Falling For The Bad Girl

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Just Go Home

I saw Vi sitting on the bonnet of her car, her knees drawn up to her chest as her mascara streaked face looked up at mine as I strode over, my arms circling her.

‘Vi, what the fuck happened.’ I was so angry I didn’t trust myself to speak.

‘I came here with Red.’ She sobbed and I closed my eyes.

Red Harron, the local bad guy. I had no idea she was seeing him, he was bad news. It was rumoured he was part of a gang, and I didn’t want him anywhere near my sister. Art caught up with me, his eyes wide.

‘What happened?’ I asked softly, wiping her eyes.

‘It just got out of hand.’ She sniffed. I turned to look at the house, windows open, the lawn littered with all kinds of household items, smashed and ruined. I inhaled through my gritted teeth as I turned back to my sister.

‘Tell me why you are crying.’ I demanded, almost afraid to hear the answer.

‘He told me to strip. Whilst we were dancing. He started putting money in my clothes...’ She stopped then and I tried to breathe. ‘Then others started to do the same, and I got scared Ace. I left, and they just laughed at me.’

My eyes met Arts, and he shook his head in disbelief.

‘What were you doing here with him Violet?! He’s a fucking waster!’ Arts voice raised in anger as I frowned at my friend. We were all protective of her, but the last thing she needed was someone screaming at her.

‘Art. Calm the fuck down. I’m going in there. Take her home.’

I didn’t wait for an answer as I saw him nod, pulling her towards his car carefully, her head on his shoulder.

I turned back to the house, my eyes narrowing. I’m not a fighter, not at all. But that was my sister, and I was damned if I was going to let him treat her like that and say nothing.

I pushed past sweaty bodies and made my way into the house. The stench of urine hit my nostrils as I grimaced, stepping over people passed out on the floor. Someone tried to force a drink in my mouth and I pushed them away angrily. God these people were the scum of the earth, I would need to burn my clothes to rid the eternal stench. A girl approached me, her eyes wide with whatever drug wave she was riding, her fingernails running down my arms.

‘Hey, you looking for some fun?’

‘Where’s Red?’ I demanded and she flinched like I’d slapped her.

‘Red? He’s busy baby. He’s always busy. I’m not though...’

She slid her arm around my waist as I tensed.

‘Look, I just want to find Red.’

I was starting to lose patience, and the vile air was becoming harder and harder to breathe. Suddenly I heard a voice from behind me.

‘He’s with me. Fuck off.’

I turned to see Veronica standing there, wearing nothing but a pvc bra and denim shorts which were open, revealing black lace panties. I swallowed as I met her eyes which glinted dangerously at the woman beside me who proceeded to scurry away. She inhaled the cigarette slowly, before blowing smoke rings in my direction as she studied me carefully.

My god she was breathtaking to look at, and in this environment she shone like a diamond in the rough.

‘Why do you want Red?’

She walked closely to me, shouting in my ear over the noise. I felt a tingle from where her breath had been on my neck and I touched it subconsciously.

‘Because he has offended my sister.’ I uttered angrily, suddenly remembering why I was here. She inhaled her cigarette before nodding slowly.

‘What do you expect, a fucking apology?’ She laughed and I scowled at her ignorance. She stopped laughing as she moved closer to me.

‘He will wear your skin for days. Tell your sister to keep away from him, he’s really fucking bad. Like, criminally insane bad.’ She sucked on the cancer stick again as I grimaced.

‘Seriously pretty boy. Leave. You are standing out here like a sore thumb.’ As she said that she put her finger and thumb into an ‘o’ shape and slid it down over my thumb tightly before pulling it back up again in illustration.

Suddenly a pair of arms slid around her pale waist as a shaved head buried itself in her neck.

‘Who you talking to baby?’ He shouted over the music, his eyes on me in bewilderment.

Oh god. Ryder. He had tattoos on his face. I tried not to stare as she caught my eyes, and mouthed ′Go.′

‘Just some kid from school.’ She said, sliding her arms around his neck before they kissed, the cigarette forgotten as it fell to the floor. His hands slid under the shorts and I pushed past them, not wanting to watch them fuck.

I gasped in the fresh air as I shook my head. What was I thinking? Hey Red, I know you’re a gangster but Ohana means family? What a dick.


I turned to see Veronica walking towards me, a large jacket hanging over her shoulders, making her seem even more petite than she was. I watched as she walked up to me, before she glanced around.

‘Why haven’t you left already?’ She hissed, her eyes burning into mine.

‘Well, I have. I’m on the street.’ I pointed out and a smile played on her lips.

‘Its a party. It owns the street. I saw your sister earlier. She shouldn’t be at these kind of parties. Exactly the same reason I couldn’t be at one of your parties. You follow?’

‘My parties?’ I snapped then, irritated. ’What, we are from other sides of the tracks so theres your parties and mine yeah? Whatever happened to being inclusive?′

She shook her head as though I had spoke another language.

‘Can you imagine those cheerleaders in there? How long do you think they would last before they left screaming?’

I watched her lips, swollen from being kissed as she sucked on her cigarette.

‘First of all, you shouldn’t smoke.’ I commented, taking it from her mouth and stamping on it.

‘Are you being fucking serious?’ She said quietly, her eyes darkening.

’Second of all, those cheerleaders are mainly demons in disguise, I think they could scare the Devil from Hell itself. Thirdly, I don’t like any parties, but certainly not one where my sister is treated like a stripper. Its disgusting, and if thats the sort of party you like then I wish you the best.′

We stared at each other for a moment, her eyes narrowed and dark as she shook her head.

‘Just go home, pretty boy.’

‘What about you? Wouldn’t you rather be at home?’

She laughed hoarsely then.

’Doing what? Listening to my mom fuck strangers for money to spend on more drugs? No, pretty boy, I’d rather be with these people, where at least I know I am safe.′ She looked down suddenly, aware her exterior had slipped slightly.

‘Fuck off anyway. I need another cigarette thanks to you and your saintly gestures.’

She turned and walked back to the house as I realised I was shaking. I closed my eyes and groaned as I reached into my pocket, dialling an uber to take me back to my saintly environment.

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