Falling For The Bad Girl

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Then I'm Single

I knew he would be coming out from gym shortly after I left English lit, so i didn't have much of a window. I scanned the hallway, and sure enough, there she was.

Rochelle Adams.

She wore skinny jeans and a cropped pink jumper, her blonde hair gathered into a loose bun on the top of her head. If she wasn't such an irritating, nasty bitch, she could have been very attractive. I closed my eyes as I walked towards her, tapping her on the shoulder before I leaned lazily against the locker beside hers. She glanced at me in surprise before her face contorted into a sneer.

'Where's your little girlfriend?'

She snapped, as the witches around her cackled, exchanging looks as I smirked at her.

'I don't have a girlfriend. I was wondering if you were single now, or if you are seeing Ethan?' Her eyes narrowed as she folded her arms.

'Is this to do with Rock? Because if it is, I'm not interested.'

She turned to walk away but I reached out, my fingers brushing her arm lightly as I pulled her over to me, next to the lockers, away from sight.

She stared up at me in shock, her eyes drinking me in as she held her hand against my chest.

'No, it's not about Rock.' I murmured, pulling her closer to me, her sweet perfume invading my nostrils as I held her in my arms.

Suddenly there was silence, and she lifted her head up to me.

'Then I'm single.' She said breathlessly.

I glanced up to see the football team coming out of the gym, Noah tapping Ethan and nodding in our direction.

'I don't think he thinks you are.' I released her then, leaving her gawping after me as I walked away.

'Hey, Ace!' She called, running after me to catch me up. I turned around, making sure we were completely in Ethans view.

'I don't care what he thinks.'

She pulled me close to her. Smashing my lips against hers as her sweet tongue made its way into my mouth. I made sure to hold my hands up as she did, before pushing her away softly.

'I'm sorry. I just can't do it to Rock.'

I glanced at Ethan who had turned puce, punching his fist into a locker. This dude had some serious anger problems.

'What the fuck Shell?' I heard him shout as I held back a smile. She gazed at me, her hands still on my chest, like Ethan hadn't spoken at all.

'Yeah. What the fuck.' Spat an angry voice from behind me. Rock stood there, his eyes blazing as he walked towards us. I knew this would happen, so I shrugged apologetically.

'She just kissed me. It just happened.'

He glared at her then and she met his gaze, before turning back to see Ethan glaring at her.

I stepped backwards as I smiled softly at her, whispering in her ear. 'I think you guys need to work this all out. I don't want to be involved.'

'So what, you are into him now? You some sort of slut or what?' Roared Ethan as he stormed towards her, grabbing her by the wrist aggressively.

'Hey, get off me Ethan! You're hurting my fucking arm.' She hissed as she tried to pull away.

'Not until you tell me what the fuck that little shit show was all about. In front of the whole school. With him.'

This actually wasn't part of my plan, he was clearly an evil bastard with an issue with women. I turned towards him as I felt a hand on my chest stopping me.

'I've got this.' Said the gruff voice, and I watched as Rock walked up to them, his fist smashing into Ethans face like a knife through butter. Suddenly Ethan was on the floor, blood pouring from his nose as he almost passed out with shock. Rock stood over him menacingly.

'If you ever touch a woman like that again, I will fucking kill you.' His voice was calm as he watched Noah and Cody help him up, their eyes not meeting his.

'You know what, you can fucking have the bitch.' He spat, earning himself a swift punch to the stomach as he fell to the floor gasping for air.

'You really ought to pick someone with some respect next time Rochelle.'

He was breathing heavy as I saw Rochelle place her hands on his arm, which he stared down at. It was like the whole school held its breath as she walked in front of him.

'If you would just admit how you felt for me I would have the respect I deserve, with you!'

He glared at her then, indicating to a Ethan and me as he spoke.

'If it's not him it's my best friend. You aren't a fucking whore, Rochelle. If you wanted me, all you had to do was say, instead of parading around in your fucking tiny shorts and flirting with every dick who looks your way, which is alot of men, Rochelle.'

This was part of my plan. I tried not to smile as they glared at one another angrily.

'I fucking hate you.' She yelled in frustration as she held her hand up to her face, her shoulders shaking as she cried.

'Yeah? Well I fucking love you too.' He grabbed her then, pulling her into his chest as their mouths sought one another hungrily. Someone started clapping, and I left through the back entrance to avoid getting a black eye myself for kissing his girl.

It worked though, right?

Now hopefully the rest would fall into place without any further help from me.

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