Falling For The Bad Girl

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I didn't see her at school over the next couple of days, and I was glad. So she had a tough home life- she wasn't the only one. Everything is relative after all- maybe that explains why she was such a bitch. I got home from school and dumped my bag by Violets to see another bag there already. I frowned, wondering who was here, probably one of Vi's college friends. I poured an orange juice from the fridge and noticed how sad and empty the shelves were.It was annoying- if I didn't go shopping would anyone else? All this stereotypical bullshit in the world and the only guy in the house was bitching about getting food in. I slammed the fridge door as I brought up the takeaway app on my phone, making my way upstairs to see what Vi and her friend wanted. I wanted pizza in front of a movie, my mind needed to unwind after a day of algebra and geometry. I knocked on her door and heard scuffling about, before Vi poked her head around the door, her eyes wide as saucers.

'Oh! I didn't know you would be home so soon! I thought you were hanging with Rock?'

I sighed. 'Contrary to popular belief, we are not joined at the hip. I thought we could order in tonight, as theres no food in the house and mom is still on nights.'

She chewed on her lip as she deliberated my offer. Jesus, it was just pizza.

'If you collect it, you get another free.' She said suddenly, smiling at me like it was the best idea ever. Didn't she understand the concept of TAKE away? But then again, that was a good deal.

'I suppose you and your friend will share one?' I checked, as I walked over to the stairs.

'What?!' She yelped as I stared at her.

'Your friend. You have a friend there, right?' I was seriously puzzled now. She was acting really odd. I jutted my thumb out in the direction of the door way downstairs.

'I saw a bag, I thought-'

'Oh! No, thats mine. I have an extra bag sometimes for all the work. Pepperoni please!' She grinned as she slammed the door. I blinked, absolutely bewildered. I suppose she seemed happier than she was a few days ago, so that was a bonus. I trudged down the stairs, picking up her car keys as I went, grimacing as the fluffy ball attached to it fell into my palm. Great. I really needed to get myself a car but money was tight so I just used hers whenever I could. It didn't help being a lovely shade of mint green, but beggars aren't usually choosers.

As I drive to the pizza parlour I decided to stop by at the store and grab some bits. Mum always gave me cash for groceries, plus I didn't want her to come home to nothing to eat after a night shift. I grabbed a basket and loaded it up with milk, cheese and eggs. I grabbed some bread and ham before adding some tomatoes. That will do for now. The bored cashier scanned my items painfully slowly as he looked at me curiously.

'Hey, aren't you Violets little brother?'

His voice grated on me, like fingers down a chalkboard. He was pale with a sprinkling of freckles over his face, greasy brown hair that ran down to his shoulders and rested on his stripey shirt that displayed the name 'Marvin'.

'Yep.' I packed the items away as I waited for him to give me the total cost.

'She's like, super hot.'

I looked at him with pity as I slapped the notes down in front of him. What did he expect me to do? Agree with him? Set him up with her? Oh man I needed to get home and away from society.

He grinned at me, showing that his teeth were in a worse state than his hair and I shuddered.

'Tell Violet I said hi.'

I didn't give him another minute of my time as I left, making my way over to the car. My stomach growled and I quickly drove to grab the pizza. I placed the order, mentioning the free pizza I got for collecting it. I sat on the plastic chair as I played Candy Crush on my phone, secretly proud I was smashing my way through the levels.

'Hey Tony. Come to pick up our food.'

A familiar voice drawled, as I looked up to meet the intense green eyes that were looking down at a little girl next to her playfully.

'Yes we can watch it, but only if you promise to share your ice cream.'

The little blonde girl looked up at her lovingly, before striking a deal with a pinky promise.

'You can't break that you know. I hope you like sharing ice cream.' I smiled as the kid turned and looked at me, the same intense gaze as her companion. She looked up at her then.

'Who's this Ron?' She asked softly, her eyes wide as she smiled at me.

The green gaze flickered over to me with annoyance.

'This is someone that goes to my school.' She said quietly, clearly hoping that would end the conversation.

'But what's his name?' The little girl pressed, her voice beginning to whine.

I watched as Veronica met my amused gaze with hers. Would she know my name? This was going to be interesting.

'His name is Ace. Like the card.'

She smirked at me as she turned to pick the pizza boxes from the owner, as she slid over some notes.

'Doesn't Ace mean like, the best at something?' The little girls nose wrinkled up as she looked at me.

I pretended to be deep in thought before I answered her.

'You're right, it means genius, master, all kinds of cool things. I'm good at reading, and I like History, but nothing really cool.' I shrugged then as the little girl studied me carefully.

'I think reading is really cool. So does my sister, she's always reading. My name is Belle, so you know what that means, right?'

I heard Veronica sigh impatiently. I looked up at her then, her eyes meeting mine as I answered.


My voice was low, like a whisper, and Belle clapped with glee. Veronica snapped her eyes away from mine as she held the door open.

'Come on Belle, we gotta go.'

Belle gave me a sad smile as she walked over to the door, giving me a little wave before she left.

'Bye Ace. Hope you get real good at something soon!' She giggled as she left, skipping into the night.

I watched Veronica hesitate slightly, as though she was going to say something, but she turned and left. The silence they left behind was suddenly really loud.

'Pizza is ready! Thankyou for your order.' Beamed Tony, sliding two steaming hot boxes onto the counter.

''Beautiful.' I murmured.

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