.

I took this opportunity to address my sister and whore of a best friend. Violet looked at me with a warning in her sapphire blue eyes, as Rock ignored me, staring at the tv, his hand on Violets leg as he caressed it softly.

'Look, if you are both happy, I am happy. I think its shitty that I'm the last to know.' I pointed out as a smile played at Rocks mouth, his eyes finally meeting mine with his intense gaze.

'You aren't. Your mom knew from when I was like twelve years old, so its obvious you would know after her.' I pulled a face as he nodded at the kitchen.

'She isn't with him anymore?' I shook my head as I quickly explained the situation, his eyes glittering with mischief.

'You need to keep it down of an evening though dude, some of us like our sleep.' He protested as Violet laughed. I rolled my eyes but secretly felt excited at the prospect of keeping my house awake from my antics with Veronica, knowing being quiet was going to be difficult. My mom grinned at me as I walked back into the kitchen, wrapping my arms around Veronica who smiled up at me.

'Are you free today?'

She nodded slowly as I smiled.

'Good. Wanna go to the fair?'

Her eyes widened as she squealed.

'Yes! I love the fair. I need to go and change first.'

I called to Vi and asked if we could borrow her car for the day, to which Rock answered that anywhere she wanted to go he could drive her.

'Lets go. See you later Ma. Bye guys, be good....'I wiggled my eyebrows at the two of them who were too engrossed in each other to respond verbally, Rock waving his hand briefly as we left.

Young love.

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