Falling For The Bad Girl

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I heard the movement outside of my door as someone knocked softly.

"Ace, please. Talk to me.'

I leant back against the wall, my eyes tired.

'I'm not going anywhere until you talk to me.'

I sighed, knowing full well that was true. I reluctantly called out for her to come in. My sister entered the room, her worried eyes seeking mine. She sat in front of me cross legged, placing a familiar grey box between us. She opened it and stared at me expectantly.

'You know the drill. If I hit, you have to talk. Ready?'

I slipped my fingers into the box, placing my ships onto the grid in front of me as Violet waited patiently.

'Fine. A3.' I shrugged, realising how incredibly juvenile this was.

'Miss. C7.'

I narrowed my eyes at her.

'Can you see?' I demanded as she laughed.

'No. But you always put them in the same positions. What happened?' She picked up a red peg and fired it into the hole of my now sinking ship.

'F5. I should have kept the fuck away from her.'

I couldn't even say her name. It had been five weeks since that fateful afternoon at the fair, and I had no intention of speaking to her anytime soon. As in, ever again.

'Hit.' Violet raised her eyebrows in surprise.

'How long have you been seeing Rock?' I asked, eager to direct the questions away from me.

'Not long enough. This isn't about me. C8.'

I scowled as she grinned triumphantly.

'Did she do something wrong? Please tell me. '

The room was suddenly thick with tension as our eyes met, the game forgotten.

'Well I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Red properly, put it that way.' I seethed as I noticed Violets eyes fill with dismay.

'Red? But he's in jail?! What did he, what has he got to do with it?' She stammered, her face flushed as she watched me intently.

'I think Red has friends in high places. He's out, walking around bold as brass.'

'What happened Ace?'

I couldn't say it. I couldn't say it out loud.

'Red told me in no uncertain terms that you aren't a whore, and that he shouldn't have treated you like one.'

Her eyes stared at a spot on the floor, her cheeks flushing as she clearly reached the memory of that night.

'You didn't have to-' She started as I shook my head.

'No, I did.'

'Ace, he is dangerous. You need to let it go, please.'

What was with these girls begging me to keep out of Reds way?

'But what has this got to do with you and Veronica?' Her brow furrowed as she tilted her head to the side, leaning against my bed.

'He told me what he feels the definition of a whore is.'

My voice cracked as I closed my eyes, the memory playing in front of me like a film. Violet remained stock still as she waited.

'Apparently, she fucked him for money. '

My voice came out as a whisper, and I panicked she didn't hear me and that I would have to say it again. She sucked in a breath as her hand flew to her mouth, her free hand grabbing mine. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see the pity in that I knew would be written all over her face.

'I don't know what to say.'

I nodded slowly. I knew that feeling too well.

'It's a shame you can't choose who you fall for.'

Violet pushed her hair behind her ear as she swallowed slowly, her sad eyes on mine as she leaned forward.

'Do you know why she did it?'

I scoffed then.

'No, I didn't hang around to ask her why she was paid for sex by a gang leader.' I spat out bitterly, the pain in my chest back with a vengeance. Violet flinched then, her face becoming hard.

'Did Red tell you?'

Her voice was cold as though she already knew the answer. I lifted my gaze to her, recognising the fierce look I wore myself so well.

'Vi. Its done. Its over. I need to forget about her.'

My heart screamed in protest at my words, as my body slumped with the weight of the sadness they held.

'You know, you could talk to her to get your answers.' She suggested quietly.


'Look, come and sit with us. We've ordered pizza. Gonna make Rock watch a scary movie.' She grinned as I gave a half smile.

'I'll give it a miss Vi. I'm not feeling the company tonight.'

I closed the lid of the game, signifying the end of our conversation.

'For what it's worth, she chose you from what I can see. She has a history, and I agree its pretty shit, but if you love her, maybe you can-'

'Vi.' I growled.

She nodded as she picked up the box, leaning forward to kiss my head, her perfume engulfing my nostrils. She left the room, closing the door softly behind her.

Fuck Red.

Fuck Veronica.

I was done.

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