Falling For The Bad Girl

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Fair Game

‘So all in one day you spoke to the ice queen, and stood up for her against Noah Hinch?’

I laid on my bed as I watched Rock perform chin ups on my door bar like it was a piece of piss. It wasn’t, I think I did two once and nearly passed out. It was now a decoration. His muscles strained and he wasn’t even breathless. Did he really do this just so he could flash his body at his ex in the lunch hall?

‘She can handle herself against him. He’s a dirty prick.’ He exhaled loudly as Art looked up from the laptop.

‘Sorry, who’s a dirty prick? Noah? Why? Because he fucks cheerleaders and discards them like soggy tissue? Sounds ever so familiar.’

Rock glared at him then as he spoke.

‘You make it sound like I’ve fucked the entire team.’ He scoffs, before releasing the bar, sweat dripping down his face. I raised my eyebrows at him as he shook his finger at me.

‘How many is in the team?’ He looked confused and I laughed loudly.

‘Thirty two, so I suppose its entirely possible you’ve slept with the whole team.’ Art summarised.

‘Except for Clarissa.’ Rock beamed and winked at me.

I stared ahead impassively. Did he expect me to be grateful for not fucking her? Probably.

‘Thats because she wouldn’t.’ Said Art gleefully as Rock through a pillow at his head.

‘Course she would. I wouldn’t, because of my man Ace.’

They did this sometimes, spoke about me like I wasn’t in the room.

‘Clarissa is single now, what she chooses to do is up to her.’ I shrugged, as I remembered saying those exact words to her during the summer. Her blue eyes had filled with hurt as I told her I didn’t have a say over what she did anymore, and vice versa.I had been seeing her for about a year, despite me finding the typical cheerleader a turn off, she was different. She was a petite redhead, with a passion for dancing. She needed to do cheer leading so it looked good on her college applications, but she distanced herself from the Ethans and Noahs of the world, instead ending up in my bed. She was funny and interesting, but it just..dried out. We started to see each other less and less. So when she suggested we take a break, I had leapt at it, and insisted we kept it that way. We were still friends, but I think she still found it hard to talk about.

‘So she is like, fair game?’ Asked Rock bluntly and I shrugged. Sometimes I wondered if he had any social etiquette. I could hardly say no, but then I wasn’t overly bothered.

‘Oh, is this all part of make Rochelle jealous? I think you need to move on my man.’ Art shook his head as Rock narrowed his eyes at him.

‘At least I’ve been laid.’

Oh for fucks sake, the virgin conversation. Art hadn’t slept with anyone, purely because he insisted the opportunity hadn’t presented itself to him with the universes blessing. My thoughts were interrupted by a soft knock at the door.

‘Hey, have you seen my-’ My nineteen year old sister Violet walked in, in teeny shorts and a vest, covering herself suddenly when she saw my company. Rock still had his top off and he grinned at her lasciviously.

‘Violet, how you doing girl?’

‘Yeah I’m great. Hey Art.’ She smiled as Art glanced up, waving a hand in her direction. I swear I saw him blush, but I also knew that as my best friends, they wouldn’t fucking dare. Violet had the same dark hair as me, long curls that spilled over her tanned shoulders, her deep blue eyes mirror images of mine.

‘What you looking for?’ I asked as she glanced back at me.

‘Oh, my keys. Can’t find them anywhere.’ Her brow furrowed as she placed her hands on her hips.

‘Not seen them, sorry Vi.’

She threw me a smile before she walked back out closing the door.

‘Shut up Rock.’ I said firmly.

He raised his hands as he looked at me innocently.

‘What? I haven’t said shit!’

‘Yeah well. Before you do.’

I knew how his sordid little mind worked, and frankly I didn’t want to hear about it when it came to Vi. She had managed to steer clear of men up to yet, and I would be quite grateful if it stayed that way. She sometimes felt like my little sister as opposed to my older one, I was just protective of her since Dad left. He left us when I was ten, and she was twelve, not the most ideal age to be without our dad. Still,our mom worked hard as a nurse to provide for us, but it did mean we didn’t see her that much. Luckily we were close, and looked after one another. Including not letting my friends fantasise about her. Although, I didn’t think I could really stop that.

‘Dude, I’m hungry, you got any food?’ Rock complained as I shook my head. We needed to go shopping, and I certainly couldn’t be bothered to do it tonight. Plus, feeding Rock would clear out a full food shop anyway.

‘Shall we order in pizza?’ Art said, his head popping back up again like a meerkat.

‘Art. I can’t live off shit, I need real food. Lets go grab some food from the diner. I want steak, or chicken.’ declared Rock, licking his lips in anticipation. The boy never stopped eating, it was absurd.

‘I’ve got to go for a run tonight, so I need fuel.’

I pulled my trainers on as I nodded.

‘Yeah ok, lets go.’

Twenty minutes later we walked into the diner, as Rock proceeded to order the entire menu.

‘I need like, extra bacon and cheese, like, extra extra, you know? Hold off the bun, I’m lowering my carbs. Can I get a side salad, and yeah, I’ll go for two of those burgers actually. Can I get a green shake and a bottle of water to go. Thanks.’ He sat back as the woman stared at him, her pen still behind her ears.

‘So you want two burgers? extra cheese and bacon? no bun, tonnes of salad. What about you darlin?’ She turned her attention to me and I shrugged.

‘Spicy chicken burger with bacon and cheese, salty fries and a side of onion rings.’ I grinned as Rock grimaced.

‘You will have a heart attack by the time you are forty.’ He stated and I shrugged.

‘Worth it though, for the taste alone.’ I smirked as he narrowed his eyes at me. Art nudged him n the arm and nodded at the booth down from ours. I turned my head to see a blonde head and a brown head merging into one. I looked back to see Rock tensing his fists.

‘Thought you were over her? He could have her, you said. Looks like he’s had her alright.’ Art said with amusement.

‘He can.’ Rock answered firmly, much to our surprise.

‘He can?’

‘Yeah. She seems to think that if I see her with someone new I will go over there and kick his ass. That’s what she wants, us to fight over her. The thing is, she will come back when he gets bored.’ He smiled wickedly as the waitress brought our food over. We tucked in, and I realised I was hungrier than I had originally thought.

My phone rang, interrupting the food fest. It was Vi.

‘Guys, be right back, its Vi.’ I got up and left the diner, the air suddenly chillier than it was earlier. The gravel beneath my feet crunched loudly as I answered the phone.


I listened as she told me she had been at a party, and that it had gotten out of hand. She sounded worried, and on the verge of tears. She told me she had drove there, and was clearly too drunk to drive home. I demanded the address from her and swore under my breath when I realised it was in Forest Town, a shithole of an area on the outskirts of town. What the fuck was she doing out there? I stormed back in to the diner, tossing some notes on the table.

‘I need to get a cab to Forest Town. Vi need me.’

Art jumped up and climbed over Rock who was mid burger.

‘The fuck man?!’ He scowled at his friend and nodded at me. ‘Do you need us bro?’

‘Nah I’m fine.’

I went to walk away when Art caught up with me, falling into step next to me.

‘Dude, I’ll drive you. Rock will be fine to make his own way back.’ He jutted his thumb behind us at Rock who was now joined at the table by a pretty brunette who was hanging off his every word.

I nodded appreciatively as I followed him to his car, my mind reeling with the possibilities of what had happened to Vi. I would murder anyone who had hurt her.

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