Falling For The Bad Girl

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I Owe You One

'Take a seat Mr Laughton.'

Prinicipal Saul Peters indicated the seat in front of him and I sat in the hard backed chair as I gazed around his office. Photos of his family were strewn on the large mahogany desk, certificates in frames behind him. He eyed me with interest before he spoke.

'So I have had Miss Adams in here today. She was most upset about being attacked by Miss Dale. She said you were there, and can confirm what happened. I am sorry to put you in this position, but as I am sure you are probably aware, this is a very serious allegation. Miss Adams parents will no doubt want me to take action, if they don't themselves.' He sighed through his nose as he waited for me to respond.

'Mr Laughton, Miss Dales actions could end with some serious consequences. Maybe this school isn't right for her any more. I need you to help me make that decision.'

His kind eyes met mine and I groaned inwardly. Why did I have to be sat there today, of all the places I could have read. I licked my lips as I sat forward.

'Rochelle said some pretty bad things to her, about her mother and stuff.' I shrugged then, looking out of the window. 'Rochelle can be pretty mean too, you know.'

He watched me as I continued.

'Yeah, Veronica did bite back but I don't know many that wouldn't have Sir. She was defending her mother.'

I sat back, stunned that I had said that in her defence. What difference did it make to me if she got kicked out of school? I remembered the way she smiled when it was genuine, and I felt my heart ache a little. There was more to her than met the eye, that much was true.

Principal Peters sat back in his chair as he nodded at me.

'I'm aware that Miss Dale has, shall we say, some family problems at the moment. I can see why she might be easily provoked. But, its still not acceptable to attack someone else, no matter how much they upset you. I will take your account into consideration. Thank you for your time.' He made notes in the notebook before him as I stood, wiping my sweaty palms on my jeans.

'Oh and Mr Laughton? Send Miss Dale in will you please?'

I nodded as I left, scanning the corridor for her. She sat on the floor, her knees drawn to her chest, her head tilted to the side. her long dark hair fell in waves around her like a shield.

'Hey.' I said as I stood awkwardly.

'You didn't need to lie for me.' She muttered as she stood, folding her arms and gazing at me with suspicion. Her lips were painted dark red again, and I bit my lip as I looked into her eyes.

'I didn't. I just said it how it was.'

She walked closer to me then, allowing me to see how long and dark her eyelashes were against her cheeks. Her green eyes were almost hypnotic as she seemed to search my face, chewing on her lip as she did. She reached up and ran her fingers down the side of my face, her nails scratching me in a pleasurable way as she did. I gazed down at her, my heart trying to escape out of my chest as she stepped closer, her eyes drifting down to my lips.

'Either way. I owe you.'

She moved away then, and I stood, unable to move as she closed the door behind her.


Called an angry voice, and I sighed, turning to see Ethan and his cronies storming towards me.

'Where is she?' He demanded, his muscles straining beneath his football jersey, sweat making it stick to his body in a way that made most girls swoon. Not all of them though, I thought smugly.

'Who?' I asked, glaring at him.

'The slut who decided to slap my girl today. I'll fucking-'

Suddenly the door to the principals office swung open.

'Mr Grand. It will serve you well to not finish that sentence, if you want to graduate from this school, that is.' Boomed Principal Peters voice loudly, causing Ethan to clench his jaw.

'Yes Sir.'

Principal Peters closed the door with a slam, and Ethan turned to me.

'Tell her she won't get away with it. Her gang member boyfriend can't protect her from jail can he?'

His eyes glinted wickedly as I heard his friends nodding firmly.

'You're threatening a girl, Grand?' I scowled as I stepped closer to him.

He held his hands up as he stepped backwards, glancing towards the Principals office cautiously.

'She ain't no girl man. She behaved like a fucking animal. Diseased animals get put down.'

He smiled coldly before turning and walking away, as I realised my fists were clenched and I was shaking. He turned the corridor and I was still standing in the same position, biting my lip so hard it bled.

What was I going to do? I couldn't stand by and watch her get hurt, it wasn't right. I racked my brains to come up with a plan.

Could it work? Possibly. Could I do it? Probably not. Would it cause problems? Yes. Was it worth a shot? Yes.

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